September 28 2020

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Monday, September 28, 2020 – Edition: #6817

We’re Bullish on Radio!

★ Drew Barrymore welcomed someone she called a “wonderful, wonderful man” to the “Drew Barrymore Show” on Friday — her ex-husband Tom Green. Green was Barrymore’s husband from 2001 to 2002, and it was clear there are no hard feelings, despite it being the first time in 15 years they were face-to-face (with six feet between them due to the coronavirus.) Green tweeted afterward that it was “such a nice experience” and wrote that “life is strange sometimes,” but in this instance, “it was quite sweet.”
★ Tom Hanks was a big believer in Forrest Gump. So much so, that he and director Robert Zemeckis actually paid to help finance some parts of the movie. In an interview, Hanks said that he and Zemeckis split the cost to shoot one of the film’s most memorable scenes – when his Gump character sets off on a three-year cross-country run. In an upcoming episode of “In Depth With Graham Bensinger,” Hanks said Paramount studios refused to let Zemeckis do “the run,” as they called it, because it was too expensive. Zemeckis thought the scene was crucial, so he and Hanks made a deal where the two paid for the run to be shot and, in return, Paramount would share more of the profits with the duo.
★ Samuel L. Jackson is set to reprise the role of ‘Nick Fury’ in a new Marvel series currently in development at Disney Plus. Jackson famously portrayed Fury, the eye-patch-wearing head of the clandestine government agency S.H.I.E.L.D. in multiple films within the MCU, most recently in “Spider-Man: Far from Home,” “Avengers: Endgame,” and “Captain Marvel.” He also played the character in two episodes of the ABC series “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”
★ Ryan Reynolds has hilariously launched a ”homeschool edition” of his Aviation Gin. In a video, he says: ”It’s back-to-school time, which this year has a whole new meaning. That’s why today I’m introducing Aviation American Gin: Home School Edition. It’s just like the classic delicious Aviation Gin that you love, but with more ounces. It can help with a variety of subjects: fourth-grade geography, whatever the (f) new math is, and revisiting your own, long-forgotten middle school traumas.” Aviation American Gin: Home School Edition is the same as the standard Aviation American Gin, but comes in a super-sized 1.75-litre bottle.


• “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/CTV): Jim Parsons, Shepard Smith, BTS
• “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” (CBS/Global): Mariah Carey, Rex Orange County
• “Late Night with Seth Meyers” (NBC/CTV): Colin Quinn, Kim Cattrall, Jeff Rosenstock
• “Conan” (TBS): Scraps: a collection of never-before-seen segments (R)
• “The Talk” (CBS): Sharon Osbourne, Kim Cattrall
• “Live with Kelly and Ryan” (ABC/CTV): Rainn Wilson, Dr. Holly Phillips, Sara Bareilles
• “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (NBC/CTV): Blake Shelton, Tristan Harris
• “The Kelly Clarkson Show” (CHECK LOCAL LISTINGS): Jessica Alba, Ayesha Curry
• “Dancing With the Stars” (ABC): Disney Night
• “Emergency Call” (ABC): Premiere. A woman’s car is stolen with her child in the backseat; a terrified 9-year-old performs CPR on her grandfather; teenage hikers fend off a potential bear attack; more
• “2020 Stanley Cup Final” (CHECK LOCAL LISTINGS): Game 6 — Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Dallas Stars
• “iHeartRadio Music Festival Night 2” (CW): Highlights of the event in Los Angeles and Nashville; performers include Keith Urban, Usher, Bon Jovi, Swae Lee and Kane Brown; special guests include Khalid and Miley Cyrus; Ryan Seacrest hosts

• Kayne West – On Sat., he shared a snippet of a new song titled ‘Believe What I Say’, featuring a sample of Lauryn Hill’s ‘Doo-Wop (That Thing)’. The 38-second clip is accompanied by footage from a boat ride in Haiti. West arrived there Friday to meet with president Jovenel Moise about building a city.
• The Weeknd – is the only Canadian on “Time’s Most Influential People of 2020” list. In the story, Elton John writes: “Like Prince, he marches to his own beat. That’s an exemplary way for an artist to be”.
• The Doobie Brothers – threatened to sue over Bill Murray’s use of their song ‘Listen to the Music’ in an ad for his line of golf shirts. Now Murray’s lawyers have responded — but instead of offering money to settle, they are offering…golf shirts. In the initial filing of the good-natured legal wrangling, the group said they’d be totally cool with him using the song, if only his shirts weren’t “so damn ugly.”
• Michael Jackson – His cousin is auctioning off his final IV drip. Marsha Stewart says she took the drip – which she claims delivered the dose of Propofol that killed him in 2009 – from his bedroom after his death. The IV is now being sold through Memorabilia Expert Auctions, with a starting price of $2,500.
• U2 – will release a 20th Anniversary edition of their hit album “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” on Oct. 30. The multi-format reissue will feature a new 12-track remaster of the record and an acoustic version of ‘Stuck in A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of’.
• Alan Jackson — has listed his majestic hilltop estate in the countryside of Franklin, Tennessee — for $23 million. The 5-bedroom, 8-bathroom home is 22,000 square feet on just over 4 acres.
• Florida Georgia Line — Tyler Hubbard and his wife, Hayley, welcomed their third child and second son on Thursday. Atlas Roy Hubbard was born in Nashville, weighing in at 8 lbs., 2 oz., and measuring 21 inches. According to the couple, “Atlas stands for strength.”
• Brantley Gilbert — Nearly a year after the release his fifth album “Fire & Brimstone”, a deluxe edition is set for release Oct. 2. It will include 2 new songs: His current single ‘Hard Days’, and ‘Old Friends’, a ballad written after the unexpected passing of his long-time crew member and friend Al Ditch.

We’ve always heard of the mood-boosting effects of sunshine. And I know I certainly feel happier during the summer months. But a new study says that’s not necessarily always the case. A Dutch analysis of 5,282 people found that less sunlight doesn’t actually influence moods — which is definitely good news for anyone worrying about the winter blues this year. The scientists say that their findings “do not support the widespread belief that seasons influence mood to a great extent”. The team asked study participants how they felt at different points during the year, and found that only those who were more likely to suffer from anxiety, fear, worry, frustration, envy, jealousy and guilt felt worse at the end of the summer.
(Uh, so pretty much everybody?)
(I’m jealous. Jealous of the countries who are just starting to move into the summer season!)
(Tell that guy to check again when it’s dark while he’s driving to work – AND ON THE WAY HOME!)

Would you live in an adult dorm? It could happen. Starcity is a California-based startup that creates high-quality co-living facilities with fully-furnished bedrooms—and, if you’re willing to pay for it, a private bathroom. Kitchens and other living spaces are shared amongst residents in order to build a sense of community (and save on rent). Members can even share bedrooms if they please, or live alone. Starcity currently offers eight co-living complexes (up to 803 units) in San Francisco and Los Angeles, with two more set to open next year. Why there? Silicon Valley has the most expensive housing costs in the US. Those who live in their complexes pay a monthly fee that basically covers everything except food and drink, including utilities, streaming services and internet; cleaning, consumables, furnishings and events arranged by Starcity. While costs vary by location, most consider the $1,000-$2,000 monthly fees pretty reasonable.
(Consumables included? It would have been especially worth it when you couldn’t get toilet paper anywhere else!)
(I never want to go back to having to wait to use the microwave…or the toilet!)
(My parent lived in an adult dorm. Or at least that’s what they called it until my brother and I moved out!)

A Canadian man has been running the same game of “Dungeons & Dragons” for 38 years. Robert Wardhaugh of London, ON started his campaign of the fantasy role-playing game, which relies on characters created by players, dice, and a lot of imagination, in 1982 with just four players. He now runs 2-4 sessions each week over Zoom for nearly 60 players. He says while each person controls their own character, as the dungeon master, he guides the adventure along by building the universe, crafting story arcs, setting parameters and introducing obstacles for the characters. Wardhaugh says his 38-year-long game, which he started as a teenager in Saskatchewan, is probably a record. He hasn’t heard of another D&D game that has even come close to the same length.
(Is he married? Asking for a nerd…I mean a friend!)
(The only way this game will ever stop is if he is bard!)

Yes, it’s a thing now. That smelly condition where we become aware of how bad our breath is because our face covering shoots our stink right back at us. Here are some tips on making it less-horrible…
☞ Brush your teeth:  Kinda obvious. Brushing at least twice a day will help keep your mouth clean and free of bacteria that leads to cavities, gum disease…and nasty breath. (What about those people who say they don’t need to brush these days because every time they’re in public, they’re wearing a mask?)
☞ Floss:  With all the snacking going on these days, remember floss is boss! Floss gets to places your toothbrush can’t reach and removes bacteria that can cause bad breath. (My dentist asked if I floss between meals, and I said, “No, between teeth!”)
☞ Tongue:  It can hold a lot of food residue, so be sure to give it a good brush or scrape to help keep your breath fresh. You can buy products for this purpose. (Or just use a spoon. But then you can never invite me over for lunch!)
☞ Mouthwash:  Swishing before you put your mask on can help keep odors at bay. Make sure it’s alcohol-free so your mouth doesn’t get dried out. (They should provide this along with hand sanitizer at store entrances…)
☞ Water:  Staying hydrated with flat water is the best way to keep your mouth moisturized, neutralize acid and wash away debris. Some medications can also cause dry mouth, which allows bacteria to multiply faster.
☞ Alcohol, smoking, marijuana and vaping:  These can all lead to dry mouth, inflammation, enamel damage, staining and even oral cancer. (And if you didn’t know that these habits lead to bad breath, it’s quite obvious that you aren’t married!)

10. “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” – Lauryn Hill (1998)
9. “Blood on the Tracks” – Bob Dylan (1975)
8. “Purple Rain” – Prince and the Revolution (1984)
7. “Rumours” – Fleetwood Mac (1977)
6. “Nevermind” – Nirvana (1991)
5. “Abbey Road” – The Beatles (1969)
4. “Songs in the Key of Life” – Stevie Wonder (1976)
3. “Blue” – Joni Mitchell (1971)
2. “Pet Sounds” – The Beach Boys (1966)
1. “What’s Going On” – Marvin Gaye (1971)
(***See “BS Phone Starter”, below***)

What should you do when someone coughs or sneezes near you in the age of COVID-19? Fredrick Sherman, a professor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, says you should “Immediately exhale to avoid inhaling droplets or aerosols. Purse your lips to make the exhaling last longer. Turn your head fully away from the person and begin walking. While this method won’t definitively protect you from COVID-19, it could reduce how much of the virus you’re exposed to if the person who coughs or sneezes happens to be contagious. (A year ago, the answer would have been: “Say Gesundheit”.)


1967 [53] Mira Sorvino, Tenafly NJ, TV actress (“Falling Skies” 2014-15)/movie actress (1995 Oscar-“Mighty Aphrodite”, “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion”)

1968 [52] Naomi Watts, Shoreham UK (raised Australia), movie actress (“Birdman”, “King Kong”) COMING UP…”Once Upon a Time in Staten Island”, 2020

1969 [51] Karen Fairchild, Gary IN, country singer (Little Big Town-‘Girl Crush’, ‘Better Man’)

1977 [43] Young Jeezy (Jay Jenkins), Columbia SC, rapper (w/Rihanna-‘Hard’, w/Usher-‘Love in This Club’)

1979 [41] Bam (Brandon) Margera, West Chester PA, reality star/movie actor-producer (“Jackass” movies, “Viva La Bam”)/pro skateboarder

1982 [38] St. Vincent (Annie Clark), Tulsa OK, singer-songwriter (‘Teenage Talk’, ‘Jesus Saves, I Spend’)

1987 [33] Hilary Duff, Houston TX, TV actress (“Younger” 2015-2017)/movie actress (“Cheaper by the Dozen” films)/pop singer (‘So Yesterday’)

• “Drink Beer Day”, a day to raise a glass of your favorite ale or lager and celebrate one of the oldest man-made beverages. It’s been produced since the Neolithic Era and by commercial breweries as far back as 1040 AD (Betcha can’t have just one!)

• “Fish Tank Floorshow Night”, a day to gather family & friends around your aquarium to dance and sing. Why? On every other day, your fish are in the spotlight, keeping us entertained…tonight, it’s payback time!

• “Good Neighbor Day”, celebrated since 2003 to recognize and appreciate the nice folks next door. Hopefully, one of those good neighbors is you!

• “International Right to Know Day”, initiated in 2002 to raise awareness about people’s right to access government info and to promote freedom of information as essential to both democracy and good governance.

• “World Rabies Day”, to raise awareness about the continuing burden of rabies and how the disease can be prevented.

• “Strawberry Cream Pie Day”, did you know that 70% of a strawberry cream pie’s weight comes from the strawberries themselves? (Significantly less after I add whipped cream…)

[Tues] National Coffee Day
[Tues] World Heart Day
[Wed] Ask a Stupid Question Day
[Wed] National Hot Mulled Cider Day
This Week Is…Fall Foliage Week
This Month Is…Save Your Photos Month

1987 [33] “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, starring Patrick Stewart, makes its TV debut

1991 [29] Garth Brooks’ “Ropin’ the Wind” becomes the first country music album to debut at #1 on “Billboard” magazine’s pop album chart

2008 [12] SpaceX launches the first private spacecraft into orbit, the “Falcon 1”

1941 [79] Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox ends the baseball season with .406 batting avg, the last MLB player to bat .400 in a season

1972 [48] Canada defeats the USSR in the eighth and final game of the legendary hockey Summit Series (Canada won 4 games to 3, with one tie)

2006 [14] For the 3rd consecutive season, the American League’s Kansas City Royals lose 100 or more baseball games (No fear of that in this shortened season…)


✓ Columbus traveled at an average speed of 2.8 mph (4 kph) on his first voyage across the sea.
✓ Earth weighs an estimated 100,000 tons (90,718 tonnes) more than it did one year ago today.
✓ Before the switch to digitization, a two-hour movie used about 2 miles of film.
✓ The shortest complete sentence in the English language is: “Go”.
✓ There are about 1,300 kernels in a pound (.45 kg) of corn.
✓ It cost $3 million to build the Titanic…and $100 million to make the movie.

Best of BS . . .
• Wanted: Anatomically correct male.
• Are you a mammal? Me too!
• Parents threatening eviction. Please help.
• Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?
• Looks aren’t a concern. I have booze.
• I’m flexible on the number of cats.
• Must be breathing.
• I’m menopausal, so there’s no chance of me getting pregnant.
• Single… White… Female… NOT like the movie! I swear.
• I’ll pay you.
-Twitter, first published in BS in 2018

➠ Experts say winning a large sum of money from a lottery makes people feel most satisfied with their life. (Ha! Eat your heart out: people who get promotions at work, find a new love and those not on Twitter!)
➠ Forbes’ list of the top 20 richest Americans is out. (Mark Zuckerberg is number 3. He wanted to share the news with others but couldn’t think of how…)
➠ “Cake Boss” star Buddy Valastro impaled his hand in a ‘terrible’ bowling accident. (Wait for it….now he’s got Pins and Needles!)
➠ An Instagram model who posed as Catwoman has been jailed for masked robberies. (She’s been charged with two counts of burglary and one more serious count of irony…)
➠ Police in Vietnam have confiscated an estimated 345,000 used condoms which had been cleaned and resold as new. (Wow –Nobody saw that coming!)

Sliding into Monday like:

• What is the world’s biggest island?
a) Iceland
b) Australia
c) Greenland [CORRECT]
d) Bora Bora

• Which bone are babies born without?
a) Jaw
b) Ribs
c) Knee cap [CORRECT]
d) Elbow

• What is the tiny piece at the end of a shoelace called?
a) An eaglet
b) An aglet [CORRECT]
c) An inlet
d) A Chiclet


Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” has been named the ‘Greatest Album of All-Time’ by Rolling Stone. What’s yours?

Most of my life is spent avoiding conflict. I hardly ever visit Syria.

Question: A survey found the emails at work that we most look forward to are, in order, pay stubs, a good piece of gossip…and THIS. What is it?
Answer:  A heads-up about birthday cake in the kitchen

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.


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