Thursday, September 28, 2006        Edition: #3375
Nuthin’ Like a Bull in Your Radio Shop!

TONIGHT the new Salma Hayek-produced TV comedy “Ugly Betty” premieres (ABC/CityTV) with newcomer America Ferrera playing  frumpy fashion magazine assistant ‘Betty Suarez’ in a storyline similar to the summer movie “The Devil Wears Prada” (the show is based on the popular Colombian ‘telenovela’ – soap opera – “Yo Soy Betty La Fea“) . . . TONIGHT Marty Stuart hosts the 17th annual “International Bluegrass Awards” at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville TN, as Alison Krauss & Union Station lead all nominees with 11 nods (as usual) . . . Oprah Winfrey now makes an estimated $17,000-per-hour (she just made 50 bucks while I told you that) . . . Remember the “Riverdance” Irish dancing craze? It could be the theme of a new long-running show in Las Vegas, directed by – horror movie Veteran Wes Craven (how apropos!) . . . The 12-year-old winner of “America’s Got Talent”, Bianca Ryan, has signed a contract with Columbia Records and will release her 1st album NOVEMBER 14th, the same day the debut albums from “American Idol” winner Taylor Hicks and finalists Katharine McPhee & Kellie Pickler are scheduled to be released . . . MSN is making a big push to stream live concerts to its users after signing an exclusive global partnership with Control Room, the company behind the webcast of LAST YEAR’s “Live 8” events . . . And Berlin’s Deutsche Opera house has called off a new production of Mozart’s 225-year-old “Idomeneo” that features the severed heads Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed because it’s feared it might incite religious groups to violence (oh come on, since when do the peaceful followers of the world’s leading religions react that way?).

• Bob Seger – TODAY he’s on daytime TV gabfest “The View” (ABC/CTV).
• Carrie Underwood — Brad Paisley says her 40-minute warm-up act for his “Time Well Wasted” tour is so good, it’s likely the last tour on which she’ll be the opening act instead of headliner.
• Chris Brown – TODAY he guests on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” (syndicated/CityTV).
• James Blunt – He secretly flew into Kosovo to perform for 500 British troops. Before his singing career, he was stationed there as part of a NATO peacekeeping force.
• John Mayer – Yahoo! Music is donating $10 to his favorite charities for each 30-second original video that users submit showing themselves changing the world for the better.
• Kenny Chesney – He says he’s done his own laundry since he was a little kid and now he’s so particular he won’t let anybody else touch it. He admits it’s a bit of an obsession.
• Ludacris – TONIGHT he appears on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC).
• Olivia Newton-John — THIS WEEK she’s a guest judge for the Los Angeles round of auditions for “American Idol”. As a teen, she appeared on a TV talent show in Australia … and won.

A selection of movies in the making …
• “A Mighty Heart“ – In AUGUST, Pakistan police stopped the shoot in Karachi and detained crew members because they did not have proper permission to film in the country. Now the  western Indian city of Pune is set to takeover as production will begin there in OCTOBER. The movie is about the kidnaping and slaying of “Wall Street Journal” reporter Daniel Pearl. It stars Jolie as his widow, Mariane, who wrote the memoir on which the film is based. Brad Pitt is not in the cast but is listed as a producer.
• “Charlotte’s Web” – The live action/animated bigscreen version of EB White’s beloved kids’ book is one of the most anticipated movies of the coming holiday season (maybe it’s because it’s a movie you can actually take your kids to).  Scheduled to open DECEMBER 20th, it features  Dakota Fanning and an all-star voice cast that includes Julia Roberts, Oprah Winfrey, John Cleese, Robert Redford, Reba McEntire, and André Benjamin of Outkast. Most of the shooting was done in Australia where trees surrounding the fair scenes had to be spray-painted with non-toxic orange & yellow paint to make it look like Autumn.
• “The Hobbit” – A report out of the NYC offices of New Line Cinema claims that JRR Tolkien’s classic will be on the studio’s schedule for filming sometime in 2007. Word has it the studio wants Peter Jackson (“Lord of the Rings”) to direct and the epic story may be broken into 2 films. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” was first published in 1937, almost 20 years before “Lord of the Rings” (1954-1955).
• “Untitled David Beckham Movie” – Katie Holmes is tipped to play her celebrity pal Victoria Beckham in a planned bio-pic about Brit soccer superstar David Beckham. Tom Cruise, however, will not be playing the lead role because of their ‘marked physical differences’ (for instance, Beckham is a 6-footer while Cruise is just 5-7). The foursome are said to be very close friends. (What should they call this? How about Beckham’s nickname in Britain … “Golden Balls”?)

UK beer drinkers will get a taste of 1982 prices NEXT WEEK as pubs across the country cut the price of a pint to 62 pence (about $1.17) to celebrate the silver anniversary of the “Good Pub Guide”. Many of the pubs in the guide, which publishes its 25th annual edition, will drop their prices from a national average of £2.33 ($4.40). Many of them will also offer pub food at 1982 prices. (Note to self: book last-minute flight to London.)
– BN

Cuts Inc has unveiled a free software product that allows users to censor their own movies ‘legally’. What makes the system legal is that the edits users make never alter the original video. Instead, Cuts generates a set of instructions called ‘Cutlists’, which implement the edits on-the-fly any time the DVD is played back with ‘Cuts Player’ software. Therefore, viewers must have the original video in order to view the edited version. In JULY, a court ruled that CleanFlicks, a company that sanitized DVDs and then sold them, infringed on movie copyrights. (I tried Cuts out on my copy of “Goodfellas”. I can now watch the whole flick in 30 seconds!)
– ContactMusic

A recent poll reveals that 49% of respondents have rooted through  the garbage to make sure something of theirs wasn’t thrown away. 27% have retrieved something from the trash that a family member threw away. And 6% admit to taking something from a neighbor’s or stranger’s trash. (What does your mate own that you’d like to toss?)

According to a new ranking by industry observers …
5. James Earl Jones
4. Oprah Winfrey
3. Michael J Fox
2. Rachael Ray
1. Tom Hanks
— “Forbes”

A research team at the UK’s University of Newcastle has discovered that a cheap and readily available drug may reverse severe liver disease, even in patients who find it impossible to give up booze. ‘Sulphasalazine’ is currently used to treat arthritis but researchers have found that it can also reverse the damage associated with cirrhosis of the liver. (A side effect is your fingers never cramp up from squeezing all those damp bottles.)
– BBC News

• The 1st pair of sunglasses was invented by English designer James Ayscough in 1752, but they did not become popular until the 1930s.
• The first toilet flushed in a movie was in “Psycho” in 1960.
• The only king without a mustache in a deck of cards is the King of Hearts.
• 215 pairs of jeans can be made from a single bale of cotton.

“It was great … I had 100 people under me.”
– Movie actor Ray Liotta talking about his previous job, at Hollywood Park Cemetery.


1964 [42] Janeane Garofalo, Newton NJ, movie actress (“The Wild“)/TV actress (“The West Wing” 2005-06)

1967 [39] Mira Sorvino, Tenafly NJ, movie actress (1996 Oscar-“Mighty Aphrodite”)

1968 [38] Naomi Watts, Shoreham UK (raised Australia), movie actress (“King Kong”, “The Ring 1 & 2”)

1972 [34] Gwyneth Paltrow, LA CA, movie actress (1998 Oscar-“Shakespeare in Love”)/Mrs Chris Martin since 2003/mom to Apple & Moses

1987 [19] Hilary Duff, Houston TX, pop singer (“Come Clean”)/movie actress (“Cheaper by the Dozen 1 & 2”)

• “Ask a Stupid Question Day”, created by some unknown keener who decided that ‘asking a stupid question is better than repairing a stupid mistake’. It’s a good excuse to pose perplexing questions like …
• If sleep regenerates us, why do we look so bad when we first get up in the morning?
• Do chickens think rubber humans are funny?
• Can Michael Jackson even wear glasses?
• When we ask people for advice, aren’t we really looking for an accomplice?
• If a placebo helps us, is it really a placebo?

• “James Dean Festival”, the 31st annual through Sunday in his hometown of Fairmount IN will attract thousands of fans from around-the-world, despite the fact he only made 3 major movies (“Giant”, “East of Eden”, “Rebel Without a Cause”) and died 51 years ago in 1955.
PHONER: 765.948.4555 (Fairmount Historical Museum)

1997 [09] The ‘DVD’ format is unveiled at the 103rd convention of the Audio Engineering Society in NYC (thereby turning your VCR into a $200 doorstop)

1991 [15] “Ropin’ the Wind” album by Garth Brooks debuts at #1 simultaneously on country & pop charts

1995 [11] 1st MLB pitcher to pitch with both hands (not at the same time) as Montréal Expo Greg Harris faces 4 Cincinnati batters, throwing to 2 of them right-handed and 2 left-handed

1919 [87] Quickest-ever Major League Baseball game as Giants beat Phillies 6-1 in just 51 minutes

[Fri] Goose Day
[Fri] Pumpkin Day
[Fri] “Open Season”; “School for Scoundrels”; and “The Guardian” open in movie theaters
[Fri-Oct 8] Okanagan Fall Wine Festival (BC)
[Sat] Mud Pack Day
[Sat] 21st Farm Aid Concert (Camden NJ)
[Mon] Yom Kippur (Jewish)
This Week Is … Banned Books Week
This Month Is … International Self-Awareness Month


A sampling from the OCTOBER editions of popular women’s mags …
• Why Guys Get Jealous — “Ladies’ Home Journal”
• Fight Arm Flab – “Woman’s Day”
• How to Get Hot Legs – “Cleo” (Australia)
• Rules From the Front Lines of Dating – “Glamour”
• What Does He Really Want in Bed? – “Redbook”
• Discover the Fantasy 68% of Men Have – “Cosmopolitan”
• Melt in Your Mouth Pie! – “Chatelaine” (Canada)

Research suggests that your choice of car color says something about your personality type. And accordingly, your personality type affects your likeliness to be involved in an accident. For instance …
• Black: The most dangerous drivers tend to drive black cars. They have an aggressive personality and may be someone who’s an outsider or rebel.
• Silver: The 2nd-most dangerous drivers tend to prefer silver cars. They tend to be cool, calm and slightly aloof.
• Green: It’s come to signify eco-friendliness and life, but it also represents jealousy, inexperience and people with hysterical tendencies.
• Yellow: Denotes sunshine and a happy person, but it’s also the color of cowardice and deceit. Yellow car drivers can be idealistic and novelty loving.
• Blue: It can be strong and steadfast or calming and friendly. People who drive blue cars are more introspective, reflective and cautious.
• Grey: A cool, conservative color that seldom evokes strong emotion. Drivers of these cars are calm, sober and dedicated to their work.
• Red: People who drive red cars are full of zest, energy and drive. They think, move and talk quickly.
• White: It represents purity, cleanliness and innocence. White cars represent status-seeking extrovert drivers. They are the 2nd-safest drivers.
• Cream: These are the safest drivers. Cream-colored car owners are self-contained and controlled.

If girls have the right to try out for boys’ sports teams, shouldn’t the reverse also be okay?

Have your intern hit the streets with a recorder, collecting sounds from various spots. Play ’em back on-air and ask listeners to identify where the local sounds come from.

• Sorry, I’m not your type … I’m not inflatable.
• What’s the difference between a dog and a fox? About 5 drinks.

Today’s Question: 33% of guys say they would rather do THIS than iron something.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Watch a chick flick.

Diplomacy is the art of saying ‘Nice doggie!’ … until you can find a rock.

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