June 12, 2007

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007        Edition: #3551
The Bovine Fecal Material Is About to Hit the Oscillating Air Circulating Device!

TODAY a new book about the late Princess Diana, “The Diana Chronicles”, by magazine editor Tina Brown (“Vanity Fair”, “New Yorker”) hits bookstores, which claims Di wed Prince Charles only for his title; she lied about throwing herself downstairs when pregnant; and she drove Charles to cheat when her eating disorders & hysteria became too much to endure (sounds like the book was funded by the Prince’s Trust) . . . As “On the Lot” continues on its path to cancellation with diving ratings & further modifications to the already-baffling format, it has surfaced that last TUESDAY we were shown contestants’ audition videos originally submitted to get on the show, not newly-produced films as intimated (such a good idea going so bad) . . . Actress Jennifer Aniston is reportedly getting an estimated $10 million to shoot a series of ‘mini action movies’ for L’Oreal hair products THIS SUMMER (who needs hit films to make money?) . . . The FCC is now seeking public comment on the proposed XM-Sirius satellite radio merger and says it could reach a decision within 6 months (for broadcast radio, the status quo is preferable – divide & conquer!) . . . And on-air personality John Tesh is accepting auditions on his syndicated radio show for “Dancing With the Tesh”, part of an upcoming PBS-TV special airing in AUGUST (presumably the winners get to skip it).

• Bon Jovi – They’re bundling a digital iTunes copy of their upcoming album “Lost Highway” with tickets for their upcoming stand at Newark NJ’s new Prudential Center which begins OCTOBER 25th. TODAY-Thursday the package is available exclusively to American Express cardholders; then thrown open to anyone beginning JUNE 23rd.
• Broken Social Scene – Kevin Drew will release a solo album, “Spirit If …” in SEPTEMBER, the 1st in a series of CDs from group members under the heading “Broken Social Scene Presents”.
• Feist – TONIGHT the Canadian indie rocker appears on “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” (NBC).
• Jack Johnson – He’s begun work on his 5th studio album & hopes to release it early in 2008.
• Little Texas – TODAY the country group’s 4 original members from 1988 (Porter Howell, Dwayne O’Brien, Duane Propes & Del Grey) release a new album, “Missing Years”.
• Madonna – Author Rob Littell’s new book “American Legacy” claims she & the late John Kennedy Jr arranged a secret rendezvous at a low budget hotel in Chicago in 1988 but nothing happened because … neither had thought ahead enough to being along any ‘protection’.
• Maroon 5 – TONIGHT they perform on “Late Show With David Letterman” (CBS).
• Toby Keith – TONIGHT the country star appears on the “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” (NBC/A Channel) to promote his new album, “Big Dog Daddy”, which is released TODAY on his own Show Dog Records label.
• Also released TODAY: A deluxe new 2-disc repackaging of the decade-out-of-print “Traveling Wilburys Volume 1” & “Traveling Wilburys Volume 3” with bonus tracks & a DVD (the group was a 1988 studio collaboration of Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Tom Petty, ELO’s Jeff Lynne & Roy Orbison); and the double-CD set, “Instant Karma: The Campaign to Save Darfur”, a collection of 20 John Lennon covers by the likes of Black Eyed Peas, Christina Aguilera, Green Day, REM, U2 & Willie Nelson, with proceeds going to Amnesty International human rights causes.

• “Blood & Chocolate” ( Horror Fantasy ): Agnes Bruckner plays a young werewolf who is chosen as the mate for the leader of her pack (Olivier Martinez) even though she has feelings for a human. On top of that little problem, a series of unexplained murders point to her as the prime suspect. Shot in Romania.
• “Breach” ( Spy Thriller ): Based on a true story, an FBI upstart gets involved in a power struggle with his boss, an agent who is ultimately convicted of selling secrets to Russia. Stars Ryan Phillippe (“Crash”), Chris Cooper (“Bourne Supremacy”) & Dennis Haysbert (“24”). Partially filmed in Toronto.
• “Ghost Rider” ( Action Thriller ): Nicolas Cage stars as Marvel Comics character ‘Johnny Blaze‘, a stunt motorcyclist who gives up his soul to become a vigilante and fight the power-hungry ‘Blackheart’ (Wes Bentley). Co-stars Eva Mendes (“Hitch”) & Peter Fonda (“Easy Rider”) as ‘Mephistopheles’. Shot in Australia (with re-shoots in Vancouver).
• “Primeval “ ( Horror Thriller ): Dominic Purcell (“Prison Break”) & Orlando Jones (“The Evidence”) play a news team sent to South Africa to capture a legendary 25-foot crocodile. The difficult task turns even tougher when a warlord targets them for execution. Shot in South Africa.
• “Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls” ( Romantic Comedy ): In writer/director Perry’s follow-up to “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”, a single father (Idris Elba) who loses custody of his 3 young daughters to his ex- enlists the help of an attractive, hard-nosed attorney (Gabrielle Union).
• Also released TODAY: The UK music festival documentary “Glastonbury”; “James Stewart:  Screen Legend Collection”; “John Wayne: Screen Legend Collection”; and “The Original Nancy Drew Movie Mystery Collection” (just ahead of this FRIDAY’s “Nancy Drew” movie debut).

In his new book “10 Minutes/10 Years: Your Definitive Guide To A Beautiful & Youthful Appearance”, dermatologist-to-the-stars Dr Fredric Brandt (aka ‘The Baron of Botox’) explains why he thinks sugar is skin enemy #1. In fact, he believes that by simply reducing sugar intake, you can improve the texture, tone and radiance of your skin. Why? Sugar, he claims, hastens the degradation of elastin and collagen, both key skin proteins. In other words, it actively ages you. Brandt has several celebrity clients, including steadily aging singers Madonna & Cher, and actors Rupert Everett & Ellen Barkin. (None of them would make a very good poster girl for skin, except maybe Rupert.)
– “Daily Mail”

According to a new study by Barclays Wealth Management, women millionaires will outnumber their male counterparts by the year 2020. The report estimates that in a little over a decade 53% of all millionaires will be female, thanks in part to the growing number of female entrepreneurs and business leaders. Analysts also say women are more thoughtful and purpose-driven when it comes to investing, whereas men tend to look for income and growth. (Not to skew the stats or anything, but by 2020 a million will likely only be change for a cup of coffee.)
– “GQ”

10. Beach Boys
9. Allman Bros Band
8. Steely Dan
7. Roger Waters
6. Dave Matthews Band
5. Bob Dylan
4. Beastie Boys
3. Willie Nelson
2. Genesis
1. The Police
– Concert.tv

Obesity is far less common in France than in North America, and some researchers contend that smaller  portions are a key reason. A recent study compared portion sizes in Paris and Philadelphia. Researchers weighed portions of similar foods served in restaurants in each city. In 10 out of 11 restaurants, French portions were smaller than Philadelphia portions by an average of 25%. (But the bill was larger by 250%.)
– “Cosmopolitan”

• The city beaches in Fort Lauderdale FL will soon be equipped with hi-tech automated toilets that welcome users with a polite greeting and soothe them with light music during ‘the process’. The computerized toilets are expected to cost between $250,000-and-$350,000 per single-toilet restroom. (Wouldn’t a proper paper dispenser that doesn’t require shoving your arm in up to the elbow be a better investment?)
• A new type of fitness machine that uses vibrations to tone muscle is generating buzz among celebrities … and even NASA. But researchers are still skeptical because they believe the new machine may cause injuries like back pain. (Sounds like one of those old-fashioned belt-jigglers that caused more laughter than weight-loss.)

Convincing the tongue that berries taste like burgers could be the key to curtailing the fat epidemic, Australian food experts say. In a new angle on the obesity fight, scientists are spending millions in a race to find tastebuds on the tongue for ‘fat’ and ‘salt’. One team at Melbourne’s Deakin University hopes they’ll be able to fool the tiny receptors into believing healthy foods taste deliciously fatty. (They can win a Nobel if they manage to make tofu taste like actual food.)
– “New Zealand Herald”

• Researchers have discovered that 72 F (22 C) is the temperature that puts people in the best possible mood.
• According to a new study by security software company McAfee, about 20% of digital music websites have PC-damaging problems or annoyances such as spyware, adware and spam associated with them.

• “It’s every woman’s inalienable right to have a pulled-together, stylish, confident wardrobe with money left over to live.”
– Former “Sex & the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker trying to make cheap sound chic at the Manhattan launch of her new ‘Bitten’ clothing label.
• “It’s just hateful. It’s obscene to question motive. These are human beings helping other human beings. End of story.”
– Actress Jamie Lee Curtis defending celebs who adopt kinds in “Ladies Home Journal”.


1924 [83] George HW Bush, Milton MA, 41st US President (1989-93)/Dubya’s dad

1957 [50] Timothy Busfield, Lansing MI, TV actor (“Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip” 2006-07, “The West Wing” 2000-06)

1959 [48] Scott Thompson, North Bay ON (raised Brampton ON), TV personality (“My Fabulous Gay Wedding” 2005, “Larry Sanders Show” 1995-98), “Kids in the Hall” 1988-94)

1971 [36] Mark Henry (‘Sexual Chocolate’), Silsbee TX, 412-lb pro wrestler with 24-inch neck (“Raw is War”, “WWE Smackdown!”)/World’s Strongest Man (2002)

• “Hooray For Year-Round School Day”, promoting the benefits of a year-round school calendar. An idea likely started by some really worn-out parents somewhere. Certainly NOT teachers!

• “Machine Day”, celebrating the gadgets ‘n gizmos that have become a big part of our daily lives, whether they’re ATMs, computers, cellphones or cars.

• “Taco Day”, a day to stuff a hard tortilla shell with your favorite hot ‘n spicy fillings. Tomorrow is “Unbearable Cramps Day”.

1981 [26] “Raiders Of The Lost Ark” opens, introducing adventurer ‘Indiana Jones’ to movie fans (Harrison Ford returns in the series’ 4th instalment in MAY ‘08.)

1992 [15] “Batman Returns” opens in movie theaters  (actor Michael Keaton’s 2nd kick at the cape)

1792 [215] George Vancouver discovers site of Vancouver BC (what a coincidence … same name!)

1839 [168] According to (fictitious) legend, Abner Doubleday creates baseball in Cooperstown NY

1939 [68] The ‘Baseball Hall of Fame’ is formally dedicated in Cooperstown NY

1997 [10] 1st MLB ‘Interleague Play’, ending 126-year tradition of separating the American & National baseball leagues until the World Series (in the 1st game, San Francisco Giants beat Texas Rangers 4-3)

[Wed] Juggling Day
[Wed] Kitchen Klutzes Day
[Thurs] Family History Day
[Thurs-June 17] 7th Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival (Manchester TN)
[Fri] Smile Power Day
[Fri] 34th Daytime Emmy Awards
[Fri] “DOA: Dead or Alive”; “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer”; “Fido”; “Nancy Drew” open in movie theaters
[Sun] 18th MuchMusic Video Awards
[Sun] Fathers Day
This Week Is … Credit Awareness Week
This Month Is … Dairy Alternative Month


You & your co-host give 2 answers to a perplexing question, one a total bluff, the other the real explanation. Your contestant tries to choose which is the truth.
GAME #1 –
• Why is a bad actor called a ‘ham’?
a. It’s an abbreviation of the word ‘hamfatter’ which was used to describe stage performers who over-acted in the mid-1800s. That term came from the custom of using pig fat to remove makeup. [CORRECT]
b. Literally, a ‘ham’ is the cut of meat from the hog’s rear quarter, between the hip and the hock. In other words, the butt. The use of the word ‘ham’ was therefore a polite way of calling a bad actor an ‘ass’. [BS]

GAME #2 –
• Why do we call dandelions ‘dandelions’?
a. It’s because the bushy yellow petals of the flower were thought to resemble a lion’s mane. The ‘dandy’ part comes from an old-fashioned word used to mean smart- or fine-looking. [BS]
b. It’s an Anglicized pronunciation of the French words meaning ‘lion’s tooth’. It was apparently thought that the jagged green leaves surrounding the flower resembled them. [CORRECT]
– “Malarky”

Try to pick the correct answer to questions asked of women in surveys …
• What percentage of married women say their marriages are ‘romantic?
a. 25%
b. 50%
c. 75% [CORRECT]

• When women get really angry or upset, what percentage will cry?
a. 38%
b. 80% [CORRECT]
c. 99%

• 98% of women would like their men to do which of the following?
a. Buy them flowers more often.
b. Make love more often.
c. Talk more often about their feelings & emotions. [CORRECT]

• How often does the average married couple make love per week?
a. Less than once.
b. Once.
c. 2-to-3 times. [CORRECT]
– “The Gender Gap”

Which  car would you choose to drive if money were no object?

Tornados say that all homes are mobile homes.

Today’s Question: 25% of dads say that what they want most for “Father’s Day” is THIS.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: A hug.

Flowers will not grow if they don’t get rained on every once in a while.

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