July 14 2022

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Thursday, July 14, 2022 – Edition: #7272

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***UPDATE*** ★ On Wednesday, a Virginia judge rejected Amber Heard’s request to set aside the $10 million awarded to ex-husband Johnny Depp following the conclusion of their defamation trial. Heard filed a motion earlier this month to either set aside the verdict or declare a mistrial, with her lawyers basing the request on several factors, including one juror’s case of mistaken identity. The trial between the former couple, which stemmed from a defamation suit, ended last month with a win for Depp. Heard won a $2 million judgment from a counterclaim she filed against Depp.
-The Wrap
★ Dwayne Johnson will be the Master of Ceremonies for Shark Week. On Instagram, The Rock told followers to get ready for the “BIGGEST WEEK OF TV.” He said that he’s “honored” to be the first-ever MC for Discovery’s annual Shark Week event. The Hawaii native revealed that he filmed his footage exclusively in his home state, where “these beautiful predators…are deeply revered & respected in our Polynesian culture.” The “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” actor also pointed out the details of his tattoo, where he explains that “shark teeth are throughout to protect my ancestors and our MANA.” Shark Week runs July 24-30.
★ It was another huge week for Netflix juggernaut “Stranger Things.” For the week of July 4, the 4th season of the series once again took the #1 spot on the Netflix Top 10 chart, with over 188 million hours viewed. It was also Top 10 in 93 countries. But the bigger number is 1.26 billion hours viewed total. Season 1 of the show came in second with 45 million hours viewed, proving folks are either catching up or doing a rewatch. “The Umbrella Academy” Season 3 took the third spot on Netflix’s global Top 10, and “Stranger Things” Season 2 (41 million) and 3 (36 million) took the 4th and 5th spots respectively. “Stranger Things” Season 4 remains the most popular English language show of all time.
★ “Breaking Bad” characters ‘Walter White’ and ‘Jesse Pinkman’ will soon have a permanent spot in the history of Albuquerque NM. In 2019, the hit AMC show’s creator, Vince Gilligan, commissioned a sculptor to make bronze statues of actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul’s fictional meth-making duo. After years of sitting around Gilligan’s house, he — along with Sony Pictures Television — are donating the larger-than-life statues to the city where the show takes place. Gilligan says: “Over the course of 15 years, 2 TV shows and one movie, Albuquerque has been wonderful to us. I wanted to return the favor and give something back.” The statues will be displayed inside the Albuquerque Convention Center after an unveiling ceremony July 29 that Gilligan, Cranston and Paul will all attend.
★ Tom Cruise is the movie star of the year, thanks to the billion-dollar grossing success of “Top Gun: Maverick,” but at least one Oscar nominee is not impressed. Mickey Rourke recently appeared on “Piers Morgan Uncensored” and slammed Cruise as “irrelevant.” Regarding the new movie’s success, Rourke said: “That doesn’t mean (you know what) to me. [Tom Cruise has] been doing the same part for 35 effing years. I got no respect for that…I care about…when I watch Al Pacino or Christopher Walken working, or De Niro’s early work and Richard Harris and Ray Winstone, that’s the kind of actor I want to be like. A lot of guys that tried to stretch as actors.” When asked if Tom Cruise is a good actor, Rourke fired back: “I think he’s irrelevant.” LINK: https://tinyurl.com/3zufe987

• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/Global): Demi Lovato, “Science Bob” Pflugfelder, guest host Mark Rober
• “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/CTV): Halsey, Larry Wilmore, MUNA (R)
• “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” (CBS/Global): Tom Hanks, Regina Spektor (R)
• “Late Night with Seth Meyers” (NBC/CTV): John Mulaney, Jenny Slate, Ralph Alexander (R)
• “The Late Late Show with James Corden” (CBS/CTV): Henry Winkler, Wyatt Russell, Lara Beitz (R)
• “Watch What Happens Live” (Bravo): Venita Aspen, Madison LeCroy
• “The View” (ABC/CTV): Gabby Giffords, Peter Ambler, Tonya Lewis Lee, guest co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin
• “The Talk” (CBS): Nikki Glaser, Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, guest co-host Kim Coles
• “Live with Kelly and Ryan” (ABC/CTV): Jenny Mollen, Amy Nofziger
• “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (NBC/CTV): Maluma, Pamela Adlon (R)
• “The Kelly Clarkson Show” (Check local listings): Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Sasheer Zamata (R)
• “The Drew Barrymore Show” (Check local listings): A special Halloween-themed show (R)
• “Generation Gap” (ABC): Kelly Ripa hosts a comedy quiz game show featuring family members of different generations who work together to answer questions about each other’s generations.
• “The Fatal Flaw — A Special Edition of 20/20″ (ABC): Firsthand accounts from authorities and journalists as they describe the twists and turns of investigations and the breakthrough moments that led investigators and police to each killer’s doorstep.
• “Big Brother” (CBS): Following a live vote, a houseguest is evicted and interviewed; remaining houseguests compete for power in the next head of household.

• BTS — will appear in 2 exclusive shows on Disney+. They’ve signed a deal which includes a concert film focusing on BTS’s November 2021 LA show (the first time the band met fans in person since the pandemic), and a documentary following the band’s history. The deal also includes 3 other productions featuring the South Korean stars, including a travel reality series.
• Lizzo — has teamed up with American Express to bring fans the “Lizzoverse”, celebrating the release of her new album “Special”. The “immersive planetarium-esque lightshow experience” produced by Superfly” is being held in New York City July 16-17. She’ll also take to the stage for an album release playback performance on July 15 in front of just 100 fans.
• Camila Cabello – is “obsessed” with Adam Driver. She told Cosmo UK that the “Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker” actor would be one of her dream dinner party guests because she’s recently discovered his TV series “Girls”. Also on her guest list: Oprah Winfrey and music producer Mark Ronson.
• Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band – have announced their first proper tour since 2017. The first leg will include 31 shows across the US, set to begin Feb. 1, 2023 in Tampa. Those will be followed by a European run, with a second American leg of shows expected to begin in Aug., 2023.
• Alice Cooper – His guitarist Nita Strauss not only has announced that she’s leaving his band after nearly a decade, she has also cancelled her festival dates with her solo band for the rest of the year. It’s unconfirmed, but Metal Sludge is reporting that she has joined Demi Lovato’s touring band.
• Tyler Hubbard — has been added to Keith Urban’s “The Speed of Now World Tour”, joining previously announced opening act, Ingrid Andress. Hubbard, who recently launched his solo career after a decade with Florida Georgia Line, will join the tour beginning September 3 in Mountain View, California, and wrap up his run Nov. 4 in Peoria, Illinois.
• Brett Eldredge — recently took to TikTok to share a chilling cover of Lee Ann Womack’s smash hit ‘I Hope You Dance’. According to him, the emotional ballad contains “One of my favorite lyrics ever” and always “makes me (crying face emoji)”. LINK: https://tinyurl.com/yckz5au6
• Tanya Tucker — Her astonishing journey is coming to the big screen. Sony Pictures has released the trailer to the documentary “The Return of Tanya Tucker – Featuring Brandi Carlile.” The Kathlyn Horan-directed piece shows the creative process behind the record that Carlile cultivated for Tucker and how it played a vital role in her comeback story. LINK: https://youtu.be/WWgQF4C9MaA


If you’ve been feeling down lately, or stressed out, try getting your hands dirty. Researchers from the University of Florida found in a study that gardening helps lower stress, anxiety, and depression. And even better, you definitely don’t have to be “Gertie Greenthumb” to reap the mental benefits. None of the study participants had ever gardened before. 32 women, ages 26-49, all with a history of taking prescription medication for depression or anxiety, were assigned either a twice-weekly gardening class, or an art class. The women in both the gardening and art groups enjoyed similar improvements in mental health – but the gardeners reported less anxiety.
(I think the real conclusion here is obvious: Art stresses you out!)
(Sounds great, except for one thing: You have to garden and stuff!)
(It’s even more effective if you find your garden overrun with ‘weeds’!)

Yes, there are scientists the world over exploring strategies to mitigate the damage from climate change. Some ideas—like blocking out the sun—may seem unrealistic, but there are some less-drastic strategies that have potential. And it turns out, based on new research, beer could play a significant role in combatting climate change—with a little help from…cows. The cattle industry is responsible for about 40% of the world’s annual methane output, courtesy of the gas emitted by the 1.4 billion bovines who spent a good amount of time burping and passing gas. Scientists say that through selective breeding and diet changes, those contributions could be reduced – and there’s one key ingredient in the brewing process that could make a big difference if added to their feed. That’s right — according to a study recently published in Frontiers in Animal Science, the leftover yeast used to make beer shows great potential in suppressing the microbes responsible for methane production in cattle, to the tune of about 25% less emissions. It’s not a magical fix for all that “ales” the planet, but it certainly sounds promising.
(It definitely ‘sounds’ better than whatever it is that those cows are doing out there!)
(Now, can they do anything about the emissions of dudes who sit on the couch all weekend drinking beer and watching football? – said every woman everywhere!)

An ice cream truck is serving up a dish best served cold — by selling popsicles modeled after famous billionaires. NSCHF, a Brooklyn, NY art collective, is taking its truck around the city, and selling their “Eat the Rich” billionaire popsicles. This week, overheated consumers can bite into ice pops shaped like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma. The truck is plastered with sayings like “Gobble Gates” and “Suck Zuck”. The art collective says it’s all about creating commentary for various things in our culture, and that the $10 price tag for a single popsicle is just 1 of the many ways they’re making a statement about their frozen billionaires. LINK: https://tinyurl.com/juz9fupw
(How ‘bout “Putin With Fruit-in”?)
(We heard that Elon got cold feet about buying Twitter, but now he’s giving us cold hands?)
-TMZ, NYPost

☞ Complimenting someone’s new look: Reacting to a person’s drastic change to their appearance, such as weight loss, is a delicate business. Saying something like “I can’t believe how great you look!” implies the person didn’t look good before. (I guess saying “That’s better” about a new hairstyle has the same effect?)
☞ Asking “How’s it going?” at a funeral: At a funeral, you need to remember to take the cheerfulness down a notch. (And isn’t it awkward when that person instinctively replies: “Great, thanks!”
☞ Offering unsolicited advice: If a friend confides in you, sometimes it’s best just to listen. However good your intentions, giving your opinion without being asked can rub people the wrong way.
☞ Saying “I’ll call you”: To avoid awkwardness at the end of a first date, some people (you know who you are) say this to be “polite,” but it’s best not to say it if you don’t mean it. (I never even get THAT!)
☞ Congratulating a stranger on their pregnancy: Never assume a woman is pregnant, and ask: “How far along are you?” (No explanation needed!)
☞ Asking someone why they’re still single: “I don’t understand how a good-looking girl/guy like you can still be single.” Definitely not a nice thing to say.
☞ Offering someone your seat on the bus: Sometimes, it’s the right thing to do. Other times? The passenger who is standing might take the offer as a statement that they look old or frail.
☞ Not correcting someone who gets your name wrong: Out of politeness, you let it slide. Before you know it, she’s made this mistake 4 times. Then a fifth time. Now, it’s hard to fix things without embarrassing her. (Especially when she introduces you to someone else!)

Adding salt to your meals at the table can take years off your life, according to a study of 500,000 middle-aged Britons. Researchers found that always adding salt to food decreases life expectancy of men by more than 2 years, and by 1½ half years for women. This does not include seasoning during the cooking process. (It won’t if the tequila gets me first!)


• “Bastille Day”, the national holiday in France that commemorates the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789, when patriots stormed the Bastille prison. (“Off with their heads!”)
• “Grand Marnier Day”, celebrating the cognac concoction that’s used in mixed drinks (ie: Cosmopolitan) and in desserts (ie: Crêpe Suzette). It was an 1880s French invention by one Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle.
“International Non-Binary People’s Day”, aimed at raising awareness and organizing around the issues faced by non-binary people around the world. The day was first celebrated in 2012, and the date was chosen for being precisely between International Men’s Day and International Women’s Day.
• “Shark Awareness Day”, to point out that these magnificent creatures are more threatened by people than people are by sharks. Demand for shark-fin soup and shark-tooth medallions combine to make sharks endangered, with millions killed each year. (“Shark Week” on Discovery begins July 24!)
• “Nude Day”, a serious celebration of the ‘naturist’ lifestyle. (Then why does everyone laugh if they see me naked?)
• “Mac & Cheese Day”, an annual salute to the cheap food that we couldn’t have made it through college without. In Canada, the most popular brand is known as “Kraft Dinner”. In the US and Australia, it’s called “Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner” or “Kraft Mac & Cheese”, and in the UK, it’s “Macaroni Cheese” or “Cheesey Pasta”.
• “Pandemonium Day”, a day to embrace and even celebrate the pandemonium that often seems to surround us. (AKA – “Kid’s Day”!)
• “Tape Measure Day”, a great day to bust out the tape measure, buy a new one, or give one as a gift. There’s definitely one nestled in your toolkit or crammed in the back of a junk drawer. (I keep one in my panic room. Because desperate times call for desperate measures!)

[Fri] Gummi Worm Day
[Fri] Be a Dork Day
[Fri] I Love Horses Day
This Month is…National Anti-Boredom Month
This Month is…Baked Bean Month

1948 [74] Tommy Mottola, The Bronx NY, music executive (head of Sony Music for 15 years)/former talent manager (Hall & Oates, Carly Simon)/married to Mariah Carey 1993-98, Thalia since 2000

1960 [62] Jane Lynch, Dolton IL, TV host (“Hollywood Game Night” 2013-20, “The Weakest Link” since 2020)/TV actress (“Glee” 2009-15)/movie actress (“The 40-Year-Old Virgin”, “Talladega Nights”)

1966 [56] Matthew Fox, Abington PA, TV Actor (‘Charlie Salinger’ in “Party of Five” 1994-2000, ‘Jack Shephard’ in “Lost” 2004-2010)

1975 [47] Jamey Johnson, Enterprise AL, country singer (‘In Color’, ‘The Dollar’)/country songwriter (‘Honky Tonk Badonkadonk’, ‘Give It Away’)

1975 [47] Taboo (Jaime Gomez), LA CA, hip-hop musician-MC-dancer (Black Eyed Peas-‘I Gotta Feeling’, ‘Where Is the Love?’)

1985 [37] Phoebe Waller-Bridge, London England, TV actress (“Fleabag” 2016-19)/movie actress (“Solo: A Star Wars Story”)

1987 [35] Dan Reynolds, Las Vegas NV, pop-rock singer (Imagine Dragons-‘Demons’, ‘Radioactive’)

1988 [34] Conor McGregor, Dublin Ireland, MMA fighter/boxer (Ultimate Fighting Champion 2013-2016)/Forbes’ 2021 “World’s highest paid athlete”, earning a reported $180 million

2008 [14] “The Dark Knight”, starring Christian Bale and Heath Ledger, premieres in New York. (Becomes the highest-grossing film of 2008 and nets a posthumous ‘Best Supporting Actor’ Oscar for Ledger)

2012 [10] London’s West End closes its all-time longest-running musical, “Chicago”, after 15 years

2018 [04] Drake breaks his own record for most entries on the Hot 100 at once when he places 27 songs on the tally, following the release of his album “Scorpion”.

2015 [07] Las Vegas Coroner’s Office confirms blues legend BB King died of natural causes stemming from Alzheimer’s disease, not murder (2 of his daughters alleged he was poisoned by associates)

2015 [07] NASA’s “New Horizons” probe performs the first flyby of Pluto (launched in 2006 and travelling over 3 billion miles, it continues transmitting data for the next 16 months)


✓ The blob of toothpaste that sits on your toothbrush is called a “nurdle”.
✓ LEGO has an underground vault containing every set ever made.
✓ Like casinos, shopping malls are intentionally designed to disorient visitors.
✓ The first person convicted of speeding (in 1896) was going 8 mph (13kph).
✓ That wonderful “new car smell” is actually a combination of the scents of 50+ chemicals.
✓ The Loch Ness monster is protected by the 1912 Protection of Animals Acts of Scotland.
-BathroomReadersInstitute, BestLife

• My dad’s like: “Don’t fly too high Icarus”. LOL whatever. Watch this!
• So I’m moving limestone for a Pharaoh, but I’m worried it’s just a pyramid scheme.
• Julius Caeser in the streets, Marc Antony in the sheets.
• Does this toga make my butt look big?
• Try this apple, she said. It’d be fun, she said.
• So, now I’m suddenly not allowed to covet my neighbor’s wife? Get outta here!
-Twitter, first published in BS in 2021

➠ “Happy Days” star Anson Williams is running for mayor of Ojai, California. (He’s running political Ads ‘Sunday, Monday . . .’)
➠ The video game “Donkey Kong” debuted this week back in 1981. (It redefined entertainment. Before Donkey Kong, people did stupid stuff like read. And learn. Fools!)
➠ Kylie Jenner just uploaded some skimpy bikini shots to Instagram. (She wanted to take a break from posting her theories on particle acceleration.)
➠ A buffalo helped a turtle by flipping it over, and the video has gone viral. (The turtle now awaits the Buffalo Bill!)
➠ A survey found more people would give up sex than coffee. (Well, I, for one, could NEVER sacrifice something I enjoy in quiet solitude every morning at my desk. And I also don’t want to give up coffee!)

Caption says it all:   https://tinyurl.com/ymrhk3bc

I think I still have some unfinished procrastinating to do from yesterday…

What do you think is a colossal waste of money? (Designer brands? Space tourism? Sports salaries? NFTs?)

Question:  One in 5 people have THIS on them at all times. What is it?
Answer:  Chewing gum

The best portion of a good man’s life is his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love.


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