Tuesday, November 5, 2013        Edition: #5095

Never Accept a Generic – Ask For Pure “BS”!

★ Actor Charlie Sheen has made some serious allegations against ex-wife Brooke Mueller regarding her treatment of their 4-year-old boys Bob & Max, claiming the twins have already suffered physical and emotional damage from their time spent in Brooke’s care since her stint in rehab. In a series of angry tweets, Sheen refers to Los Angeles Child Services as ‘doosh bags’ and calls his wife a ‘pathetic uber loser’ who is ‘as awful a parent and a person as you can possibly draw up’. (This is how you go about getting full custody? Speaking of uber losers …)
– StupidCelebrities.net
★ Katy Perry’s new album “Prism” may have debuted at #1 Down Under but the international version of the disc has been declared a bio-hazard. The local version, which is produced in Australia and comes with a small packet of seeds from Western Australia, is considered harmless. But the deluxe international version is produced overseas, and importing seeds from elsewhere is verboten under Oz’s strict Department of Agriculture rules. Perry has included seeds with the album to encourage that her fans ‘plant to spread the light!’. (Eh?)
– News.com.au
★ Actress Jennifer Morrison, who plays ‘Emma Swan’ on ABC-TV’s “Once Upon a Time”, has reportedly split from her boyfriend and co-star Sebastian Stan. In fact, an insider says they secretly broke up at least 4 months ago after growing apart and deciding to go their separate ways. 32-year-old Morrison was previously engaged to Jesse Spencer, her co-star on “House” in 2006, but called it off a year later. (Going to work every day with your ex … awkward!)
– UsWeekly.com
★ And here’s how you know you’ve become an ‘adult’ in Hollywood: Reality TV star Kendall Jenner turned 18 on Sunday which allows her to vote, purchase cigarettes, and get a tattoo under California law. But the landmark birthday has also landed the fashion model a half-dozen offers from adult film companies including website BangYouLater.com, which is offering her $1.8 million. Jenner has yet to respond. (Hey, a ‘leaked’ nudie video is how her oh-so-talented half-sister Kim Kardashian got her start.)
– TMZ.com

• “Arsenio Hall” (syndicated) – Atlas Genius (“When It Was Now”).
• “Conan” (TBS/CTV) – Rock singer-songwriter-guitarist Johnny Marr (“The Messenger”).
• “Ellen DeGeneres Show” (syndicated/CTV2) – James Blunt (“Moon Landing”, out today).
• “In the Spotlight With Robin Roberts: Countdown To the CMA Awards” (ABC) – In her 5th annual primetime special, Roberts interviews Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, and Shania Twain; counts down the all-time top 5 country duets; and goes behind-the-scenes of TV’s “Nashville”.
• “Jimi Hendrix: American Masters” (PBS) – Performance footage and interviews provide an inside look at the life of legendary rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix. Also out on video today.
• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/CityTV) – St Lucia (“When the Night”).
• “Last Call With Carson Daly” (NBC) – The Naked & Famous (“In Rolling Waves”).
• “Late Show With David Letterman” (CBS/NTV/Omni1) – J Cole (“Born Sinner”).
• “Live at Rome Olympic Stadium” – Muse’s concert film debuts in 20 cities around-the-globe, before expanding to 700 theaters worldwide tomorrow. It’s the first-ever concert film to be shot in ‘4K Ultra HD’, which has much better resolution than regular HD.
NET: http://tinyurl.com/la3xzrl
• “Live With Kelly & Michael” (ABC/CTV) – The Wanted (“Word of Mouth”, out today).
• “Tavis Smiley” (PBS) – Veteran R&B singer Al Jarreau.
• “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” (NBC/CTV2) – The Rides f/Stephen Stills & Kenny Wayne Shepherd (“Can’t Get Enough: The Rides”).
• “The Voice” (NBC/CTV) – The contestants square off in another performance show.
• “Wendy Williams” (syndicated) –  DMX (“Undisputed”); rapper/producer Swizz Beatz.

• Amnesty International Benefit Concerts – “Released!”, a 6-DVD/2-CD box-set of highlights from concerts staged 1986-98, is out today. Among the 3 dozen artists performing: Bruce Springsteen, Joni Mitchell, Radiohead, Sting, and U2.
• Avril Lavigne – Today is the release of her self-titled 5th studio album, featuring collaborations with her hubby Chad Kroeger (Nickelback) and a duet with Marilyn Manson.
• Bob Dylan – The massive box-set “The Complete Album Collection, Vol 1” is out today, collecting all 35 of Dylan’s studio albums along with 6 live records and a 2-disc set of non-album cuts ($179.98). A USB drive version comes in a harmonica-shaped box.
• Celine Dion – Today’s release, “Loved Me Back to Life”, is her 1st English-language album in 6 years. It features duets with Ne-Yo and Stevie Wonder, plus a cover of Janis Ian’s “At 17”. The 45-year-old says this is her ‘edgiest’ album yet.
• Creed – Frontman Scott Stapp releases the new solo album “Proof Of Life” today. He says most of the music has been inspired by the personal turmoil in his life over the past decade. He’s planning to launch a full-scale world tour in mid-March.
• David Bowie – Today’s reissue of his “The Next Day” album takes the form of a 3-disc collector’s edition with a handful of previously-unreleased tracks. The set includes a DVD of the 4 videos made for tracks on the album, which was originally released in March.
• Eminem – “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” is out today, and it features a number of cameo appearances: Kendrick Lamar, fun.’s Nate Ruess, Rihanna, and Skylar Grey. His 8th studio effort features production from Rick Rubin, DJ Khalil, Dr Dre and more.
• Katy Perry – She tells Australia’s Nova FM Network she dined with Mick Jagger when she was an 18-year-old up-and-comer doing background vocals … and he hit on her. How do you turn down a legend like Mick? “You sacrifice your friend,” Katy says. Mick Jagger has issued a statement denying Katy’s claim saying perhaps she is confusing him with someone else.
• MIA – After many delays, her 3rd full-length release, “Matangi” (named after the Hindu goddess of music), is out today. BS Trivia: Her mother, a longtime professional seamstress, was responsible for the sash Prince William wore at his wedding.
• Rihanna – Thanks to “The Monster” w/Eminem, she has joined The Beatles and Elvis Presley as the only acts to have 7 UK #1 singles in 7 consecutive years.
• The Wanted – Today the Brit boy-band releases the long-delayed “Word of Mouth”. Jay McGuiness says that, in addition to party songs and club mixes, the album contains material that reflects ‘2 years of struggle’. A track recorded with Justin Bieber didn’t make the cut.

• “Girl Most Likely” ( PG-13 Comedy): Kristen Wiig stars in this quirky comedy about a once-promising New York playwright who stages a fake suicide in an attempt to reunite with her ex, only to wind up back in her New Jersey hometown in the custody of her gambling-addict mother (Annette Bening). Co-stars Matt Dillon, Darren Criss (“Glee”).
• “Grown Ups 2” ( PG-13 Comedy ): After moving his family back to his hometown to be with his friends and their kids, ‘Lenny’ (Adam Sandler) finds out that between old bullies, new bullies, psycho bus drivers, drunk cops on skis, and 400 costumed party crashers, sometimes crazy follows you right into a sequel movie. Co-stars Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade.
• “Lovelace” ( R-Rated Biographical Drama ): Amanda Seyfried portrays 1970s adult film actress-turned-anti-porn advocate Linda Lovelace, who starred in 1972’s “Deep Throat”, the first scripted adult theatrical feature film. Co-stars Peter Sarsgaard, James Franco, Chris Noth, Chloe Sevigny, Sharon Stone.
• “White House Down” ( PG-13 Action Thriller ): Channing Tatum plays a DC cop who, while on a White House tour, has to spring into action to save his daughter and protect the US president (Jamie Foxx) from heavily armed paramilitary invaders. Co-stars Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jason Clarke. Similar plot to the Gerard Butler film “Olympus Has Fallen”, released in March.
• Also released today: “American Masters: Jimi Hendrix – Hear My Train a Comin’” (Music Doc); “Beverly Hills 90210: The Complete Series” (Vintage TV); “Boy Meets World: The Complete Collection” (Vintage TV); “Dexter: The Complete Final Season” (TV); “Family Ties: The Complete Series” (Vintage TV); “Ice Road Truckers: Season 7″ (Reality TV); “Mad Men: Season 6” (TV); “Saved By the Bell: The Complete Collection” (Vintage TV); and “Under the Dome” (TV).

Germany has become the first European country to allow babies with characteristics of both genders to be registered as neither male nor female. Parents are now allowed to leave the gender blank on birth certificates, in effect creating a new category of ‘indeterminate sex’. Several other nations have already introduced similar ‘3rd gender’ status including: Australia (2011); Bangladesh (2011); India (2009); Nepal (2007); Pakistan (2011); and New Zealand (2012). (The question: Male, Female, or ‘Other’ is quickly becoming common worldwide.)
– BBC News

Simply washing your hands can make you more optimistic, according to new German research. Credit a theory known as ‘embodied cognition’: It’s the idea that higher mental processes (like decision making and optimism) are linked to simple motor processes (like hand washing). On an unconscious level, the suds may help you think you’re cleaning off bad luck, making you more confident about what you’re about to do. The catch: It doesn’t always work. Thinking you’re washing away failure might cause you to minimize your effort. (On the upside … clean hands!)
– MensHealth.com

Cowboy hats are having a bit of a fashion moment amongst fashion-forward hipsters in urban areas like NYC. The New York way to wear them is folded up at the sides, so you can show your face. The newfound popularity is likely due to a spate of recent appearances in the entertainment world: Matthew McConaughey in the movie “Dallas Buyers Club”, Timothy Olyphant’s character on the TV series “Justified”, and ‘Sheriff Grimes’ and son on AMC-TV’s “The Walking Dead”. (As ‘Dead’ fans well know, when young ‘Carl Grimes’ puts his cowboy hat on, he’s ready to kick some zombie butt.)
– NYDailyNews.com

Bad news if you burn the midnight oil: People who regularly work night shifts are twice as likely to have diabetes, according to new University of Pittsburgh research. How come? Messing with your biological clock and limiting sleep can lead to decreased resting metabolic rates and increased blood glucose. While finding a job with normal hours is the ideal solution, it unfortunately isn’t always an option. Still, you can minimize the risks by focusing on eating right, exercising daily, and getting 7-to-9 hours of shuteye … whenever it is during the day. (Seems the ‘graveyard shift’ really is.)
– MensHealth.com

While 59% of men think it’s OK to check a text during a business lunch, a new USC poll finds that just 34% of women agree. Guys are also twice as likely to answer a call while eating. It’s thought the reason for the disparity is that women almost always emphasize the importance of paying undivided attention to others, explaining why they find smartphone interruptions so rude. What to do? If you’re expecting a call, text, or email you can’t afford to miss, apologize ahead of time and let your colleagues know you’re anticipating it. But as a rule of thumb, leave your cell at your desk when attending a luncheon. (The answer to many of today’s probs … just put the phone down.)
– MensHealth.com

Amazon.com’s original name was planned to be Relentless. In fact, the url Relentless.com still redirects to the company website.
– “Financial Times”


1959 [54] Bryan Adams, Kingston ON, oldies singer (Grammy Award-“[Everything I Do] I Do It For You”, “Cuts Like a Knife”)/professional photographer (“Exposed”)

1960 [53] Tilda Swinton, London UK, movie actress (“Burn After Reading”, 2007 Academy Award-“Michael Clayton”)

1961 [52] David Bryson, San Francisco CA, alt-rock guitarist (Counting Crows-“Accidentally in Love”, “Mr Jones”)

1971 [42] Jonny Greenwood, Oxford UK, rock guitarist-keyboardist (Radiohead-“Bodysnatchers”, “Creep”)

1974 [39] Ryan Adams, Jacksonville NC, alt-country/rock singer-songwriter-guitarist (“So Alive”, New York, New York”)/wed to singer-actress Mandy Moore (2009)

1987 [26] Kevin Jonas, Teaneck NJ, former boy-band singer (Jonas Brothers-“Tonight”, “Burnin’ Up”)

“Guy Fawkes Day” in England, a traditional celebration since 1752. It commemorates the 1605 ‘Gunpowder Plot’ when Fawkes-led Catholics attempted to blow up the Parliament Buildings. One of the day’s traditions gives it its nickname … ‘Bonfire Night’.

2007 [06] TV, film, and radio writers who are members of the Writers Guild of America go on strike after negotiations break down with the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers (shuts down more than 60 TV programs, including all the late-night talk shows)

1988 [25] Beach Boys hit #1 with the single “Kokomo”, the longest gap between #1 hits by a recording artist (21 years, 10 months since “Good Vibrations”)

1923 [90] 1st ‘Electric Shaver’ patented (and 1st guy suffers excruciating pain when a nose hair gets caught)

1994 [19] 45-year-old George Foreman becomes ‘Oldest Heavyweight Boxing Champion’ by KO-ing Michael Moorer (who will never live down the humiliation)

[Wed] CMA Awards (Nashville)
[Wed] Saxophone Day
[Thurs] Men Make Dinner Day
[Fri] “Thor: The Dark World” opens in movie theaters
[Fri] Walk to Work Day
This Week Is … Animal Shelter Appreciation Week
This Month Is … Peanut Butter Lovers Month


• You’re on your car’s third pair of shocks.
• You fracture a rib by lowering your flabby arms too quickly.
• Bathroom scales give a sigh of relief when you step off.
• Weight Watchers has a lien on your mortgage.
• Concert patrons refuse to go home until you sing.
• When brushing your teeth you have to rest between ‘up’ and ‘down’.
• When you stop exercising, parts of you continue to move.
• Packs of dogs attracted by your high-pitched wheeze.
• Doctor’s first words: “Open your mouth and say moo.”

☎ What makes someone a hero?

If you get them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.

Your pet just had a little baby called a ‘squeaker’. What is your pet?
a. Pigeon. [CORRECT]
b. Pot-Bellied Pig.
c. Tarantula.
– “Disney Adventures”

Question: THIS business barely existed before 1990, but now it experiences a boom whenever the unemployment rate goes up.
Answer: Tattoo removal. (People realizing those tats are keeping them from getting jobs.)

Middle age is when you’ve met so many people that every new person you meet reminds you of someone else.

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