Monday, September 27, 2010        Edition: #4351
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• Classic rock singer/guitarist Nancy Wilson (Heart) is pulling the plug on her 22-year marriage to movie director Cameron Crowe (“Jerry Maguire”, “Almost Famous”), citing irreconcilable differences. They wed in 1986 and have 10-year-old twin boys. Wilson lists June 15, 2008 as the date of their separation.
• Lindsay Lohan is a free woman again … sort of. She posted $300,000 bail just before midnight Friday and was sprung from the LA County jail she called home for about 14 hours. As part of the deal, a judge ordered her back into a SCRAM bracelet by the end of Saturday. She’s also subject to random searches and is not allowed in bars or clubs.
• What happens when half the world thinks you might be an as$ hat? If you’re 26-year-old Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, you go on “Oprah”  and announce that you are donating $100 million to the Newark NJ public school system. Is Zuckerberg’s gift a heartfelt gesture or a savvy PR move on the eve of a soon-to-be-released damning motion picture? “The Social Network” opens this Friday.
• 52-year-old comedian-turned-“Price Is Right” host Drew Carey has shed more than 70 lbs (32 kg) and has set the goal of losing another 15 lbs (7 kg) by Halloween. What’s his motivation? He’s convinced he’s going to live past 60, something he never believed before as his father died of a heart attack in his 40s.
– “Parade Magazine”
• Former “Grey’s Anatomy” actress Katherine Heigl has pledged $1 million toward ending LA’s doggy over-population problem. The money comes from her Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, named after her late brother, and goes to support the new ‘Compassion Revolution’ initiative. The idea is to encourage the spaying and neutering of pets in order to cut down the number of stray dogs put to death because shelters can no longer cope with them.
• Jermaine Jackson claims he can’t afford to pay child support because his business is failing and his career is in the tank. In fact, according to new legal docs, MJ’s bro can barely make ends meet. He just filed new child support papers in LA court claiming his average monthly income for the last year has been under $1,100. He’s asking that the $3,000-a-month in child support he pays for sons Jaafar & Jermajesty be slashed to $215-a-month.

• “Invitation Only” (CMT) – Kenny Chesney performs some of his biggest hits as well as 5 new songs from his new album, “Hemingway’s Whiskey”, out tomorrow.
• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/CityTV) – Randy Houser (“They Call Me Cadillac”).
• “Last Call With Carson Daly” (NBC) – Never Shout Never (“Harmony”).
• “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/A Channel) – The Temper Trap (“Conditions”).
• “Late Show With David Letterman” (CBS/Omni) – Runner Runner (“Runner Runner”).
• “Lopez Tonight” (TBS) – Santana w/Nas (“Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time”).
• “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” (NBC/A Channel) – Zac Brown Band (“You Get What You Give”); Vanilla Ice (“The Vanilla Ice Project”).

• Crystal Bowersox – The 25-year-old “American Idol” runner-up is engaged to marry her new boyfriend, musician Brian Walker, just months after her former partner dumped her on the eve of the “Idol” finalé. The wedding may happen as soon as next month, according to
• Bon Jovi – Heather Locklear is finally erasing the last trace of her 12-year marriage to Richie Sambora … his last name. She filed for divorce in 2006, but never filed documents requesting her name officially be changed from Heather Deen Sambora to Heather Locklear until Friday.
• Gloriana – Country singer Cheyenne Kimball may not be “Wild at Heart” much longer, having just become engaged to singer/songwriter Casey Twist.
• Jason Derulo – Tonight he kicks off a North American headlining tour in Philadelphia PA.
• Lil Wayne – Today, his birthday, he releases the new digital project, “I Am Not A Human Being”. Originally planned as an EP, it’s been filled out to a full-length release using tracks initially slated for “Carter IV”.
• Madonna – A 59-year-old man who was arrested outside her NYC home holding up signs declaring his love for her is facing psychological evaluation. He’s been charged with criminal weapons possession after cops allegedly found an ice pick in his car, as well as disorderly conduct, making graffiti, possessing a graffiti instrument, and resisting arrest.
• Radiohead – Drummer Philip Selway says they’re having a meeting today to discuss whether they should ‘throw out’ their new album and start all over again because they aren’t completely happy with it. They’ve spent the last year working on the follow-up to 2007’s “In Rainbows”.
• Taylor Swift – Her popularity in Japan keeps growing since her appearance at the “Summer Sonic Festival” in August. Universal Japan has just announced she’ll kick off her 18-country world tour February 13th at Osaka’s Castle Hall, followed by 2 shows at Tokyo’s Budokan Hall.

It’s not about fame or money; the jobs most of us see as having ‘high prestige’ are those that perform good work to benefit society. That in mind, a recent survey finds that the professions with the greatest prestige are …
5. Military Officers (49%)
4. Nurses (50%)
3. Doctors (54%)
2. Scientists (56%)
1. Firefighters (56%)
And the job with the least prestige? A tie between Lawyers … and Entertainers.
– AP

Remains of the earliest known feast in a cave in Israel show that humans have been bringing food to funerals for thousands upon thousands of years. Recently discovered remains from a burial feast at a site in the Galilee date back some 12,000 years. Anthropologists think funeral feasts served several purposes: Solidifying social relationships, bringing communities together, and helping the grief-stricken handle stress. (Stop your sobbing and have another pinwheel sandwich!)

• In Thailand, pointing with one finger is considered rude and is only done when pointing to objects or animals, never humans.
• In Japan, the ‘OK’ sign, where you form a circle with your thumb and forefinger, is interpreted as the symbol for money, a way of asking for change. The same ‘OK’ sign in Greece signifies a body orifice and is considered rude. In France, if you form a circle with your thumb and forefinger and place it over your nose, it indicates a person is drunk.
• When entering or departing a Russian home, it is considered very bad form to shake hands across the threshold.
• When leaving someone’s home in Sweden, you should wait until you get to the doorway to step outside before putting on your coat. To do so earlier suggests you are eager to leave.
• In Germany, shaking hands with the other hand in a pocket is considered impolite.
• In Lebanon, to signal ‘yes’ you nod your head as we do, but to signal ‘no’ you point your head
sharply upward and raise your eyebrows.
• In Paraguay, tilting the head backward signifies ‘I forgot’.

According to a newly discovered diary entry, British intelligence services experimented with an invisible ink made from … semen. The June 1915 entry documents that Mansfield Cumming, the first chief of the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service (MI-6), maintained that the best invisible ink  for writing top-secret letters was semen, which did not react to the usual methods of detection. Furthermore, the entry suggests, it had the advantage of being ‘readily available’. (“We’re out of ink! Give Corporal Wanker one of those French postcards to peruse immediately!”)
– “Daily Telegraph”

• A new casting call for actors for “The Hobbitt”, soon to shoot in New Zealand, is looking for men 5 ft-2 ins (158 cm) and under and women 5 ft or less (153 cm).
• New computer simulations have shown that the parting of the Red Sea, as described in the Bible, could have been a phenomenon caused by strong winds.
– Magazine Monitor
• Children’s waistlines have expanded by an average of 4.9 ins (12.5 cm) since the 1970s.
– BBC News
• Customers using cash machines at the Vatican Bank are offered Latin as a language option.
– Reuters
• The Facebook logo is blue because founder Mark Zuckerberg is red-green color blind.
– “New Yorker”


1943 [67] Randy Bachman (‘BACK-man’ not ‘BOCK-man’), Winnipeg MB, classic rock musician (BTO-“Takin’ Care of Business”, Guess Who-“American Woman”)

1951 [59] Meat Loaf (Marvin Lee Aday), Dallas TX, classic rock singer (“I’d Do Anything For Love”, “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad”)/sometime movie actor (“Fight Club”, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”)

1964 [46] Stephan Jenkins, Oakland CA, rock singer (Third Eye Blind-“How’s It Going to Be”, “Jumper”)

1972 [38] Gwyneth Paltrow, LA CA, movie actress (“Iron Man” movies, 1999 Oscar-“Shakespeare in Love”)/Mrs Chris Martin (Coldplay) since 2003 (2 children)

1978 [32] Brad Arnold, Escatawpa MS, pop singer (3 Doors Down-“Here Without You”, “When I’m Gone”)

1979 [31] Lil’ Wayne (Dwayne Carter Jr), New Orleans LA, rapper (“A Milli”, “Lollipop”)

1984 [26] Avril Lavigne, Napanee ON, pop singer (“Girlfriend”, “Complicated”)/Mrs Deryck Whibley (Sum 41) 2006-09

• “Ancestor Appreciation Day”, a day to learn about and appreciate one’s forebears. (Don’t forget to say, “Gee grampa, thanks for that really interesting story.”)

• “Eat Dinner With Your Kids Day” (aka “Family Day”), an annual reminder that family meals are the perfect time to talk to your kids and to listen to what’s on their mind.

• “Shut Up and Let Somebody Else Talk Day”. Yeah you … you know who you are.

• “St Vincent de Paul Day”, honoring the Roman Catholic priest dedicated to serving the poor, who died on this date in 1660. The patron saint of used clothing?

• “World Tourism Day”, as declared by the UN’s World Tourism Organization.

1954 [56] “The Tonight Show” debuts on NBC-TV, hosted by the late Steve Allen

2004 [06] NBC-TV announces “The Tonight Show” host Jay Leno will be succeeded by “Late Night” host Conan O’Brien in 2009 (what a great idea that turns out to be!)

1950 [60] 1st ‘Telephone Answering Machine’ (no one has reached a live voice since)

1998 [12] Google is founded by Stanford University PhD candidates Larry Page & Sergey Brin

1881 [129] Major League Baseball records it’s all-time ‘Smallest Crowd’ (an intimate gathering of 12 fans shows up to watch the Chicago White Stockings beat the Troy Trojans 10-8 in a rainstorm)

[Tues] Ask a Stupid Question Day
[Tues] Read a Child a Book You Like Day
[Wed] Confucius Day
[Wed] Women’s Health & Fitness Day
[Thurs] Mud Pack Day
[Thurs] Chewing Gum Day
[Thurs] Do Something Wacky With a Grandparent Day

Adult Immunization Awareness Week / Banned Books Week / Chimney Safety Week / Keep Kids Creative Week


A highlight bit culled from 17 years of “Bull Sheet” back issues …
• Martini – You probably have a few bucks to spare and don’t mind living it up when you go out. You display a sophisticated edge but only if you order it straight up, with olives, or a twist of lemon. Ordering it ‘dirty’ – with olive juice – is oh-so-passé don’t you know.
• Cosmopolitan – made popular by “Sex & The City”, it says you’re sophisticated and fun at the same time. You like going out for a good time, but you’re also a class act.
• Beer With a Shot of Tequila – You’re tough and independent, down-to-earth and ready for any adventure. You will be well respected if you have the attitude to pull it off.
• Margarita – Signals to others that you’re feeling sexy and that you came to party. You’re a cheerful person who probably has friends in every walk of life.
• Long Island Iced Tea –You’re someone who might be a little shy about getting out there and meeting people. This is the drink for you because you’ll lose all those inhibitions, but just be careful you drink with a trusted pal who can serve as the DD.
• Flavored Vodka or Rum with Soda – You’re able to get out and have a good time and enjoy the nightlife, but you’re also a mystery. You’re an enigma and probably have a lot of admirers.
– “Expulsion” /

• When asked to name a color, 60% of any sample group of people will pick ‘blue’. (BS. ‘Red’ is the color most often cited.)
• As couples grow older, their teeth look more alike. (True, says the International Association for Dental Research. That’s because people living together tend to develop similar dental habits.)
• An estimated $1 million is lost at horse racetracks each year by people who throw away winning tickets. (True, according to “Gambler’s Digest”. How come the track janitor isn’t rich?)
• Newborn babies are unable to smell. (BS … just check the diaper pail. Oh, and they have the sense of smell too.)
• Utah’s State Bird is the California Seagull. (True. Um, did somebody get lost?)

Which celebrity do you think should run for political office?

Whenever I feel like exercise, I lie down until the feeling passes.

Today’s Question: Kids who are raised with THESE in the home average 3 years more schooling than those who grow up without them.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Books. (“Psychology Today”)

Talent is the ability to convince people you have it.

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