October 1, 2010

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Friday, October 1, 2010        Edition: #4355
You Really Know Your Sheet!

Tonight 47-year-old filmmaker Quentin Tarantino (“Inglourious Basterds”) is inducted into NYC’s legendary Friars Club at the organization’s annual ‘roast’ at the New York Hilton, which sees honorees ridiculed in mocking tributes (his acting ability will no doubt get frequent mention) . . . The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) notes that the number of lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender characters on primetime TV is growing, with 58 regular LGBT roles on network & cable shows this season (“The Good Wife” is getting a gay brother; new teen show “Hellcats” has a lesbian cheerleader; and “True Blood” features numerous vampires who will suck the blood of either gender) . . . Seems all Hollywood types aren’t full of themselves: Actress Julianne Moore recently lined up at a K-Mart store so her daughter could meet Selena Gomez (mommy’s a bigger star, girl) . . . A source tells “Us Magazine” Oprah Winfrey has landed the first TV interview with Mel Gibson’s ex, Russian singer Oksana Grigorieva, beating out “60 Minutes” for the sought-after sit-down (Oprah likely had more money to offer than CBS) . . . And “Jersey Shore” star Snooki Polizzi is writing a book, tentatively titled “A Shore Thing”, to be published in January (we’re guessing her literary style is about as good as her hairstyle).

• “American Dad” (FOX/Global) – Hard to believe but Sunday is the animated series’ 7th season debut.
• “CSI: Miami” (CBS) – Sunday is the 9th season premiere of the David Caruso-led series.
• “Farm Aid 25: Growing Hope for America” (DirecTV) – Saturday the 25th edition at Miller Park in Milwaukee WI features founders Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, Neil Young, and Dave Matthews, plus guests Jason Mraz, Kenny Chesney, Norah Jones, Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, and others.
• “George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight” (CBC) – Tonight Gene Simmons (KISS).
• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/CityTV) – Tonight Usher (“Versus”).
• “Last Call With Carson Daly” (NBC) – Tonight Los Campesinos! (“Romance Is Boring”).
• “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/A Channel) – Tonight Anthony Jeselnik (“Shakespeare”).
• “Late Show With David Letterman” (CBS/Omni) – Tonight Drake (“Thank Me Later”).
• “Saturday Night Live” (NBC/Global) – Actor Bryan Cranston (“Breaking Bad”) hosts; Kanye West is the musical guest.
• “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” (NBC/A Channel) – Tonight Kenny Chesney (“Hemingway’s Whiskey”), whose single “The Boys of Fall” has just become the 20th #1 hit of his career.
• “The View” (ABC/CTV) – This morning Justin Timberlake (“The Social Network”).
• We Are Plastic Ono Band – Tonight & tomorrow Yoko Ono & Sean Lennon lead a pair of John Lennon tribute shows in Los Angeles, featuring guests like Perry Farrell, Iggy Pop and, on Saturday night, Lady Gaga.

• Gorillaz – Sunday they kick off a North American tour in Montréal that winds up November 3rd in Vancouver.
• Mariah Carey – The 40-year-old has been spotted rolling through LAX in a wheelchair after arriving back in the US from Singapore. A rep says she twisted her ankle during an onstage tumble and should have packed more sensible shoes … but she doesn’t have any.
• Taylor Swift – She says being famous isn’t nearly as difficult as most celebs make it out to be. In fact, while many complain about paparazzi, pressure, tabloids, constant travel, and lack of privacy, she doesn’t have a single negative thing to say about her celebrity lifestyle.
• Tim McGraw – Saturday he accepts the ‘True Ally Award’ at the “2010 Men Stopping Violence” annual awards dinner in Atlanta. It’s to recognize his fundraising efforts with wife Faith Hill on behalf of battered women’s shelters.
• Toby Keith – He says he’s written 40 or 50 songs in the last year, and they’re getting more and more happy.
• Zac Brown Band – “You Get What You Give” has debuted with the band’s highest sales week ever, making them #1 on both the ‘Billboard 200’ and “Billboard” ‘Country Albums’ charts.

• “Case 39” ( R-Rated Mystery Thriller ) – Renée Zellweger plays a social worker who removes a 10-year-old from her apparently abusive home. But while she shelters the girl and searches for a foster family, she begins to realize her new case is protected by dark, threatening forces. Shot back in 2006 and subjected to several release delays. Co-stars Jodelle Ferland.
NET: http://www.case39movie.com
• “Hatchet II” ( Unrated Indie Horror Comedy ) – After narrowly escaping death via deformed, axe-wielding, swamp-dwelling killer ‘Victor Crowley’, the resilient ‘Marybeth’ (Danielle Harris) returns to the Louisiana bayou in this sequel to exact her revenge and claim the bodies of those who died on her first visit. Co-stars Tony Todd.
NET: http://www.hatchet2.com
• “Let Me In” ( R-Rated Horror Thriller ) – Kodi Smit-McPhee plays an alienated and bullied 12-year-old who builds a tentative friendship with his mysterious new neighbor (Chloe Moretz), who turns out to be a vampire. A remake of the 2008 Swedish film “Let the Right One In”, based on a novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist.
NET: http://www.letmein-movie.com
• “The Social Network” ( PG-13 Drama ) – Aaron Sorkin (“The West Wing”, “A Few Good Men”) wrote the screenplay of this film about the founding of Facebook, starring Jesse Eisenberg (playing Mark Zuckerberg), Andrew Garfield (who is the new ‘Spider-Man’), Justin Timberlake, and Rooney Mara (soon to be “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”).
NET: http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/thesocialnetwork/

The cult horror film classic “Night Of the Living Dead” had its world premiere in Pittsburgh PA 42 years ago tonight (1968). 92-year-old Josephine Streiner is a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, and also the oldest living ghoul from the movie. She says appearing in several scenes as a short-haired ghoul, or ‘zombie’, walking in a nightgown with her arms outstretched was definitely one of the highlights of her life. Like many of the original zombies, she still gets requests for autographs. (Hard to sign with your arms outstretched.)
– “Wall Street Journal”

Time to light the first fire of the season in your fireplace? If so, try citrus peels instead of kindling. Although you’ll probably need a little supplemental help from another source, orange peels are perfect fire starters. The oil in the skin fuels the fire and they release less creosote than traditional paper. It will keep your chimney cleaner in the process and leave your home smelling like roasted oranges. Simply dry the peels on an uncovered cookie sheet on your counter. Then toss them in a brown paper bag with a silica packet to keep them fresh. (Don’t try this with banana peels … it’ll smell like a school lunchroom.)
– Re-nest.com

People aged 35-to-44 are unhappier than any other age group, according to a new survey by UK-based counseling firm Relate. Among the survey’s other findings …
• 40% of that age group have been cheated on by a partner.
• 33% think their relationships would improve if they could work fewer hours.
• 22% have suffered depression because of a bad relationship.
• 21% say they feel lonely a lot of the time.
• 20% wish they had a better relationship with their family.
• 5% say they have no friends at all.
(If you’re turning 45 today, it’s true cause for celebration!)
– Reuters.com

‘Liberation Shoes’ are making a comeback in China after becoming a fashion fave abroad. The green canvas shoes with soft rubber soles and toe-caps, formerly worn by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and ordinary people in China in the 1950s, have been updated for the 21st century. Matched with a sailor’s striped shirt and navy blue pants they create a stylish look that is full of nostalgia. The shoes, which used to be available in China for less than 10 yuan ($1.50), now sell for over $70 in America. (What next … green & red army shirts and ‘Mao’ caps?)
– “China Daily”

World War I officially ends this Sunday, 92 years after the fighting ceased. That’s when Germany pays off the last instalment of reparations imposed by the Allies. The final payment of $97 million writes off the crippling debt that was the price for WWI and laid the foundation for WWII. Germany was forced to pay the reparations at the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 as compensation to war-ravaged Belgium and France, and to reimburse the Allies for some of the cost of waging what was then the bloodiest conflict in history. (Thanks for sneaking out on the tab, Kaiser!)
– “Daily Telegraph”

• An individual coral animal is called a ‘polyp’.
• There are dolphins that live in the Amazon River that are the color pink.
• The ant can lift 50 times its own weight, can pull 30 times its own weight, and always falls over on its right side when intoxicated.
– GreatFacts.com


1924 [86] Jimmy Carter, Plains GA, 39th US President (1977-81)/Nobel Peace Prize (2002)

1928 [82] Jimmy Pattison, Saskatoon SK, Canadian billionaire (Chairman, President, CEO & sole owner of Jim Pattison Group, Canada’s 3rd-largest privately held company with 28 radio stations, 3 TV stations, plus Pattison Outdoor Advertising, Ripley Entertainment, Guinness World Records, Great Wolf Lodge, car dealerships, etc)/Order of Canada (1987)

1935 [75] [Dame] Julie Andrews (Wells), Walton-on-Thames UK, movie actress (“The Princess Diaries”, “The Sound of Music”)/Broadway actress (“Victor/Victoria”, “My Fair Lady”)

1950 [60] Randy Quaid, Houston TX, movie actor (“Brokeback Mountain”, “Independence Day”)/apparent ‘sleep & bolt’ squatter alongside wife Evi/actor Dennis Quaid’s brother

Fashion designer Donna Karan is 62; Musician Sting (Police) is 59; TV personality Kelly Ripa (“Live With Regis & Kelly”) is 40; Rock bassist Mike Rodden (Hinder) is 28.

Rock drummer Tommy Lee (Motley Crue) is 48; Rock singer Gwen Stefani (No Doubt) is 41; Pop singer Kevin Richardson (Backstreet Boys) is 39; Rock guitarist Mark King (Hinder) is 28; Pop singer Ashlee Simpson-Wentz (“Boyfriend”) is 26.

• “Custodial Workers Day”, honoring those who clean up after the rest of us. Nicer names for ‘Janitor’ include: ‘Caretaker’, ‘Cleanliness Resource Supervisor’, ‘Maintenance Coordinator’, and ‘Sanitation Engineer’.
NET: http://bit.ly/9Hwsf3
• “Diversity Day”, the 5th annual celebrating who we are, no matter what race, religion, gender, age, nationality, or disability. The official motto is, ‘Embrace diversity, embrace our world’.
NET: http://www.nationaldiversityday.com
• “Homemade Cookie Day”. Nummers! What’s the absolute best kind? Chocolate chip? Oatmeal & raisin? Peanut butter? Shortbread? Dirt balls?
NET: http://www.mahalo.com/national-homemade-cookies-day
• “International Day of Older Persons”, an annual observance begun by the UN.
NET: http://www.un.org/Depts/dhl/olderpersons
• “October”, which actually means ‘8th month’ but has been the 10th month ever since New Year’s Day was moved from March to January. At other times in history October has been called Germanicus, Herculeus, and Faustinus. So, happy First of Faustinus!
• “Techies Day”, the 11th annual observance to heighten the profile of IT careers and show appreciation for technology professionals. (Hurray, it’s “Geek Day”!)
• “World Smile Day”, observed annually on the 1st Friday in October, when we’re encouraged to do an act of kindness; help one person smile.
NET: http://www.worldsmileday.com
• “World Vegetarian Day”, the 33rd annual designed to create awareness of the ethical, environmental, health, and humanitarian benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle. Enjoy your bark and leaves, veggie folks! (When’s ‘World Carnivore Day’ anyway?)
NET: http://www.worldvegetarianday.org

• “Fallen Firefighters Weekend”, honoring smoke-eaters who’ve given their lives while attempting rescue.
NET: http://www.firehero.org
• “International Day of Non-Violence”, a UN observance on the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi that promotes non-violence through education and public awareness.
• “Name Your Car Day”. Polls show that about 15% of people have a pet name for their vehicle. What’s the best-named car model? Diablo? Lamborghini? Cayenne? Hummer?
• “World Farm Animal Day”, as declared by the ‘Farm Animal Reform Movement’ to memorialize the ‘needless suffering and death’ of billions of innocent farm animals each year. (Poor lambie!)

• “Alternative Fuels Day”, when we’re encouraged to consider options to traditional gas-guzzlers. As well as hybrids, electric cars, and vehicles that run on recycled cooking oil, there are experimental cars being developed that run on water and even … air.
• “German Unification Day”, celebrating the 1990 reuniting of East & West Germany to once again become a single country. It was one of the benchmarks of the end of the ‘Cold War’.

1961 [49] CTV television network signs on (back when Lloyd Robertson was only 72)

2003 [07] Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh resigns as an ESPN sports commentator amid controversy over his statement that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb (now with Washington) received credit he didn’t deserve because of his race

1962 [48] Brian Epstein signs a contract to manage The Beatles through 1977 (neither he nor the group lasts that long)

1971 [39] ‘Walt Disney World’ opens in Orlando FL (a Mickey Mouse excuse for a celebration)

[Mon] Ten-Four Day
[Mon] Child Health Day
[Mon] Improve Your Office Day
[Mon] World Habitat Day
[Tues] World Teachers Day
This Week Is … No Salt Week
This Month Is … Workplace Politics Month


A challenging little guessing game to salute the opening of “The Social Network” …
• “Prom Dress Nightmare” [Facebook Group]
• “My Mother Was Never a Kid” [Afterschool Special 1981]
• “My Dad Lives in a Downtown Hotel” [Afterschool Special 1973]
• “I Have a Crush On a Teacher” [Facebook Group]
• “Mary Was An Unmarried Teenage Mother, Too” [Facebook Group]
• “Have You Ever Been Ashamed of Your Parents?” [Afterschool Special 1983]
• “The Day My Kid Went Punk” [Afterschool Special 1987]
• “It Must Be Love (‘Cause I Feel So Dumb!)” [Afterschool Special 1975]
• “I Can’t Believe I Have Braces in College” [Facebook Group]
• “I Cheated at ‘Book It!’ to Get Free Pizza” [Facebook Group]
– Thanks to Jason English

What footwear is an immediate turn-off on a guy? And on a female?

Food is an important part of a balanced diet.

Today’s Question: According to one study, people who regularly do THIS are half as likely to catch a cold or the flu.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Drink wine. (“Wine Spectator Magazine”).

If you can’t learn to do it well, learn to enjoy doing it badly.

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