Monday, October 24, 2005        Edition: #3143
There’s a Difference Between Sheet and Crapola!

• Actress Gwyneth Paltrow & hubby Chris Martin (Coldplay) are reportedly expecting a 2nd child. Paltrow’s actress-mom Blythe Danner accidentally blurted out the news at a Hollywood do, then attempted to backtrack on her comments. The Martins already have a 16-month-old daughter infamously named ‘Apple’ but they aren’t saying anything … one way or the other.
– “Teen Hollywood”
• 41-year-old movie star Sandra Bullock is piling on the pounds, setting off rumors she’s expecting her first child with 35-year-old hubby Jesse James. The weight-gain was first noticed when the duo were spotted frolicking on the beach at their home in Orange County CA. Bullock once said she’d give up her career if she had a family.
– “Star Magazine”
• Britney Spears changed her mind about selling pics of new baby Sean Preston Federline after ‘freaking out’ at the idea of profiting off her child. But FRIDAY, ‘stolen’ pictures of her newborn mysteriously appeared on numerous Websites. At this point it’s unclear if they were the same pictures promised to “People” magazine. Spears is threatening legal action.
– “Page Six” / The Bosh
• Vince Vaughn’s relationship with Jennifer Aniston must be getting serious – he’s introduced her to his mommy! A source says the duo were constantly hugging and kissing during a recent  visit. Word has it he’s getting Jen to loosen up while he’s a lot calmer around her, so they balance each other out. The 2 actors still deny being a couple … as if anyone cares what they think.
– “Daily Mirror”
• The management team for wild-child actress Lindsay Lohan have reportedly told her to clean up her act … or find new representation. Wow, someone’s finally teaching her about ‘boundaries’.
– “Life & Style Weekly”
• There’s speculation “Lost” actor Dominic Monaghan plans to propose to co-star girlfriend Evangeline Lilly (Fort Saskatchewan AB) soon. He’s been spotted shopping for rings at a number of upscale jewelers on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills during time away from the show’s Hawaii set.
– “Daily Dish”
• Stupormodel Kate Moss is rumored to be getting a role in the next ‘James Bond’ film opposite ex-boyfriend Daniel Craig. Movie bosses are said to be interested in giving her a ‘fresh start’ and figure she already has chemistry with both Craig and actress Sienna Miller, who is also said to have landed a role in “Casino Royale”.
– “Daily Star”
• And, just in case you missed the news, there are apparently “Millions of 3-Eyed Mutants Living Among Us!”.
– “Weekly World News”

• Ashanti – Her ‘small birthday dinner’ to celebrate turning 25 morphed into a huge party LAST WEEK, when 500 of her closets friends showed up to surprise her. Among those who crowded NYC nightclub Glo: Diddy, Naomi Campbell, Ja Rule and, of course, boyfriend Nelly.
• Christina Aguilera – She’s wedding Jordan Bratman at the end of the year but says she’d rather guests give cash to a disaster charity instead of bringing gifts.
• Joss Stone – She’s revealed her half-brother is a convicted robber who tried to knock off a post office while armed with … a hammer. He later walked out of a minimum security prison 2 months before he was due for early release. Then, while on the run, he stole 3 cars.
• Kylie Minogue – She’s reportedly set to try alternative treatment from holistic medicine guru Dr Nishi Joshi in London as part of her battle against breast cancer. Her weight is said to be down to just 84 lbs after 3 months of chemotherapy in Paris. Her reps are denying the stories, saying she’s in good spirits and ‘as healthy as can be expected’. What the heck does that mean?
• Martina McBride – She’ll perform at the “Country Cares” concert DECEMBER 8th in Auburn Hills MI to benefit Habitat for Humanity’s hurricane relief. Others on the bill include LeAnn Rimes and “American Idol” winner Carrie Underwood.
• Montgomery Gentry – They recently wrapped a video shoot on a black sand beach in Reykjavik, Iceland for the new single “She Don’t Tell Me To” which will be included on the album “Something to Be Proud Of – The Best of 1999-2005”, due in stores NOVEMBER 1st.
• Queens of the Stone Age – While on tour, frontman Josh Homme does elaborate drawings on hotel room walls but keeps his artwork hidden behind pictures, mirrors & furniture. He says rock bands used to be known for trashing hotel rooms … instead he leaves something behind.
• Rod Stewart – He plans to take a year off when his 6th child is born. Fiancée Penny Lancaster is due to give birth in DECEMBER.

The word ‘queue’ is the only word in the English language that is still pronounced the same way when the last 4 letters are removed.

Yeah the decade is only half over, but this list was compiled by a panel of ‘experts’ for “Men’s Health” magazine’s celebration of its 10th anniversary …
• Sportsman: retired cyclist Lance Armstrong.
• Scientist: geneticist Craig Venter.
• Visionary: iPod creator Jonathan Ive.
• Activist: “Live 8″ organizer Bob Geldof.
• Philosopher: ‘Homer Simpson’.
And whom would you add?

What’s your favorite appliance? Perhaps not surprisingly, a survey by TracFone Wireless finds 50% of respondents say they are most thankful for their cellphone. 14% are most grateful for their laptop computer. (What they don’t tell you, of course, is it was a telephone poll. If they’d called people on their toaster, things would’ve turned out much differently.)

• Donald Trump is set to make a guest appearance on the NBC-TV soap, “Days Of Our Lives”. The Donald will be playing himself in the cameo appearance as part of the show’s 40th anniversary. As part of the celebration, “Days of Our Lives” fans can win prizes for answering trivia questions about the show in its ‘Daily Rewards’ viewer-loyalty program.
• Movie actress Diane Keaton will receive the “Hollywood Film Festival’s” ‘Career Achievement Award’ at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Sam Mendes will be recognized as ‘Director of the Year’.

Countries that have cold winters are the world’s wealthiest. Why? A hard frost each year kills off disease-carrying bugs, thereby keeping humans healthier. And frost also helps crops by killing off micro-organisms that use up nutrients in the soil. (Another reason people in frigid climes are well off … for several months it’s too freakin’ cold to do anything other than go to work!)
– “The Week”

• “I’m not gonna lie and say it’s easy. It’s my job and I love my job, and I would never, ever sacrifice my career for whatever my personal circumstances may be.”
– “One Tree Hill” actress Sophia Bush, telling “NY Daily News” the show must go on, even though she’s in the middle of a divorce with co-star Chad Michael Murray.
• “I’m learning how to knit.”
– Immaculately pregnant Katie Holmes, telling “Access Hollywood” how seriously she’s taking pending motherhood.

Listening to music while you work out can improve your fitness by as much as 20%. Research by a sports psychologist shows why it works …
• It concentrates your attention on performance and away from fatigue.
• It raises your arousal levels, thereby acting as a stimulant.
• It increases your endurance through synchronization.
• It aids in your rhythmic movement.
(And let’s not forget … it makes the drudgery of all that boring repetition seem to go quicker.)
– “GQ Magazine”

Two-thirds of the world’s population and 99% of people in the continental US and in Europe never see a truly dark, starry sky. Why? ‘Light pollution’ – the glow from artificial lights in urban areas.
– “Astronomy Magazine”


1936 [69] Bill Wyman (Perks), Lewishman UK, retired rock bassist who left the Rolling Stones in 1992 and is now a restaurant owner/Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (1989)

1947 [58] Kevin Kline, St Louis MO, movie actor (Academy Award-“A Fish Called Wanda”)

1975 [30] Corey Dillon, Seattle WA, NFL RB (New England Patriots) who set NFL ‘Single-game Rushing Record’ of 278 yds in 2000 while with the Cincinnati Bengals (later broken by Baltimore Raven Jamal Lewis @ 295 yards)

1980 [25] Monica (Arnold), College Park GA, pop singer (“Angel of Mine”)

TODAY is “National Bologna Day”, a good day to fry up a slice to add to your peanut butter sandwich. Yummers!

TODAY is “United Nations Day”, honoring the 60th anniversary of the day in 1945 that the majority of the world’s countries adopted the charter that formed the UN.

Salem, Massachusetts, home of the infamous ‘witch scare’ 300 years ago, is again hosting its annual month-long “Haunted Happenings” through October 31st, touted as the ‘World’s Largest Halloween Celebration’. Scary events include broomstick-flying and gravestone-rubbing.
PHONER: 877.725.3662 (Destination Salem)

1992 [13] 1st Canadian team to win baseball’s World Series (Toronto Blue Jays defeat Atlanta Braves 4-3 in Game 6)

1836 [169] 1st ‘Friction Safety Match’ patented (Alonzo Dwight Phillips, Springfield MA)

1857 [148] World’s 1st ‘Football Club’ (soccer) founded (Sheffield Football Club, England)

1901 [104] 1st person to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel – and live – as 43-year-old Annie Edson Taylor of Bay City MI expects fame & fortune … but later dies in poverty

1939 [66] 1st ‘Nylon Stockings’ go on sale, developed by DuPont (ok, but who’s to blame for knee-highs?)

1921 [84] Lunenburg NS fishing schooner ‘Bluenose’ defeats US vessel ‘Elsie’ to win “International Schooner Championship” (the reason it’s on the Canadian dime)

[1 week today] Halloween
[Tues] Punk For-A-Day Day
[Tues] Cartoonists Against Crime Day
[Tues] International Greasy Foods Day
[Thurs] Cranky Co-Workers Day
[Fri] National Chocolate Day
[Fri] Plush Animal Lovers Day
[Fri] Frankenstein Friday

Disarmament Week / Celebrate Job Loss Week / Give Wildlife a Break Week / The Magic of Differences Week / Massage Therapy Awareness Week / Save Your Back Week / Pastoral Care Week / Prescription Errors Education & Awareness Week / Peace, Friendship & Goodwill Week


Q: The Houston Astros could finally win their first World Series after 43 years. What MLB team has waited the longest to win a series?
A: The Chicago Cubs, who last won the World Series in 1908, 97 years ago.
– “Wikipedia”

10. “Night of the Living Dead”
9. “Alien”
8. “Nightmare on Elm Street”
7. “Phantasm”
6. “Carrie”
5. “The Exorcist”
4. “Sixth Sense”
3. “The Others”
2. “Blair Witch Project”
1. “The Ring”
– “Pacific Daily News”

BS Q & A:
Q: You’re visiting the Bahamas and experience a ‘Banana Wind’. What is it?
A: Nope, not a case of the fruit farts … it’s a wind strong enough to blow bananas off trees, but not as dangerous as a hurricane.

• “Pet Calls” – Phone contestants attempt to get their pet to say the station call letters or ID. You might need to handicap talking birds or create their own division.
• “Relic Road Show” – Ask listeners to bring in specific items that relate to your format. First to show up claims the prize. For instance, listeners to a classic rock station might have to come up with a lava lamp, a mood ring, Boston concert tickets, tie-dyed jeans, etc.
• “Show Us Your Tats!” – The first listener to show up with a tattoo from a given category wins. Categories might include: flags, names, animals, hearts, etc. They gotta show ‘em to win!

How can you spot an extroverted accountant? He looks at YOUR shoes when he talks to you.

• Where do the dumbest drivers live?
• What’s the worst thing that ever happened when you were left in charge of someone’s house, pet or kids?

Today’s Question: Most guys say it takes between 1 and 6 months to do THIS.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Get over a break-up.

The greatest labor-saving device of today is … tomorrow.

Welcome to this week’s samplers that include Darren Wray @ Star 103.7 [WKED] Frankfort KY; Jim Nelly @ FM 106.9 [KMOK] Lewiston ID/Spokane WA; and William Hayes @ Eagle 94.1 [CIMG] Yorkton SK. Ask a friend in another market to sample “The Bull Sheet”. We’ll bonus you one FREE month for each and every new subscriber you refer!

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