February 16 2023

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Thursday, February 16, 2023 – Edition: #7419

Sheet Happens!

[***UPDATE***] ★ Raquel Welch, who rose to fame in the 1960s in the films “One Million Years B.C.” and “Fantastic Voyage,” has died at age 82. Welch died Wednesday morning in Los Angeles after a “brief illness,” according to a statement from her manager. The actress, with more than 70 film and television credits, made her mark on Hollywood after donning a prehistoric fur bikini in the 1966 film “One Million Years B.C.” The now iconic imagery cemented Welch as a pin-up sensation. She won a Golden Globe for her 1974 role in “The Three Musketeers.”
★ Forever love! Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez celebrated their relationship with some permanent body art. In a Valentine’s Day post shared by J Lo to Instagram, she revealed that she and Affleck each got tattoos featuring the other’s initials and names. She captioned a slideshow of snapshots showing pics of the happy couple: “Happy Valentine’s Day my love.” The cover pic reveals that Lopez got an infinity symbol, bisected by an arrow, tattooed on her side, across her ribs. LINK: https://tinyurl.com/5n8e7vpc
★ Amid ongoing breakup rumors — and a reported fight that broke out during Super Bowl weekend — Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have been spotted together at least twice this week — including on Valentine’s Day. Tuesday, the duo were photographed in Kelly’s car leaving his LA home. And on Monday, they were spotted leaving a marriage counseling office in California. They exited the building together before leaving in separate vehicles, after spending about 2½ hours inside, according to reports.
-Insider, PageSix
★ Jeremy Renner says he’s “in the shop…working on me”, but that didn’t stop him from teasing new projects. The “Avengers” actor took to Instagram to share a behind-the-scenes pic from his upcoming TV series, “Rennervations”. Renner is still recovering from his horrific snow plow accident on Jan. 1. He wrote, “Behind the scenes on #rennervations coming soon on @disneyplus…More info to come. Thank you for your patience … while I am in the shop now, working on me” LINK: https://tinyurl.com/4vcjxt6h
★ Some good news for fans of the ‘Spider-Man’ movie series: Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige confirmed in a new interview with EW that the story is set for Tom Holland’s 4th movie as the web-slinger, and the script is now being written. Holland’s third-outing, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” became the first pandemic release to gross over $1 billion. Feige also confirmed that “Deadpool 3” will be the first R-rated movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
★ Alec Baldwin’s “Rust” is officially set to resume production this spring, over a year after cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was killed in an on-set shooting. Rust Movie Productions said in a press release that director Joel Souza, who was injured in the shooting, is among at least 4 original crew members who will return to complete the film. Hutchins’ widower Matthew will serve as an executive producer. And cinematographer Bianca Cline will work in Hutchins’ place and donate her salary to charity in her name. There will be no working weapons or ammunition allowed on set.
★ In the first major casting announcement for “Deadpool 3” aside from the 2 leads, “The Crown” breakout Emma Corrin is set to star opposite Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. Reynolds announced Corrin’s casting on Twitter, writing: “New addition to the family! The Deadpool family, for clarity. Which is just like a real family except with less swearing. Welcome, Emma Corrin!” No word on what character Corrin will play. Corrin played ‘Lady Diana Spencer’ in Season 4 of the Netflix’s “The Crown.”

• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/Global): Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, Mike Epps, Beck
• “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/CTV): James Spader, Jay Hernandez, Samara Joy
• “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” (CBS/Global): Rev. Al Sharpton, Jessica Williams
• “Late Night with Seth Meyers” (NBC/CTV): Tina Fey, Nate Bargatze, Zoë Brecher
• “The Late Late Show with James Corden” (CBS/CTV): Niall Horan, Orlando Bloom
• “Watch What Happens Live” (Bravo): Liam Neeson, Paul Rudd
•  “The Daily Show” (COM): Jia Tolentino, guest host Sarah Silverman
• “The View” (ABC/CTV): Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Gates McFadden, Michael Dorn
• “The Talk”(CBS): Sarah Wayne Callies, Ja’Dayia Kursh, guest co-host Victor Cruz
• “Live with Kelly and Ryan” (ABC/CTV): Jeffrey Donovan, Elizabeth Debicki
• “The Kelly Clarkson Show” (Check local listings): Corey Ward, Joel McHale, Danielle Pinnock
• “The Drew Barrymore Show” (Check local listings): Tori Spelling, Jennie Garth, Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz, D’Arcy Carden
• “Jennifer Hudson Show” (Check local listings): Jackée Harry, Javicia Leslie
• “Animal Control” (Fox): Premiere. Shred encounters a wild weasel in an attic; Frank slips his Slim Jim in Shred’s back pocket as they approach a dozen ostriches.
• “CMT Storytellers: Kelsea Ballerini” (CMT): Ballerini shares intimate stories between performances of songs like ‘Peter Pan’, ‘Miss Me More’, ‘homecoming queen?’, and more.
• “The Parent Test” (ABC): Season finale. The final 2 challenges, and one family takes home the title of “Most Effective Parenting Style”.

• Lizzo – was the most-viewed musical artist on TikTok in 2022 – in the US, at least. According to the vid-sharing platform, she is followed by, in order, Bella Poarch, Bad Bunny, Charlie Puth, and Doja Cat. Number 1 worldwide was Kim Loaiza. Lizzo came in #5 globally.
• Charlie Puth – announced “The Charlie Live Experience 2023 Tour” with a viral-worthy TikTok video. The tour kicks off May 24 in Dallas, hitting most major cities before wrapping up July 11 in LA. Tickets go on sale tomorrow. LINK: https://tinyurl.com/bdzj5wnt
• S Club 7 – has announced a 25th anniversary reunion tour of the UK and Ireland. All 7 original members are aboard for what at this point are 11 arena dates, beginning Oct. 13 in Liverpool.
• Bon Jovi – Former guitarist Richie Sambora says he is in discussions with Jon Bon Jovi about a possible reunion, which would include a tour and new music. After being unveiled as ‘Jacket Potato’ on “The Masked Singer” (UK), he told an interviewer: “We’re talking about it. I don’t think there’s any reason not to at this point.”
• The Who — Roger Daltrey has confirmed that he has completed the script for the long-gestating Keith Moon biopic. The movie about the legendary drummer has been in the works since the early 2000s when Mike Myers was earmarked for the role. Now, Daltrey says he has his eye on an unnamed actor for the part, who “when I look at him, I go, ‘God, it’s Moon!’ It’s all to do with the eyes.”
• Neil Young – will make his first concert appearance since 2019 when he and Stephen Stills perform together April 22 in LA at “Light Up the Blues” to benefit Autism Speaks. They will be joined by the late David Crosby’s son, James Raymond. Other guests include Lukas Nelson (son of Willie), and Stills family members Chris Stills and Oliver Stills.
• Jimmie Allen — CMT has revealed that “CMT Crossroads: FOR KING + COUNTRY & Jimmie Allen” will premiere February 28, with additional airings March 5, 10, and 11. The hour-long special – during which the 2 acts sing each other’s hits – was filmed in front of a live audience. LINK: https://tinyurl.com/3vpcpcym
• The Chicks and Maren Morris – have announced a tour of Europe and Canada. The Chicks World Tour starts June 20 in Oslo, Norway, running through July 4. The Canadian leg (plus 4 US dates) runs Sept. 5-18. LINK: https://tinyurl.com/2p8de9pw
• Lindsay Ell – In an Instagram post, she revealed she’s recently been diagnosed with an eating disorder. Quote: “I have come to terms that it’s something I have been living in denial of for the better part of 20 years”, but it got to the point where it was “taking over my life”. Ell hopes her story inspires others “to be honest with yourself – with what you’re feeling and what you’re going through.” LINK: https://tinyurl.com/2p8scwbd


THIS just might explain why everyone’s obsessed with true crime stories these days:  Coltan Scrivner, a research scientist at Recreational Fear Lab — and an expert in “morbid curiosity”, says that watching true crime shows may help prepare you if you find yourself in a similar situation. He says there’s an almost primal reason people are endlessly fascinated by the subject. In fact, our interest in finding out more about dangerous people likely began when humans began using language – and started using proactive aggression to protect themselves. According to him, true crime stories “can have a learning component…or at least a perceived learning component. We feel like we’re more prepared in these kinds of situations.”
(Still, I’m more concerned that people are learning how to get away with stuff, rather than learning to protect themselves!)
(My time would be better spent taking sprinting lessons. Because if I ever came across one of the psychos I’ve seen on “Dateline”, sprinting is exactly what I’d be doing!)

Gen Z’ers are turning to Uber, Lyft and public transportation much more than the generations before them, and that’s probably a good thing. Many in that age group (born between 1997-2013), have never bothered to get a driver’s license, and many of those who are still under 16 don’t plan to, an indicator of a trend away from our “car-centric” culture. US stats show that the percentage of 18-year-olds with a license in 2018 fell nearly 20% from 1983 (80% to 61%). Why the decline? With a ride available at their fingertips, more and more are turning to Uber, Lyft and the bus or subway…or even cabs. For some, concerns over the environment contributed to the decision while, for others, the motive is more financial…or an intentional avoidance of the pressures and possible tensions of driving on busy streets and highways.
(There are a lot of people on those busy streets right now who should consider doing the same thing…)
(I find that when it comes to the Gen Z’ers in MY house – they don’t rely so much on Uber or public transit as much as dear old dad!)

Scientists say they have discovered the best time of day to work out if you’re looking to burn fat. Swedish researchers studied 2 groups of mice — one that performed high-intensity exercise in the morning and one in the evening. They found that the mice who exercised in the morning on an empty stomach had a higher metabolic rate than the evening-exercisers. In their study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the researchers wrote that their results “suggest that late morning exercise could be more effective than late evening exercise in terms of boosting the metabolism and the burning of fat, and if this is the case, they could prove of value to people who are overweight.”
(Of COURSE morning is the best time to work out – it keeps me from eating donuts for breakfast, which is what I’d be doing if I wasn’t at the gym!)
(What I need to know is how scientists got mice to perform high-intensity exercise…and can they come visit my teenagers?)

Professional piercer Marie took to TikTok to reveal the 4 piercings that she warns her clients to avoid. Her video has been viewed more than 9 million times…
1. “Smiley”:  That’s the fleshy flap of skin that connects your upper lip to your gum — and usually peeks out only when the pierced person smiles. Gums can be damaged if the ring isn’t placed correctly. And the metal can damage tooth enamel. Infection is also a risk, due to food residue.
2. Back dermals:  This refers to piercings placed just above the hip on either side of the spine. Risks include infection, tissue damage and scarring.
3. Nape/neck:  These can also be problematic, with a higher chance of rejection by the site, plus the chance of excessive swelling.
4. Dimple piercings:  Placed squarely on either side of the face below the cheekbone, these are “hard to heal” because they’re in a high movement area, and when eating, there’s also a chance you could “bite down on that bar and break your teeth.” LINK: https://tinyurl.com/2p9drj7e
(I can think of worse places…)

These are the occupations in which people report the highest levels of satisfaction at, according to career experts…
1. Physical Therapist
2. Firefighter
3. Teacher
4. Teaching Assistant
5. Quality Assurance Analyst [Those who test products and systems to make sure they meet companies’ standards]. (I could definitely see this being an awesome job – especially if you could be one in a cake factory!)

Fish can recognize themselves in photos, according to Japanese researchers. Scientists at Osaka Metropolitan University say this marks the first time ever this has been observed in any vertebrate (species with a backbone), humans aside. And they point out that the most influential determining factor was not the fish seeing their own body — but seeing their face. And what’s more, when fish were shown pics of themselves with an imperfection superimposed on their face, most made aggressive efforts to “rub it off”. The team says this study is the first to demonstrate that fish have a “sense of self”.
(I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with this information!)


• “Fat Thursday”, similar to Fat Tuesday, which is celebrated next week, but in many European countries (esp. Poland), this is the more important holiday. If ever there was an excuse to load up on sweet treats and take indulgent eating to the next level, this is your day. A celebration of all things dough-related, this tradition offers a guilt-free opportunity to gorge on donuts or paczki (ponch-key).
• “Almond Day”, saluting what’s believed to be one of the earliest cultivated foods. Native to the Middle East, 80% of the world’s almonds are now grown in California. Almonds are one of the most heart-healthy foods, packed with vitamin E, magnesium, and fiber.
• “Do a Grouch a Favor Day”, a day to perform an unexpected good deed to cheer up someone who’s sulky. LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2u2KSBq7y-o
• “Innovation Day”, spot a problem, think of a solution, and before you know it, you’re innovating! Innovation Day is all about imagining new, better ways of doing things.
• “Kyoto Protocol Day”, the anniversary of the 2005 date that the international agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (which contribute to global warming) took effect. LINK: https://tinyurl.com/2furpzy3
• “Tim Tam Day”, A Tim Tam is a treat consisting of 2 chocolate malted biscuits with a fluffy cream filling and dipped in milk chocolate. Creator Ross Arnott (of the Australian biscuit company Arnott’s) attended the Kentucky Derby in 1958, and chose to name his new line of biscuits after the horse that won.

[Fri] My Way Day
[Fri] Café au Lait Day
[Sat] Drink Wine Day
[Sun] Chocolate Mint Day
This Week is…New Idea Week
This Month is…Children’s Dental Health Month

1957 [66] LeVar Burton, Landstuhl Germany, TV actor (“Roots”, ‘Geordi La Forge’ in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” 1987-1994)/TV host (“Reading Rainbow” 1983-2006)

1958 [65] Ice-T (Tracy Morrow), Newark NJ, TV actor (‘Detective Fin Tutuola’ on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” since 2000)/reality TV star (“Ice Loves Coco: 2011-13)/rapper (Body Count-‘Cop Killer’)

1959 [64] John McEnroe, Wiesbaden West Germany, pro tennis great (3-time Wimbledon winner, 4-time US Open winner)

1961 [62] Andy Taylor, Northumberland England, pop-rock guitarist (Duran Duran-‘The Reflex’, Hungry Like the Wolf’, The Power Station -‘Some Like it Hot’)/Rock Hall of Fame w/ Duran Duran, 2022

1974 [49] Mahershala Ali, Oakland CA, movie actor (Oscars-“Green Book” and “Moonlight”)/TV actor (“House of Cards” 2013-16) COMING UP… “Leave the World Behind”, 2023

1977 [46] Brad Walst, Norwood ON, rock bassist (Three Days Grace-‘Pain’, ‘I Hate Everything About You’)

1989 [34] Danielle Haim, LA CA, pop-rock guitarist-drummer (Haim-‘The Wire’, ‘Forever’)

1989 [34] Elizabeth Olsen, Sherman Oaks CA, movie actress (‘Scarlet Witch’ in “Captain America: Civil War”, “Avengers” movies/TV actress (“Wandavision”, 2021) COMING UP… “Love and Death” TV miniseries, 2023

1990 [33] The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye), Toronto ON, pop singer-songwriter (‘Can’t Feel My Face’, ‘Blinding Lights’)

2013 [10] Angelina Jolie undergoes a preventive double mastectomy after learning she had an 87% risk of developing breast cancer due to a defective gene

2021 [02] Nicholas Cage marries for the 5th time, to Riko Shibata, in Las Vegas

2002 [22] Thieves break into George Michael’s London home and steal over $170,000-worth of paintings, jewelry, and designer clothes; then drive off in his $135,000 Aston Martin

2011 [12] Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ becomes the ‘Billboard Hot 100’ chart’s 1,000th #1 hit

2021 [02] Lauryn Hill’s 1998 album “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” is certified Diamond for 10 million sales in the US, making her the first female hip-hop artist to earn that certification

600 [1423] Pope Gregory the Great decrees saying “God bless You” is the correct response to a sneeze

2005 [18] The NHL cancels the entire regular season and playoffs, becoming the first major sports league in North America to do so over a labor dispute


✓ Generally, the colder the air is, the smaller the snowflakes are.
✓ The insurance company backing the payouts for “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” sued the show for being too easy.
✓ The term “brain-freeze” was invented by 7-11.
✓ Another term for nieces or nephews is “niblings.”
✓ The word “oxymoron” is itself an oxymoron. It comes from Ancient Greek, where “oxy” means sharp and “moros” means stupid.
✓ Astronauts cannot burp in space.
-BathroomReadersInstitute, TheFactSite

Best of BS . . .
• Internet Explorer: Since 1995, the best way to download Google Chrome.
• BMW: You might as well buy one — you already drive like a jerk.
• Disney: Slowly taking over the world.
• Lego: Ouch!
• Nike: Do it, don’t do it, we don’t care. Just buy the shoes.
• Twitter: Where the antisocial come to socialize.
• Facebook: We just sold your identity – but look: A cat video!
• Crocs: It’s okay to give up.
• Dyson: We suck.
• Hand Sanitizer: Now, let’s find that paper cut…
• Wine – because you’re a woman…with kids.
-Twitter, first published in BS in 2019

• Scorn Flakes
• Cap’n Grouch
• Sugar Smacks Across Your Face
• Chucky Harms
• Gripe Nuts
• Raisin’ Hell Bran
• Special K.O.
• Your Opinion Doesn’t Count Chocula
• Get a Life
-Twitter, first published in BS in 2022

Another exquisite meal:  https://tinyurl.com/5femw9sn

Be wise, because the world needs wisdom. If you cannot be wise, pretend to be someone who is wise, and then just behave like they would.

What’s some insider knowledge that only people in your line of work have?

Question:  More than one study has found that the happiest people do THIS on a regular basis. What is it?
Answer:  Nap

Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart


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