April 24 2023

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Monday, April 24, 2023 — Edition: #7459

Deja Moo!


★ Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge tied the knot in France on Saturday. The 24-year-old model and 30-year-old British music exec said “I do” at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibe in front of family and friends, including Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton. The bride wore a custom Chanel wedding dress that featured an embellished train with white and iridescent beads. It also had her “something blue” sewn into it —an “S&E” with the date underneath. Her father, singer Lionel Richie, walked her down the aisle.
★ Shannen Doherty has filed for divorce from Kurt Iswarienko after 11 years of marriage. Her rep, Leslie Sloane, confirmed the news in a statement, sharing: “Divorce is the last thing Shannen wanted. Unfortunately, she felt she was left with no other option. You can contact Kurt’s agent, Collier Grimm…as she is intimately involved.” (Not hard to read between the lines, there!)
-ETCanada, TMZ
★ Gayle King and Charles Barkley are teaming up to host a new CNN prime show named after themselves. “King Charles” will air on Wednesdays starting this fall and will continue through 2024. King said in the announcement: “To me, live TV is like working without a net. So, whatever happens, happens.” Barkley added, “I want it to be nonpolitical… but we don’t want to say we’re a Liberal, Conservative, Republican, Democrat; that’s one of the things that’s already ruined television in general.” LINK: https://tinyurl.com/y86euucy
★ “Young & the Restless” star Eric Braeden has revealed that he was recently diagnosed with cancer, but he has been able to continue working on the soap on which he’s starred since 1980. Braeden posted a video on Facebook, saying the diagnosis came after problems with his bladder worsened during recovery from a recent knee-replacement surgery. Braedon said he had surgery, and biopsy results later revealed some high-grade cancer cells, and he is currently undergoing immunotherapy. Quote: “So if you’ve seen me a little under the weather, yeah, I have been, but I will lick this.”
★ “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” has broken yet another box office record for animation with an estimated $58 million in its third weekend. Not only that, but Mario scored the 7th best third weekend for any film. And when the final total is in, the movie’s estimated $58 million weekend take could rise to $60 mil. Universal says “Super Mario Bros.” will pass the $850 million mark worldwide by today, putting it in position in this week to pass the $939 million global total of “Minions: The Rise of Gru”, and become the highest grossing animated film of the post-shutdown era.
★ Australian comedian Barry Humphries, best known for his drag character ‘Dame Edna’, has died at 89. Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese paid tribute, calling him “a great wit, satirist, writer and an absolute one-of-kind.” Born in Melbourne, Humphries created the character of housewife Edna Everage in 1955. Dame Edna became a huge hit in the 1970s when Humphries brought the act to London’s West End and appeared in a host of productions, TV shows, and chat shows. Humphries had been readmitted to hospital last week for complications following hip surgery last month.

• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/Global): James Corden, Richard Madden, They Might Be Giants
• “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/CTV): Kate Beckinsale, Rainn Wilson, Romeo Santos
• “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” (CBS/Global): Mary J. Blige, Alison Roman (R)
• “Late Night with Seth Meyers” (NBC/CTV): Laura Dern, Miranda Lambert, Anup Sastry
• “James Corden” (CBS/CTV): Gal Gadot, Ray Romano
• “Watch What Happens Live” (Bravo): Capt. Glenn Shephard, Gary King
• “The View” (ABC/CTV): Chita Rivera
• “The Daily Show” (COM): Guest host Desi Lydic
• “The Talk” (CBS): Kenya Moore, Shereé Whitfield
• “Live with Kelly and Mark” (ABC/CTV): Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Ato Essandoh
• “The Kelly Clarkson Show” (Check local listings): Jimmie Allen, The BoykinZ
• “The Drew Barrymore Show” (Check local listings): Michelle Obama
• “Jennifer Hudson Show” (Check local listings): Seal
• “NHL Playoffs” (Check local listings): New Jersey @ New York, Toronto @ Tampa Bay, Vegas @ Winnipeg, Colorado @ Seattle
• “American Idol” (ABC): Top 12 reveal
• “The Voice” (NBC): Knockouts Part 2. Reba McEntire serves as mega mentor.
• “Rain Dogs” (HBO): Season 1 finale

• The Weekend — initially didn’t think he had the “right look” to make it. He told an interviewer that when he started releasing music on YouTube in 2010, he concealed his appearance because he didn’t think he was “marketable…especially for R&B”. He feels that eventually became a “gimmick” until it became impossible to sustain. Friday, he released ‘Double Fantasy’ featuring Future. LINK: https://tinyurl.com/bdyz3ke3
• Bad Bunny — Bad Bunny apologized to Harry Styles during his headlining set at Coachella’s second weekend. Bunny appeared to throw shade at Styles during set the previous weekend when a video screen displayed a negative tweet about Styles. The big-screen apology this past Friday read: “Sorry Harry. It was a mistake from my team. We love you.”
• John Mellencamp – Has announced the June 2 release of his new album “Orpheus Descending”. Friday he dropped the song ‘Hey God’, a bit of social commentary regarding the gun debate. LINK: https://tinyurl.com/suuvne53
• Eddie Van Halen – The iconic red, white and black-striped guitar he used in Van Halen’s ‘Hot For Teacher’ has been sold for just under $4 million. Sotheby’s, says an unnamed bidder bought the instrument for $3,932,000 last week. It was expected to go for $2-$3 million.
• Alanis Morissette – If you enjoyed her performance of ‘You Oughta Know’ at the CMT awards, you’ll be interested in this. Spotify has teamed up with her, plus Lainey Wilson, Ingrid Andress, Morgan Wade and Madeline Edwards — who all performed the hit with Morissette at the awards show — for a new studio recording of the track, which is available now. LINK: https://tinyurl.com/5eecufan
• Jimmie Allen – He and wife Alexis Gale took to social media on Friday to announce their split – and that they’re pregnant. They share 2 daughters, 3-year-old Naomi and 1-year-old Zara. The couple were married in May 2021. LINK: https://tinyurl.com/ucz9jhah
• Maren Morris – is in studio working on her next record with a very high-profile producer. On TikTok, she shared a video montage of her recording process, featuring appearances from legendary pop producer Jack Antonoff, known for songwriting and producing A-Listers like Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, the 1975, Carly Rae Jepsen, St. Vincent and Tegan and Sara. LINK: https://tinyurl.com/5n6bbdf5
• Sam Hunt – He and wife Hannah Lee Fowler are expecting their second child. He announced the news on stage during a concert in Las Vegas at Resorts World Theatre, adding that his wife and their 10-month-old daughter, Lucy Louise, were joining him in Sin City for 2 weekend shows.


Are you having a hard time making a big decision? Maybe you’re trying to negotiate your way through a sticky business problem, maybe you can’t make up your mind about what to do about a situation at home, or are caught between two choices in a personal or relationship matter. Well, don’t worry – I got you. There’s a simple, 7-word question you can ask yourself, which is grounded in neuroscience, that can guide you through indecision, help overcome ‘analysis paralysis’, and lead you to make better, bolder choices. Simply ask yourself: “What is the worst that could happen?” It’s a long explanation on why this works, but in short, when you’re faced with indecision, ask yourself that question. Then, look for any indications that it’s not your fear of the outcome that stops you from acting, but instead, your fear of how you might FEEL, if that worst-case scenario comes to fruition. If you “inoculate” yourself against that anticipated emotion, you might just be able to make the decision.
(My problem? Whenever I ask “What is the worst that could happen?”, the gods of “Just try me” always manage to come up with something far worse than I could have ever imagined!)
(Judging by what [***afternoon guy***] wore to work  today, he definitely hasn’t been asking the right question!)

⇒ If you’re feeling stressed out – Hang in there – it gets better as you get older. While perhaps the 20s should be the best years of your life, according to a new study, it’s actually the most stressful decade of many people’s lives. But the National Study of Daily Experiences found in a 20-year study that over time, adults experienced an 11% reduction in the occurrence of “stressor days”, and young adults – participants under the age of 30 – experienced a much steeper reduction of 47% in their levels of stress reactivity over time. The researchers say their study shows that not only does life get less stressful as we advance through adulthood, for most people, it becomes easier to handle stressful events.
⇒ Financial instability can definitely have a negative effect on relationships. But a financial upswing can also pose challenges in marriages and long-term partnerships. Coming into a life-changing amount of money, from a lottery win, inheritance, or scoring a dream job can make couples frazzled by all the doors that extra cash will open up. Susan Bradley, a certified financial planner and the founder of Sudden Money Institute, says once the basics are covered, the choice to spend money is less about practicality and more about priorities, and those priorities don’t always match up.  At the Sudden Money Institute, Bradley ferries clients through this situation all the time, and says many of them “believe rich people are no good, and now I’m one of them.” Bradley says decisions like buying a fancy house, or sending the kids to a private school can cause stress – and it takes most couple about 5-6 years to make the proper transition…if they’re still together by then. (…and if they still have the money by then!)
-HuffPost, CNBC

➢ A UK WW2 veteran with no surviving relatives celebrated his 105th birthday with over 3,000 cards from kind-hearted strangers after a charity appeal. Ernest Horsfall, who has seen 27 Prime Ministers and 5 British monarchs in his lifetime, said he was surprised and amazed at how many people wrote to him. He was showered with cards from well-wishers after the Royal British Legion called for the ex-servicemen to be honored for his landmark birthday. After opening all his cards, he said he was looking forward to spending time with his girlfriend, 63-year-old Margaret, who flew in from Iceland to be with him on his special day. (If he can just find a way to keep his wife busy…!)
➢ Don’t you love to hear about a good person catching a huge break? Geraldine Gimblet of Lakeland, Florida, spent her life savings to pay for her daughter’s breast cancer treatment. It was a sacrifice well worth it: Earlier this year, her daughter successfully completed her treatment. Then, just days later, Gimblet’s good karma came through when her $10 lottery ticket netted her a prize of $2 million. Gimblet’s daughter, who did not share her name, said it was “meant to be” for her mom: “The day before my mom bought this ticket, I rang the bell and walked out of the hospital after completing my last treatment for breast cancer. My mom had taken out her life savings to take care of me when I was sick. I’m just so happy for her!” (When it comes to “good Samaritan” stories, that’s IT – Mic. Dropped.)
-Talker, CNN

Some parents, concerned about the levels of physicality their children may be exposed to in sports, instead encourage their kids to take up participation in the arts. That may or may not go as planned. Here are some common occupational hazards experienced by those who play musical instruments…
☞ Clarinetists: Can develop thumb problems from the weight of the instrument.
☞ Violinists: back problems, “fiddler’s neck” from friction of the instrument on the skin.
☞ Cymbalists: “Cymbalist’s shoulder”
☞ Flutists: “Flutist’s forearm”
☞ Guitarists: “Guitarist’s nipple”
☞ Bagpipers: They may have it the worst. Bagpipers can develop a spastic, “hourglass stomach”, which makes frequent rumbling noises. And bagpipe skins are cured with glycerine and honey, which can encourage the growth of molds and bacteria that can cause lung infections (We can only hope…)

The top songs people are listening to while spring cleaning, according to a OnePoll survey:
1. ‘Good Feeling’ — Flo Rida (21%)
2. ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ — Bon Jovi (17%)
3. ‘Roar’ — Katy Perry (16%)
(What would you add to the list [as if anyone is able to do any kind of serious home cleanup without playing ‘Don’t Stop Believin’’ at least once…)

The explosion of SpaceX’s Starship rocket on Thursday might have seemed like a disaster — not the kind of result that should have prompted celebration from the SpaceX founder Elon Musk and his employees, who cheered what they considered a major “success”. But SpaceX wasn’t necessarily expecting the rocket — the most powerful and one of the most complex to ever fly — to emerge unscathed. Maybe that’s why many were amused when the company described the explosion on Twitter as a “a rapid unscheduled disassembly” — a cosmic-level euphemism if there ever was one.


• “Pigs in a Blanket Day”, celebrating the breakfast taste-treat of sausage wrapped in biscuit dough or croissant dough (or even pancakes), and then baked. Other names include: franks in a blanket, franks in blanks, and wiener winks.
• “New Kids on The Block Day”, yup, the singing group. Some refer to NKOTB as the original boy band that set an example for its successors. (And by example, I mean dance moves!)
• “World Meningitis Day”, for people to raise their voices against meningitis, through telling patient stories, raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of the disease, and increasing knowledge of available vaccines. Over 1 million people are affected each year.
• “World Day for Laboratory Animals”, although advanced methods are steadily replacing animal research, outdated laws require animal tests before a product can be put on the market. Every year millions of animals suffer and die in experiments.
• “Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day”, a public holiday in Armenia that is honored by Armenians around the world to mourn and remember the genocide that happened.

[Tues] Plumbers Day
[Tues] Red Hat Society Day
[Wed] Guide Dog Day
[Wed] Pretzel Day
This Week Is…National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week
This Month Is…Lawn and Garden Month

1934 [89] Shirley MacLaine (Beaty), Richmond VA, movie actress (“Terms of Endearment”, “Steel Magnolias”)/noted mystic/sister of Warren Beatty

1942 [81] Barbra Streisand, Brooklyn NY, EGOT-winning movie actress (1969 Oscar-“Funny Girl”)/film director (“The Prince of Tides”)/pop singer (‘The Way We Were’, ‘Woman in Love’)

1952 [71] Jean-Paul Gaultier, Arcueil France, haute couture fashion designer (Jean Paul Gaultier, Hermès)

1964 [59] Cedric the Entertainer (Cedric Antonio Kyles), Jefferson City MO, movie actor (“Barbershop”, “A Series of Unfortunate Events”)/comedian/TV host (“The Greatest #AtHome Videos” since 2020, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” 2013-14)

1973 [50] Brian Marshall, Fort Walton Beach FL, rock bassist (Creed-‘With Arms Wide Open’; Alter Bridge-‘Open Your Eyes’)

1982 [41] Kelly Clarkson, Fort Worth TX, pop singer (‘Stronger’, ‘Since U Been Gone’)/original “American Idol” winner, 2002/TV personality (“The Kelly Clarkson Show”, since 2019), “The Voice” judge 2018-19)

1992 [31] Joe Keery, Newburyport MA, TV actor (“Steve” on “Stranger Things” since 2016)/movie actor (“Free Guy”) COMING UP… “Fargo” TV series

1992 [31] Jack Quaid, Los Angeles CA, movie actor (“The Hunger Games”)/TV actor (“Vinyl”)/son of Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan

1986 [37] The film “Crocodile Dundee” starring Paul Hogan and Linda Kozlowski premieres.

1992 [31] David Bowie weds supermodel Iman in Switzerland

2006 [17] Billy Joel becomes the first non-athlete to earn a banner at Madison Square Garden when he sells out the venue for the 12th time. His #12 hangs alongside retired greats such as Willis Reed, Walt Frazier and Mark Messier

2007 [16] US president George W Bush is denied a luxury suite at the Imperial Hotel in Vienna, Austria when Mick Jagger, in town with a Rolling Stones tour, books it first

2005 [18] ‘Snuppy’, the world’s first cloned dog, is born in South Korea (and is soon leaving his own genetic information all over the place)


✓ In a typical year, 14,030 “answers are questioned” on “Jeopardy”.
✓ The most-frequently landed-on squares in Monopoly: Illinois Ave., Go and New York Avenue.
✓ The hottest peppers on Earth are Carolina Reapers. The sweetest: Red Bells.
✓ The average kid eats 15 pounds (6.8kg) of cereal per year.
✓ When he needed inspiration, Beethoven poured water on himself.
✓ James Bond, the spy, is named after James Bond, the real-life ornithologist (bird expert).

Best of BS . . .

• The trainer said I have athlete’s foot, but really, aren’t they both athlete’s feet?
• Instead of calling me a ‘jock’, why don’t they call me an athletic supporter?
• If I’m playing shortstop, and my zipper’s undone, does the infield fly rule apply?
• Seriously, what the heck is a balk?
• Does this face paint match my eyes?
• Is it even possible to give 110%?
• If I wasn’t so good at football, would my parents have paid a half million dollars to get me into this college?
• Well, I guess Gisele just isn’t coming back…
• What if I ask someone to pull a different finger? Maybe THAT’LL fool them…
• Squirrel!
-Twitter, first published in BS in 2019

➠ Kraft may change its Macaroni & Cheese recipe. (Or, they could leave the recipe alone and just put the word “Cheese” in quotes…)
➠ Earth Day was celebrated on Saturday. (“And once again, we get no respect,” said Wind and Fire.)
➠ Fact of the Day: 80% of people remain quiet even when they really want to say something in order to avoid an argument with someone they care about. (The other 20% are married to someone in my wife’s family!)
➠ According to a study, chemicals found in human sweat can spread happiness to those nearby. (Which explains why people are so eager to get their picture taken with the Times Square’s Naked Cowboy!)
➠ Workers who have sex 2 or 3 times a week earn 4.5% more money, says a report.  (…so don’t expect your married coworkers to pick up the lunch tab. Jus’ sayin’…)

The last one is definitely the best:   https://tinyurl.com/45kda3d4

Some people are like: “People who wear glasses are SOOO smart.” But I literally had to fail a test to get mine.

• In which year did Elvis Presley die?
a) 1968
b) 1978
c) 1989
d) 1977 [CORRECT]

• In which year was the movie blockbuster “Titanic” released to theaters?
a) 1995
b) 1997 [CORRECT]
c) 2001
d) 1992

• In which year did Neil Armstrong become the first person to set foot on the Moon?
a) 1969 [CORRECT]
b) 1961
c) 1989
d) 1973
-Best QuizQuestions

What’s the best way you or someone you know has gotten out of a ticket or trouble with the law?

Question:  The average family throws away 70 of THESE edible items every year. What are they?
Answer:  Loaf-end bread crusts.

Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don’t turn up at all.


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