April 26 2018

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Thursday, April 26, 2018 Edition: #6206

Here’s More Bull Roar!


“The Bull Sheet” is headed off for a late spring break and will not be publishing Monday April 30 through Monday May 7. All subscribers will receive credit for missed service days. The Bull Sheet will resume publication on Tuesday, May 8.

★ The man being hailed as a hero for bringing an end to the deadly shooting at a Tennessee Waffle House is being rewarded for his actions by some big celebrities…and raking in thousands of dollars in the process. After the coverage James Shaw Jr. received for wrestling an AR-15 away from shooter Travis Reinking, a reporter created a GoFundMe for the hero, and in less than 18 hours, the fund racked up over $90,000 of its $100,000 goal. Among the donations, Busy Philipps gave $1,000, and Kristin Davis and Jon Cryer both donated $500.
★ Comic book legend Stan Lee is being sued by a massage therapist who accuses the 95-year-old of acting in an inappropriate manner during a massage. In the suit, Maria Carballo says she was summoned to Lee’s suite at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Chicago last year to perform massage therapy on Lee. Alleging assault, battery and other counts, the suit is seeking a judgment “in excess of $50,000, plus an award of punitive damages, and attorneys’ fees”, and other costs.
★ Bindi Irwin may be comfortable in the company of snakes, spiders and crocodiles, but the 19-year-old does have some phobias. The daughter of the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin says that she does have a “teeny tiny fear of bees – just a little bit.” She says that bees seem to seek her out and she probably gets stung weekly. But, she says she has an even greater fear of…elevator doors. Bindi says, “Give me a crocodile any day.”
★ The pro-marijuana crowd took a hit Monday night when counterculture icons Cheech and Chong announced on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” that they’d no longer be doing “stoner comedy.” Apparently, it is the widespread acceptance of weed took the edge off that sort of humor for them. Instead, Chong announced that these days, they are involved with something that is as controversial now as weed was way back when. He said: “Now we’re into unpasteurized dairy products.” Oh, and importing exotic lizards too.
★ Lindsay Lohan‘s mom has lost the actress’ childhood home to foreclosure, following a years-long legal battle. Dina Lohan failed to respond to a foreclosure lawsuit and a judge ordered the home to be sold off at public auction within 90 days. As of last December, Dina owed almost $1.5  million on the home. She has battled to save the home for years, with Lindsay even stepping in at one point and giving her $40,000 to prevent it from being lost.

• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/Global): Don Cheadle, Benedict Cumberbatch, Elizabeth Olsen, Winston Duke, Morgan Wallen featuring Florida Georgia Line
• “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/CTV): Kevin Bacon, Alexis Bledel, the Bacon Brothers
• “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” (CBS/Global): Rachel Weisz, Ann Dowd, H. Jon Benjamin
• “Late Night with Seth Meyers” (NBC/CTV): Brian Koppelman, David Levien, Sarah Tomek
• “The Late Late Show with James Corden” (CBS/CTV): Claire Foy, Method Man, Michael Palascak
• “Conan” (TBS/Comedy): Chris Pratt, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Mackie
• “Watch What Happens Live” (Bravo): Cameran Eubanks, Inbar Lav
• “The View” (ABC/CTV): Dr. Phil McGraw
• “The Talk” (CBS): Sebastian Stan, Nicollette Sheridan, Tanika Ray
• “Live with Kelly and Ryan” (ABC/CTV): Priyanka Chopra, Hailey Baldwin, Barbara Hannah Grufferman
• “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (NBC/CTV): Chris Hemsworth, Kelly Clarkson
• “Quantico” (ABC): Season 3 premiere.
• “NFL Draft” (FOX): Round 1 from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.
• “NBA Playoffs” (CHECK LOCAL LISTINGS): Boston vs. Milwaukee

• Schoolhouse Rock – Bob Dorough, whose songs helped teach children on ABC’s “Schoolhouse Rock”, has died. The 94-year-old died of natural causes on Monday at his home in Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania. His biography says the jazz musician “set the multiplication tables to music” as musical director for the educational cartoon series between 1973 and 1985. It was revived from 1993 to 1999.
• Sam Smith – wants to become a florist. Smith says he wants to open his own coffee shop in London, which has a flower shop in the back room, where he’d be able to work when he is on a break from music, because flowers make him ”happy”.
• Meek Mill – has been released after serving five months in prison for violating probation on a 2008 gun and drug case. His case had been referred to The Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which ordered Mill’s release on bail.
• Christina Aguilera – she belted out hits on James Corden’s latest ‘Carpool Karaoke’. She also taught Corden and Melissa McCarthy how to get that “trapped in your throat” growl that she does in songs like ‘Fighter’. (Or at least she TRIED to teach them…)
• Ozzy Osbourne – Madame Tussauds Nashville has launched a limited timed Ozzy Osbourne attraction featuring his wax figure restyled by his daughter Kelly. Ozzy is quoted as saying: “It’s incredible, like looking in a mirror. My tattoos look so real. I look great!” (Hide the wax bats!)
• Prince – an album of previously unreleased material will be released September 28. There is also talk of a Prince musical in the future (as if there was any doubt…).
• Neil Young – will reunite with Crazy Horse for the first time in four years for two unrehearsed shows May 1 and 2. Young also appeared alongside former colleague Stephen Stills at a benefit event over the weekend.
• Carrie Underwood – her three year-old, Isaiah, attends many of his dad Mike Fisher’s Nashville Predators games, but he might follow in Mom’s footsteps. She says he is already showing singing talent. She does admit, though, that “When I try to get him to sing, he won’t do it.”
• Lucinda Williams – She, Drive-By Truckers, Margot Price, Shooter Jennings, Old 97’s and more are set for the 2019 Outlaw Country Cruise. In total, 35 acts will be performing at fourth-annual event aboard Norwegian Pearl, which will depart January 27th and return to port February 1st.

Now that Netflix has taken over the home video market, they want to do the same thing to the theater business. In fact, they recently put in an offer, but weren’t able to come to terms on buying the Landmark chain of theaters. While it might sound ambitious that a company that got its start sending out DVDs by mail now wants to sell popcorn and movie tickets, the idea actually makes a lot of sense. Last year, Netflix spent over $8 billion producing its own movies and TV shows – and that content can only be watched on Netflix. But if they had their own theaters, their stuff could be featured there, and become eligible for major awards like the Oscars. Awards not only equal money, but they also attract top talent for future projects. And that equals even more money. You know what else makes money? Selling snacks and alcohol to people who go to the theater. And if they had theaters, Netflix could also offer special deals to subscribers, which would encourage even more people to sign up for home streaming. Plus, they could make their major releases available for home streaming and at the theater on the same day.
(Great. Coming soon to a theater near you: Buffering.)
(Uh-oh. ‘Netflix and chill’ just got really weird.)
(And will I be able to binge-watch at the theater?)

Sorry, but your cat might not be purring because it is happy to see you. Although a purring cat can make anyone feel good about how loveable they are, happiness isn’t the only thing that makes cats purr. Yes, your cat might purr when she feels relaxed or friendly, but cats also purr when they’re hungry, stressed, or in pain. Just like people laughing, there are many different reasons. Mother cats purr to lead their kittens—which are blind and deaf when they’re born—to them for food and warmth. The babies purr in return to show they are OK and to bond with mama. Cats purr to sooth themselves. And to heal pain. Studies show that the vibrations caused by purring at a frequency of near up to 150Hz can release feel-good endorphins and stimulate bone healing. Oh, and when the frequency shoots up as high as 520Hz? That is almost as shrill as a baby’s cry…and it means the same thing. Feed me. Now.
(Purring is like Aloha…it can mean anything!)
(It is impossible to hear a cat purr and still feel tense…unless its hungry!)

➢ 11 &12: Why not ‘oneteen’ and ‘twoteen’? Eleven comes from the German term ‘ainlif’, which translates to “one left,” after you count out ten of something. Twelve follows the same rule. It comes from ‘twalif’—“two left.”
➢ 2,000 Calories: the FDA based this suggestion on science. The average person requires about 2,350 calories a day. But that average could encourage some to overeat. Most women need fewer calories than men do, so 2,000 is a nice, conservative round number. (I have half that after dinner!)
➢ 9-1-1: This was selected for emergency calls in 1967 because it was available and very easy to remember and could be quickly dialed on rotary phones.
➢ 5280 feet in a mile: In 1592, British Parliament decided to standardize the length of the mile. They based it off of a unit called the furlong, which was used to measure the length of a plowed furrow in a field. A furlong measured 660 feet, and it was decided that eight of them–5280 feet total–would officially be a mile.
➢ 26.2 miles in a marathon: The modern marathon was born as a flagship event in the first Olympic Games, in 1896, at approximately 25 miles, the distance from Marathon to Athens. Race organizers for the 1908 Olympic Games in London wanted the race to begin at Windsor Castle and end at White City Stadium, plus a jaunt around the track toward the royal viewing box. That distance was 26.22 miles
➢ 9 innings in baseball: In the 1840s, games lasted until any team scored 21 runs. That was no longer possible as pitching improved, so organizers decided on one inning per player on the field.
➢ 4-digit PINs: ATMs were created in 1967 by a Scottish man named John Shepherd-Barron. He planned to go with a 6-digit code, the same as the one given to him in the army. But his wife suggested four digits, saying that six numbers was too many. (Not the first time a guy’s plans for his bank account have been overruled by a woman!)


1933 [85] Carol Burnett, San Antonio, TX, TV Show Host (“The Carol Burnett Show” 1967-1978)

1958 [60] Giancarlo Esposito, Copenhagen, Denmark, movie actor (“The Jungle Book”, “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials”)/TV actor (“Revolution” 2012–2014, “Breaking Bad” 2009-11)

1963 [55] Jet Li, Beijing, China, movie actor (“The Expendables” movies, “Cradle 2 The Grave”)

1964 [54] Jimmy Stafford, Morris IL, pop guitarist (Train-‘Hey, Soul Sister’, ‘Drops of Jupiter’)

1965 [53] Kevin James, Stony Brook NY, movie actor (“Grown Ups”, “Paul Blart: Mall Cop”)/TV sitcom actor (“The King of Queens” 1998-2007, “Kevin Can Wait” since 2016)

1970 [48] Melania Trump, Sevnica, Slovenia, former model, First Lady of the United States

1971 [47] Jay DeMarcus, Columbus OH, country musician (Rascal Flatts-‘I Like the Sound of That’, ‘Bless the Broken Road’)

1980 [38] Channing Tatum, Cullman AL, movie actor (“Magic Mike” movies, “Jump Street” films)

1980 [38] Jordana Brewster, Panama City, Panama, movie actress (“Fast & Furious” films)/TV actress (“Secrets & Lies” 2015-16)

• “Audubon Day”, saluting John James Audubon, born on this day in 1785. He is best known for his wonderful bird portraits. What is often forgotten is that he painted them using stuffed models, captured in the wild.

• “Kids & Pets Day”, a celebration of the magical connection between children and animals.

• “Pretzel Day”, honoring the world’s oldest snack food. They were made as early as 610 AD by monks in France & Italy using dough scraps formed to represent a child’s arms folded in prayer.

• “Richter Scale Day”, celebrates the birth of the inventor of the Richter Scale, Charles F. Richter, in 1900. He invented the Richter Scale in 1935. It calculates the amount of energy released by an earthquake by measuring its magnitude or seismic waves. The Richter Scale measures from 0 to 9. (9 being a moody teenager stomping to their bedroom)

• “Hug an Australian Day”, to show our appreciation for all the friendliness and support Aussies have given us over the years.

• “World Intellectual Property Day”, established by WIPO in 2000 to celebrate content creators, and to raise awareness of how patents, copyright, and trademarks impact our daily lives.

• “Get Organized Day”, Do you find yourself lost in an absolute sea of clutter? Is your filing cabinet more of a three story garbage can? Does your desk require an archaeological team to find? Then Get Organized Day may wind up being your salvation. (We may need a month…)

[Fri] Babe Ruth Day
[Fri] Morse Code Day
[Sat] Blueberry Pie Day
[Sat] Superhero Day

1992 [26] The final episodes of “Growing Pains” and “Who’s the Boss” air.

2011 [07] TV news anchor Katie Couric announces she will no longer host the “CBS Evening News” (her tenure has been a ratings struggle since 2006)

1986 [32] Van Halen proves there is life after David Lee Roth as their album “5150″, the first with singer Sammy Hagar, hits #1 in the US

2013 [05] Country music icon George Jones (‘He Stopped Loving Her Today’) dies at age 81

1921 [97] First radio ‘Weather Reports’ are aired on WEW, St Louis, Missouri (and next week, we’ll find out if their long-range forecast was correct…)

1941 [77] Chicago Cubs use 1st organ in a baseball park (duh duh duh duh da duh … charge!)

1986 [32] ‘Worst Nuclear Power Plant Accident in History’ as an explosion and fire at Ukraine’s Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant releases radioactive contamination into the atmosphere (the only ‘level 7′ event recorded until the 2011 Fukushima I nuclear incident in Japan)


✓ In 2015, a man sued Red Bull stating that after 10 years of consuming the product, he received no wings, and no enhanced physical nor intellectual performance.
✓ “Stranger Things” was rejected more than 15 times by different networks before Netflix picked it up.
✓ Tylenol can numb not only physical pain, but emotional pain as well.
✓ Pineapple is a natural painkiller.
✓ At Costco, there is no limit on food samples.
✓ Everyone born in the 1990s has lived in 2 different centuries and 3 decades, but they aren’t even 30 years old yet.

Yesterday was Golf Day! And because we spent the day on the links, we didn’t get to this until now:
• Why is it called a sand trap? The sand wants to be there. It should be called a ball trap.
• Highest score doesn’t win…Highest score doesn’t win…Highest score doesn’t win…
• I can’t believe people actually showed up to watch this.
• If I throw this club, my game will get better.
• I wonder if Jeremy Irons and Minnie Driver play…
• Why can’t I dress this way in everyday life?
• Why is this guy carrying my clubs and following me everywhere?
• Screw you, windmill!
• I’m not going in there to find my ball, there could be a tiger in the woods.
• Why is “fore” not spelled F-O-U-R?
• Is this guy ever going to stop playing and go President?

What’s the weirdest item you’ve been marketed via spam or website ad?

I Googled “how to start a wildfire” and I got 50,000 matches.

Question: According to kids, this is one thing that dad is better at than mom. What?
Answer: Teaching them how to drive.

People lose their way when they lose their why.

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