May 4, 2007

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Friday, May 4, 2007        Edition: #3524
A Bull in Hand Is A Sheetload of Prep!  

TODAY Paris Hilton is scheduled to appear in court, accused of violating her probation in a reckless driving case by driving on a suspended license in FEBRUARY . . . TONIGHT on “20/20” (ABC), Brian Ross interviews the infamous ‘DC Madam’, Deborah Jeane Palfrey, who has handed over a list of 15,000 clients of her escort service, many said to be well-known Washington figures (the exposé has already resulted in the resignation of Deputy Secretary of State Randall Tobias) . . . SATURDAY-Sunday, the inaugural “Stagecoach Country Music Festival” invades Indio CA, the country extension of LAST WEEKEND’s “Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival”, which will feature Alan Jackson, Brooks & Dunn, Emmylou Harris, George Strait, Kenny Chesney, Sara Evans, Sugarland, Willie Nelson, and many others . . . The hit Broadway musical “Jersey Boys”, the story of 1960s pop group Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons, is heading to Las Vegas, opening at the new Palazzo Casino-Hotel in early 2008 . . . And parents of pupils at a kindergarten in Calabasas CA were a bit leery when their kids came home complaining about a ‘weird guitar guy’ singing ‘scary songs’ to them until they found out it was the grandpa of a 5-year-old classmate – some geezer by the name of Bob Dyan.

• Busta Rhymes – YESTERDAY he was busted (again) for DUI, after NYPD pulled him over for driving an SUV with excessively tinted windows. He’s already due in court next TUESDAY to face 2 assault charges from LAST YEAR.
• 50 Cent – He’s selling the massive 52-room Connecticut mansion that once belonged to boxer Mike Tyson for an undisclosed amount. It boasts a recording studio, indoor & outdoor pools, and a boathouse. Fiddy paid $4.1 million for it in 2003.
• Joss Stone – SATURDAY she performs during the 2nd weekend of the “New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival”, then joins 40 contest winners to help Habitat for Humanity build homes at the new Musician’s Village.
• Ne-Yo – TONIGHT he performs on the “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” (NBC/A Channel).
• Snoop Dogg – TONIGHT he appears on “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” (NBC).
• Ten Second Epic – TODAY the Edmonton alt-rockers are on “MuchOnDemand” (MuchMusic).
• Tim McGraw –  Keyboardist Jeff McMahon & fiddler Dean Brown from his backup band, The Dancehall Doctors, have announced they’ll run the “New York City Marathon” NOVEMBER 4th on behalf of his charity, the Tug McGraw Foundation.
• Tori Amos – THIS MORNING she guests on “Live With Regis & Kelly” (syndicated/CTV).
• Usher – TONIGHT, as a fundraiser for his New Look charity, he’s auctioning a boxing glove autographed by Oscar De La Hoya  in Las Vegas. SATURDAY De La Hoya fights Floyd Mayweather Jr at the MGM Grand Arena in the high-profile ‘The World Awaits’ bout.
• Weird Al Yankovic  – The ‘Weird Al Star Fund’ has now collected $17,500 of the $25,000 needed to nominate him for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The effort has taken 4 years so far. That’s right, to get a Walk of Fame star, you – or your fans – PAY for it!

• “Lucky You” ( PG-13 Drama ): Eric Bana stars as a hotshot card player who learns a lot about life from a wannabe lounge singer (Drew Barrymore) and runs into his estranged father (Robert Duvall) while competing in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.
• “Spider-Man 3” ( PG-13 Action Adventure ): Tobey Maguire & Kirsten Dunst return as ‘Peter Parker‘ & ‘Mary Jane’, now a happy couple … until an old girlfriend shows up (Bryce Dallas Howard); as well as not 1, but 2 new baddies: ‘Sandman’ (Thomas Haden Church) and ‘Venom’ (Topher Grace).

Film (Year) … Production Budget/Box Office (Converted to Today’s US Dollars, Rounded Off)
5. “Waterworld” (1995) …  $232 million/$350 million
4. “Titanic” (1997) … $250 million/$2.3 billion
3. “SPIDER-MAN 3” (2007) …. $258 MILLION/???
2. “Superman Returns” (2006) ….$269 million/$391 million
1. “Cleopatra” (1963) … $290 million/$381 million
– “Forbes” / Box Office Mojo

GOOFBALL GAME:, a company which sells limited-edition items is now offering a new ‘Good Vs Evil Foosball‘ table with players designed to look like various famous characters throughout history. Representing ‘Team Evil’ are Lucifer, Caligula, Hitler, Jack the Ripper, Vlad the Impaler, and Cambodian dictator Pol Pot. ‘Team Good’ is captained by God, of course, and includes Mother Teresa, Ghandi, and Mary Poppins. Santa Claus is in goal.
– “Curious Times”

The exclusive Ritz-Carlton hotel in Tokyo, Japan’s trendy Roppongi district has just launched a new cocktail called the ‘Diamond-Tini’, made with chilled Belvedere vodka and lime poured over a 1.06-carat diamond. The recipient is serenaded with “Diamonds are Forever” as the drink is served, and a jeweler will later mount the gem in a keepsake ring. You may need a loan to order a Diamond-Tini however – it sells for a wallet-busting $15,000. (Tip extra, of course.)
– “GQ”

A new style of dealing with would-be bank robbers is being credited with an almost 50% drop in bank heists in Washington state so far THIS YEAR. According to the new methodology, excessive friendliness and an overdose of courtesy toward suspicious-looking characters causes them to rethink their criminal intent. A First Mutual Bank rep says if you’re a legitimate customer, the technique makes you think you’re meeting the friendliest person ever. But if you’re a bad guy … it scares the daylights out of you! (“Hey, you’re lookin’ good in that hood!”)
– AP

Canadian history magazine “The Beaver” has begun an online poll inviting us to name the ‘Worst Canadian’ in our history. Could it be Joseph Willcocks (aided Americans during the War of 1812); Patrick James Whelan (shot Father of Confederation D’Arcy McGee in Canada’s first political assassination); or an infamous killer such as Paul Bernardo or Mark Lepine? The magazine’s AUGUST-SEPTEMBER issue will feature articles by 10 prominent Canadian writers & historians stating their choices, plus the results of the survey. (Our vote: ‘Polkaroo’.)
– CBC Arts

Have you noticed? The senator from New York, Hillary Rodham Clinton, has morphed into the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton … with no ‘Rodham’ in sight. She’s dropped her maiden name from all her presidential campaign material. One of her reps says there’s absolutely no plan behind it, but in a tight race for the Democratic nomination that seems hard to believe. Penn State University sociologist Laurie Scheuble suggests the campaign name puts Clinton more in the mainstream because, to most people, ‘family’ means everyone having the same last name. Thus by conforming to the social norm, she’s attempting to appeal to the most voters. (Uh huh. We’ve always been impressed by those Clinton family values.)
– “Albany Times-Union”

THIS WEEK what may be certified as the ‘World’s Largest Guitar Jam’ occurred in Warsaw, Poland as 1,876 guitarists simultaneously played the Jimi Hendrix tune “Hey Joe”. The event was staged as part of the “Thanks Jimi Festival”, which has been running for 5 years in the Polish capital. Why “Hey Joe”? You only need to know 5 chords to play it! The previous record was set May 7, 1994 in Vancouver, where BTO’s Randy Bachman led 1,322 guitarists in a performance of “Takin’ Care of Business” which lasted an excruciating 68 minutes. Even if the new record is certified, it likely won’t stand long: This JUNE 3rd, over 2,000 guitarists are expected at Community America Ballpark in Kansas City MO to simultaneously perform the Deep Purple classic “Smoke on the Water” … 3 chords.
– CP / “Songfacts”

The air around a lightning bolt superheats to 5 times the temperature of the Sun.


1951 [56] Mick Mars (Robert Alan Deal), Terre Haute IN, rock guitarist (Motley Crue-“If I Die Tomorrow”, “Without You”)

1959 [48] Randy Travis (Traywick), Marshville NC, country singer (“Three Wooden Crosses”, “Forever & Ever Amen”)

1972 [35] Mike Dirnt (Pritchard), Rodeo CA, rock bassist (Green Day-“Working Class Hero”, “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams”)

1979 [28] Lance Bass, Laurel MS, has-been boy-band singer (*NSYNC-“It’s Gonna Be Me”, “Bye Bye Bye”)

Comedian/actor Michael Palin (Monty Python) is 64; TV news anchor Brian Williams (“NBC Nightly News”) is 48; R&B singer Chris Brown (“Run It!”) is 18.

Classic rocker Bob Seger (“Against the Wind”) is 62; Soon-to-be-ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair is 54; TV host Tom Bergeron (“Dancing With the Stars”) is 52; Movie actor George Clooney (“The Good German”) is 46; Rock guitarist Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters) is 36; NHL goaltender Martin Brodeur (NJ Devils) is 35.

• “Aiken Lobster Race”, the 23rd running of the world’s only ‘thoroughbred lobster’ derby, scuttles in Aiken, South Carolina. Local restaurants use the event to sample gourmet food in the streets. The race itself features live Maine lobsters. (With little teeny-weeny jockeys?)
PHONER: 803.649.9500 (Newberry Street Festival Area)
• “Canadian Tulip Festival” through May 21st in Ottawa-Gatineau. This year’s event benefits the international work of War Child Canada in recognition of the festival’s wartime origins. The world’s largest tulip festival is a direct result of the gift of 100,000 tulip bulbs from Holland’s Princess (later Queen) Juliana in 1945 as thanks for providing a home during WWII.
PHONER: 613.567.5757
• “International Firefighters’ Day”, to recognize the efforts of the brave hearts who risk their lives to keep us safe. (And what women consistently pick in polls as the ‘Sexiest Profession’.)
• “International Tuba Day”, observed annually on the 1st FRIDAY of MAY to celebrate the musical instrument that seems to get no respect, and to recognize tubists around-the-world who struggle with the ‘weight and size of their big instrument’. Yeah, we know the feeling.
• “Relationship Renewal Day”, saluting relationships that have made it through yet another year. Couples are encouraged to celebrate and congratulate one another and each other.
• “Scrapbook Day”, honoring what’s become a hot hobby over the last few years. ‘Scrapbooking’ now involves a lot more than just gluing a few pics in a book. It even has its own magazine …
• “Weather Observers’ Day”, recognizing both pros and amateurs who follow the elements. (Hmm, which would [local TV weather reporter] qualify as?)

• “Cartoonists Day”, kicking off “Cartoon Art Appreciation Week”, to create greater public awareness and appreciation for the cartoon.
• “Cinco de Mayo”, a Mexican holiday commemorating the 1862 victory over French troops at the Battle of Puebla. Mexicans everywhere celebrate with parades & fiestas. Widely observed in the American Southwest.
• “Free Comic Book Day”, the 6th annual observed on the 1st SATURDAY in MAY, an attempt to reacquaint today’s screen-addicted kids with the comic book experience. Thousands of vendors will give away issues … gratis!
• “Halfway Point of Spring” with 46 days behind us and 46 more to go until the first day of Summer.
• “Kentucky Derby”, the 133rd running of this first jewel in the Triple Crown of horse racing, in Lexington KY. The undefeated horse ‘Curlin’ looks to be the favorite to win this year’s ‘Run for the Roses’.

• “Astronomy Day”, established to teach the public about the stars by encouraging astronomy clubs and groups to offer telescopic views.
• “Childhood Depression Awareness Day”, sponsored by the Mental Health Association.
• “International No Diet Day”, the 16th annual observance, co-sponsored the Canadian Association for Size Acceptance, intended to convince us to stop being obsessed with weight. You’re encouraged to wear a light blue ribbon and join the celebration. Did you know …
– The average North American woman is 5′-4”, weighs 140 lbs, and wears a size 14 dress while the ‘ideal’ woman, portrayed by models and screen actresses, is 5′-7”, weighs 100 lbs, and wears a size 8.
– One-third of North American women wear size 16 or larger.
– 75% of North American women are dissatisfied with their appearance.
– 50% of North American women are on a diet at any one time.
• “International UNmothers Day”, an annual event honoring women who’ve consciously chosen NOT to be mothers. It’s also “Single Mother’s Day”, honoring those who do the work of 2 parents all by themselves.
• “National Tourist Appreciation Day”, initiated by the Tourist Industry Association as a day to be extra-courteous to guests in our country and to recognize their benefit to the economy.
• “Nurses Week” begins, in recognition of the contributions and commitment of these professionals to quality healthcare. It culminates in “International Nurses Day” MAY 12th.

1927 [80] The ‘Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences’ is founded (the Oscar people)

1959 [48] 1st ‘Grammy Awards’ presented (winners include Perry Como, Ella Fitzgerald, Henry Mancini, and the Kingston Trio)

1994 [13] Bill Wyman announces his retirement from the Rolling Stones (thereby missing out on the hundreds-of-millions they’ve made since)

1715 [292] 1st ‘Folding Umbrella’ pops open (Paris, France)

1968 [39] 1st McDonald’s ‘Big Mac’ is served (2 all-beef patties, onions, pickles, lettuce, mustard on a sesame seed bun)

[Tues] No Socks Day
[Tues] World Red Cross Day
[Tues] NEA Teacher Day
[Wed] 3rd Shift Workers Day
[Wed] Lost Sock Memorial Day
[Wed] Small Business Day / Receptionists Day
[Wed-May 19] 1st High Line Festival (NYC)
This Week Is … Safe Kids Week
This Month Is … Young Achiever’s Month


The week’s most requested music files online …
5. Fergie – “Glamorous”
4. DJ Unk – “2 Step”
3. Huey – “Pop Lock & Drop”
2. Mims – “This Is Why I’m Hot”
1. Akon – “Don’t Matter”
– Big Champagne online music measurement

Friday, MAY 18th is “International Museum Day”. The hit movie comedy “Night at the Museum” has just been released on DVD. Why not put ‘em together? Give away copies of the DVD; arrange a special screening at a local museum, where everyone gets in free for the night. (And if you can get the exhibits to come to life … then you’ve really got something!)

Today’s Question: At 3-months-old a baby girl can distinguish THIS but a baby boy can’t.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Family members in pictures.

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