August 7 2019

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Wednesday, August 7, 2019 Edition: #6510

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The Bull Sheet will be off for a summer vacation and will not be publishing Monday August 12 through Monday August 19.  All subscribers will receive credit for missed service days. The Bull Sheet will resume publication on Tuesday August 20.

★ “90210” stars Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth are getting set to take their act on the road. The actresses and close friends announced Monday; “JENNIE GARTH & TORI SPELLING LIVE: A NIGHT TO REMEMBER,” which will begin in November. Details of the show are slim, but they promise the show will be “filled with memories and laughs, and of course a ton of fun.” The first “interactive, live talk show” is set for November 11 in Milwaukee and the tour ends on November 24 in Massachusetts. There are 13 stops scheduled.
★ “The Goldbergs” are heading to Disneyland for the show’s seventh season premiere in an episode that will pay homage to the 1983 film “National Lampoon’s Vacation.” Anthony Michael Hall and Christie Brinkley, who starred in the film, will guest star in the episode. Hall was the first of many different actors to portray ‘Rusty Griswold’, while Brinkley played the “Girl in the Red Ferrari” who tempted Chevy Chase’s Clark Griswold. “The Goldbergs” returns on Sept. 25.
★ Andy Cohen has blacklisted a ”few people” from “Watch What Happens Live!” over the years, and he explained it’s usually down to making things difficult for him as a host. He said: ”There are a few people who we have deemed ‘not worth the trouble’. ”Like, you can’t talk about this and you can’t ask about that. Or there are a couple of people who have been on the show that we deem too annoying to come back”. previously, Cohen has said that Amber Rose was ”one of the worst guests” to ever appear on the show because she wanted to avoid all the ”shady questions”.
★ Troubled “Jackass” star Bam Margera is turning to Dr. Phil for help with his estranged family. He recorded a video aimed at the talk show host, begging him for help because his relationship with his family is “worse” than ever. Margera later posted that Dr. Phil saw his cries for help and plans to try and intervene. On Monday, he shared a video from the airport saying he was on his way to see Dr. Phil.
★ Jimmy Kimmel is partnering with Mark Burnett on a new game show called “Generation Gap.” The comedy quiz show groups family members of different generations who must work together to answer questions about each other’s generations. It is said that the show will feature pop-culture trivia and challenges, such as asking an 8-year-old to finish the famous catchphrase, “Go ahead. Make my BLANK!” Additional details about the series, including its host, will be announced at a later date.

• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/Global): Josh Gad, Michael “The Miz” Mizanin, Chris Janson
• “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/CTV): Greg Kinnear, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Big Sean
• “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” (CBS/Global): Tiffany Haddish, Jared Harris, Smashing Pumpkins
• “Late Night with Seth Meyers” (NBC/CTV): Amanda Seyfried, Sandra Bernhard, Storm Reid, Julian Dorio
• “The Late Late Show with James Corden” (CBS/CTV): Joel McHale, Betty Gilpin
• “Lights Out with David Spade” (COMEDY): Kevin Nealon, Christina Pazsitzky, Guy Branum
• “Conan” (TBS): Tig Notaro, Becky Lucas (R)
• “The View” (ABC/CTV): Vivica A. Fox (R)
• “The Talk” (CBS): Tiffany Haddish (R)
• “Live with Kelly and Ryan” (ABC/CTV): Milo Ventimiglia, Geena Davis, Mark Iacono, guest co-host Lisa Rinna
• “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (NBC/CTV): Bill Hader (R)
• “BH90210” (FOX): Series premiere. Having gone their separate ways since “Beverly Hills, 90210” ended 19 years ago, the cast members reunite at a 30th anniversary fan convention in Las Vegas, causing old flames, feuds and feelings to reignite.
• “Bulletproof” (CW): Series premiere. An informant is killed, leading Pike and Bishop to uncover a luxury car theft ring; Bishop accidentally shoots Jonesy, but when he arrives at the ER to check on his friend, Bishop is the one who walks away wounded.

• Beyoncé — is reportedly plotting a Destiny’s Child reunion, inspired by the success the Spice Girls enjoyed with their comeback tour. She has reportedly been having secret talks with bandmates Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland – both of whom are apparently on board for a reunion.
• Pink — A private aircraft carrying members of her tour crew crash landed at a Danish airport early Tuesday, and burst into flames. All occupants escaped unharmed. Pink is scheduled to perform in the Danish town of Horsens tonight. She was not on the plane.
• Katy Perry – The songwriters of her hit ‘Dark Horse’ have blasted the lawmakers who ordered them to pay a share of $2.78 million to the writers of ‘Joyful Noise’. In a statement, Juicy J, Lukasz Gottwald, and Max Martin, among others, call the decision a “travesty of justice” and vow to “continue to fight at all appropriate levels to rectify the injustice.”
• Mariah Carey — is lending her voice and her songwriting to ABC’s upcoming “Black-ish” spinoff “Mixed-ish.” She wrote and recorded the show’s theme song ‘In the Mix’ which will debut along with the first episode on Sept. 24.
• David Bowie – His ex-wife has revealed she was drugged and raped during her 20s, but never told her sensitive husband. Former “It” girl Angie Bowie says she woke up to find two men assaulting her after her drink was spiked during a night out. She never told her husband because: “He wouldn’t have been able to deal with that kind of thing. I just learned to block it all out. I ignored it.”
• Prince – His “The Versace Experience” album is getting a full release, three years after his death. The project was first released on numbered cassettes and handed out to people who attended the Versace display at Paris Fashion Week in 1995. Prince had refused to reissue the album because it marked the end of his contentious relationship with Warner Bros. It will come out Sept. 20.
• Nikki Sixx – is among the classic rock artists calling for stricter gun-safety laws after a pair of mass shootings in Texas and Ohio left 31 dead and dozens more wounded over the weekend. When asked about being “bashed” by some social media followers for his comments, Sixx said: “I’d rather be heard and hated than muted and loved.” Dee Snider and Sebastian Bach have also spoken out.
• Led Zeppelin – with the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ plagiarism case to be reheard this fall, 120 artists including Sean Lennon, Tool and Korn have submitted a filing of support for the group to be involved with the case. The artists are concerned that a ruling against Led Zeppelin will result in a mass of copyright lawsuits, threatening the future of creativity in music.
• Brantley Gilbert – His new studio album “Fire & Brimstone” finally arrives this October. He says he wrote and re-wrote the album “three times” in his quest to make it perfect.
• Luke Bryan – seems pretty cranked up about his return to the “American Idol” judging panel for another season. After it was confirmed that he, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie would be back, Bryan wrote on social media: “Ready for another season of laughs, tears and wigs flying on @AmericanIdol. Get out there and audition! You never know, #TheNextIdol could be you…”

Some people say that the reason men tend not to do as much cleaning around the home as women is because men are genetically unable to see the mess. So, researchers at Universities in The U.S. and Australia put it to the test. They found that when asked to assess photos of a living room and kitchen area, some messy, some not, both men and women rated the clean room as equally clean and the messy room as equally messy. So, if “dirt blindness” isn’t to blame, why do women do more housework? The experiment continued, randomly telling participants to rate the character of the owner of the living space in those photos, based on the cleanliness of their home. Participants rated the photos differently depending on whether they were told that a woman or a man lived there. Respondents held higher standards of cleanliness for female occupants than they did for males. When told the tidy room belonged to a female, participants — regardless of gender — judged it as less clean and more likely to inspire disapproving reactions from guests than when the same exact room belonged to a male. Bottom line? People tend to hold women to higher standards of cleanliness than men, and hold them more responsible for it. And that could be why women, on average, do three times as much cleaning around the home as men.
(Even though it’s usually the man’s mess!)
(Does that stat take into account who cleans the car?)
(I think the obvious resolution to make things fair is to make the kids do more cleaning!)

Many of us have them, and here’s a chance for someone to get rid of theirs. A Victoria, Newfoundland tattoo studio is offering a free tattoo cover-up for the worst tattoo that they can find. Von Stych Studios is holding its second-annual contest (***Caution***: the name of which I can’t say on the radio, but it rhymes with “Kitty Tattoo Contest”), where people can post photos of the tattoo that they’d like to have covered up. Some of the entries received so far include designs-gone-wrong, bad tattoos of exes and jokes that seemed a lot funnier at the time. The winning, or losing tattoo will be the one that elicits the most “angry” emojis on the contest’s Facebook page.
(What if the horrible tattoo that I’d like to hide is actually on my kid?)
(Would it be embarrassing for these guys if the winner was one of their regulars?)
(Tattoos are like babies. You don’t dare tell someone when they’re ugly!)

➠ Go Outside:  Researchers say we need at least 2 hours of outside time per week for physical and mental well-being. (I spend that much time just telling my dog to “go pee”!)
➠ Talk to a friend:  We need social interactions to stay emotionally and physically healthy. Loneliness is associated with a reduction in lifespan equivalent to what you’d see if you smoked 15 cigarettes a day. So, call your best friend or someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.
➠ Spend some relaxing time alone:  We need alone time too. That includes time away from electronic devices. Take just 15 minutes to be quiet, alone and peaceful. (That’s been my goal since 2013…)
➠ Exercise:  When you do, you sleep better, feel less stress, and improve your mood. Even a short burst of exercise can improve your energy level. (Good, because that’s all I’ve got…)
➠ Eat a healthy meal: Multiple studies have found a correlation between a diet high in refined sugars and impaired brain function — and a worsening of symptoms of mood disorders, such as depression. (But keep this in mind: I’ve never had a donut that didn’t make me happy!)
➠ Listen to Music:  Research shows that “music seems to ‘selectively activate’ neurochemical systems and brain structures associated with positive mood, emotion regulation, attention and memory.” Generally, music that’s slower with more gentle chord progressions and longer notes is best. (Speak for yourself!)
➠ Go to bed early:  This could be the most important one. Poor sleep habits lead to adverse psychological and physical health outcomes. A nap during the day can also be beneficial.
(I still tend to go with my tried-and-true method of mood improvement: Turning off The Kardashians!)

Contrary to modern depictions, not all dinosaurs were green or brown. In fact, no one knows what color many of them were. We actually do know the colors of some dinosaurs, and they weren’t all drab and dull at all. Dinosaurs were red, black, white, and other colors, and they weren’t necessarily one color all over. We can even say with certainty that some dinosaurs had striped, raccoon-like tails.


1942 [77] Tobin Bell, New York City NY, movie actor (‘Jigsaw’ in the “Saw” movie franchise)

1955 [64] Wayne Knight, Cartersville Georgia, TV actor (‘Newman’ on “Seinfeld” 1992-98)/movie actor (“Jurassic Park”)

1958 [61] Bruce Dickinson, Worksop England, metal singer (Iron Maiden-‘Run To the Hills’)

1960 [59] David Duchovny, NYC, TV actor (“Californication” 2007-14, “The X Files” 1993-2018)/movie actor (“X-Files: I Want to Believe”, “Zoolander”)

1961 [58] Maggie Wheeler, New York City NY, TV actress (‘Janice’ on “Friends” 1994-2004)

1966 [53] Jimmy Wales, Huntsville AL, Internet entrepreneur (co-founder and promoter of the non-profit online encyclopedia Wikipedia)

1975 [44] Charlize Theron, Benoni, South Africa, movie actress (“Mad Max”, “Monster”, 2003 Academy Award-“Monster”) COMING UP…”Fast & Furious 9″, 2020

1987 [32] Sidney Crosby, Cole Harbour NS, NHL superstar center (youngest captain in NHL history to win the Stanley Cup, with Pittsburgh Penguins 2010, also won in 2016, 2017)

• “Lighthouse Day”, an annual observance when lighthouse grounds, where feasible, are open to the public. No more lonely lighthouse keepers these days … they’re all automated.

• “Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day”, an annual observance to draw attention to the environmentally unfriendly over-packaging of consumer goods. Which are worst for this?
(Is it the packaging for scissors that requires scissors to open…or the oranges sold in plastic containers…with their peels removed?)

• “Professional Speakers Day”, an annual salute to those who move us and inform us through the magic of their oratory talents. To speak and to speak well are two different things.

• “Purple Heart Day”, the Purple Heart is awarded to members of the Armed Forces who have been wounded or killed, died as a result of a wound in battle, or otherwise designated by the President of the United States. This now includes those killed as a result of friendly fire.

• “Sea Serpent Day”, recognizing perhaps the most famous ever sea serpent sighting. During a voyage to Saint Helena in the South Atlantic in 1848, the men and officers of HMS Daedalus spotted a 60 foot long creature, which they reported held a peculiar maned head above the ocean water.

• “Beach Party Day”, swimming, relaxing on a towel with a book, or just staring off towards the water can bring rejuvenation. But, if you turn your beach visit into a beach party, it gets even better. Today is all about gathering together with friends and having a party on the beach!

[Thurs] International Cat Day
[Thurs] Odie Day
[Fri] Book Lovers Day
[Fri] National Kool-Aid Day

2005 [14] Peter Jennings, anchor & senior editor of ABC News, dies of cancer at his NYC home at age 67

2018 [01] “Crazy Rich Asians,” the first Hollywood film with an all-Asian cast, starring Constance Wu, Henry Golding and Michelle Yeoh, premieres in Los Angeles

1997 [22] Garth Brooks plays to a crowd in NYC’s Central Park estimated at 750,000, ranked the 3rd-largest concert audience of all-time (over 15 million watch on HBO)

2009 [10] ‘Tik Tok’ released by Kesha (Billboard Song of the Year 2010)

2007 [12] Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants breaks baseball great Hank Aaron’s MLB career record by hitting his 756th home run (finishes career with a total of 762, a stat that will always carry an asterisk due to his alleged use of steroids)


✓ There are over 200 fake languages which have been created for films – including ‘Klingon’ for “Star Trek” and the 12 invented for “Lord of the Rings.”
✓ Around 50% of English words come from French.
✓ There are 46 different alphabets used in the world, Khmer (spoken in Cambodia) having the largest, with 74 letters.
✓ We call redheads “redheads” rather than “orangeheads” because redheads have existed longer than the word “orange” (in English).
✓ People using sign language also have accents.
✓ The word ‘buffalo’ can refer to the animal, a city in New York and mean ‘to bully’. Therefore, the following sentence is grammatically correct: Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
-Q.I., Andiamo

• You’ll watch an entire infomercial just so you don’t have to get up for the remote.
• You even nap in your dreams.
• Sure, library books are free, but they don’t have delivery service, so Amazon it is…
• You dry the same load of laundry three times rather than fold it.
• You’d rather stay home starving in your pajamas than go buy groceries.
• You refer to everyone as “Hey, You” so you don’t have to remember names.
• To you, Easy-Bake ovens aren’t easy enough.
• Your Christmas Tree is still up…or at least the parts of it that haven’t been shed all over the living room.
• Still haven’t gotten around to preparing for Y2K.
• You need to dust yourself.
• You own “The Clapper”.
• I’ll tell you later.

Best of BS . . .
• You’re trying to enjoy a lazy Saturday afternoon until someone informs you that it’s Wednesday.
• You ask your wife what season your marriage is on.
• Netflix never even bothers to ask “Are you still watching?” anymore.
• You’ve run out of ‘Simpsons’ episodes that you haven’t seen three times.
• You’ve forgotten your favorite show’s theme song because you’ve skipped it so many times.
• Netflix actually sends someone over to see if you’re still watching.
• You knew who Meghan Markle was before the engagement.
• Forget streaming…your family says that you ‘river’ TV.
• You refer to your kids as your ‘originals’.
• Netflix asks YOU for recommendations.
• (Breaks bottle) I’ll tell YOU when I’ve streamed too much!
-Twitter, first published in ‘BS’ in 2018

I just want to know why my clothes only get caught on the door handle when I’m in a bad mood.

What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you at work?

Question: Research shows that waitresses can increase their tips by up to 20% if they provide good service and do THIS. What is it?
Answer:  Put a smiley face on the check.

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t know it well enough.


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