November 14, 2007

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007        Edition: #3655
100% Canada #1 Grade A Bull!

A 1963 Andy Warhol portrait of actress Elizabeth Taylor, purchased by actor Hugh Grant for $4 million in 2001, was expected to sell for close to $35 million in an art auction LAST NIGHT in NYC (savvy investor Hugh is clearly more than just a pretty face) . . . Actress Lindsay Lohan has begun community service in Los Angeles as part of the plea deal on her DUI conviction, a 10-day stint at an American Red Cross blood services facility . . . 46-year-old former Culture Club frontman Boy George is due in court NOVEMBER 22nd on charges of ‘false imprisonment’ after a 28-year-old male escort was found in his home – chained to a radiator . . . Google has reportedly been talking with British entertainment mogul Simon Fuller (Spice Girls, “American Idol”) about creating original online content to directly compete with the fare offered by TV networks (nice to see they’ve gone directly to the source of quality entertainment) . . . It seems “Hero” star Hayden Panettiere (cheerleader ‘Claire Bennet‘) isn’t just an on-screen do-gooder, she’s become an animal rights activist and will be traveling to Japan to try to save dolphins (as we all know, cheering for the Dolphins this year is pointless) . . . NBC-TV is considering substituting guest hosts for Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien if the writers’ strike becomes a lengthy affair; while reports say their competitors David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel may return to the air as early as NEXT WEEK (Johnny Carson ended up crossing the picket line during the last strike in 1988) . . . Disneyland in Anaheim CA plans to close down the 43-year-old “It’s a Small World” attraction for renovations because the waterway boats keep bottoming out and getting stuck, thanks to the increasing chubbiness of patrons (ironically, customers who’ve been asked to vacate boats have been offered – free food vouchers) . . . And here’s a sure sign of how nuts the media world has become – Fox News reportedly now has a full-time Britney Spears correspondent (“Ohmygawd she ran another red light – it’s the end of the world as we know it!”).

• Beyoncé – A billboard for Z 93.7 FM in Reno NV featuring her clad only in a bikini is angering some locals who are complaining it’s obscene. A petition’s been started to have it taken down.
• Carrie Underwood/Keith Urban — They’re set to hit the road together NEXT YEAR in what will be called the “Love, Pain and the Whole Crazy Carnival Ride Tour”. Someone thought too long about that one.
• Christina Aguilera – She’s held a baby shower at her Los Angeles home. As a bit of a clue …  the theme was ‘blue’.
• Duran Duran – They’ve been forced to reschedule a string of comeback concert dates in NYC due to Broadway workers going on strike.
• Fall Out Boy – They visit “The Sauce” (Fuse).
• Justin Timberlake – Starting in 2008 he’ll be the host of the PGA Tour’s annual Las Vegas event, which will be tagged the “Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open”.
• TI – While under house arrest in Atlanta awaiting trial on federal weapons charges, he’s begun writing material for his next album, “Paper Trail”, due in SEPTEMBER 2008.
• Wyclef Jean – He’s announced the creation of several youth-based programs funded by his Yele Haiti charity. The initiative will provide computer labs, classrooms, and counseling in Haiti as well as establishing youth scholarship and soccer programs.

• “The Comedy Festival” – The 3rd annual through Saturday features Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld co-headlining at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.
• Dave Matthews Band – TONIGHT & tomorrow they play 2 free shows for cadets at the US Military Academy in West Point NY. Army beat out Air Force, Navy, and more than 100 other colleges that participated in the ‘World’s Loudest Pep Rally’ contest to win the gigs.
• Garth Brooks – TONIGHT’s concert at the Sprint Center in Kansas City MO is being screened in select movie theaters live. A rerun is scheduled for TOMORROW night.
• Kanye West – An autopsy has been scheduled for TODAY for his 58-year-old mother Donda West, who died after complications from a tummy tuck and a breast reduction cosmetic procedure. The plastic surgeon involved claims he did nothing wrong.
• Plain White T’s – They perform on a rerun of “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” (NBC).
• “Project Runway 4” debuts (Bravo) –  34-year-old German-born model/designer/personality/entrepreneur Heidi Klum returns with a slew of new wannabe fashion moguls. Judge Tim Gunn predicts viewers are going to be extremely angry with the judges this time around. The season concludes with the 3 finalists showing designs during “New York Fashion Week” in FEBRUARY. The overall winner gets $100,000 to start a fashion line.
• R Kelly/J Holiday/Ne-Yo – They kick off a 39-date fall arena tour in Columbus GA.
• Spice Girls – A hearing is scheduled in Los Angeles to determine how much actor Eddie Murphy will pay ex-gf Melanie Brown in child support for their 6-month-old daughter Angel Iris. If all goes true to form, there will likely be numerous delays thanks to high-paid lawyers.

New terms leaking into the lingo …
• ‘Sharp Number’ – A precise or unrounded number. A recent Cornell University study finds we tend to downplay the magnitude of precise numbers, such as $325,437 as opposed to more familiar rounded numbers like $325,000. In fact, you’re more likely to sell your house if it’s priced at the higher ‘sharp number’. (Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for ages.)
• ‘Suicide Tourism’ – A new study by the NY Academy of Medicine has found that more than 1-in-10 people who kill themselves in Manhattan have specifically traveled to NYC to end their lives. Most do the deed at famous tourist attractions such as the Empire State Building, Times Square, or the George Washington Bridge. (If you really wanna go quickly, simply withdraw a couple grand from an ATM machine about 2 am on the Lower East Side.)

Seattle-based Jones Soda Company has launched its annual holiday-themed limited-edition soft drink collection. Among this year’s oddball flavors: ‘Christmas Ham’; ‘Sugar Plum’; ‘Christmas Tree’; ‘Egg Nog’; and ‘Turkey & Gravy’. A special Hanukkah pack includes ‘Jelly Doughnut’; ‘Apple Sauce’; and ‘Chocolate Coins’. All the drinks are kosher. And if you overindulge there’s even an ‘Antacid’ soda. (Who would have thought your entire holiday meal would be a 6-pack?)

The best rock-related movies ever, according to one ranking …
5. “Almost Famous” (2000)
4. “Purple Rain” (1984)
3. “Metallica: Some Kind of Monster” (2004)
2. “Saturday Night Fever” (1977)
1. “This Is Spinal Tap” (1984)
– “Blender Magazine”

If you really must have 6-pack abs but are too lazy to get them the old fashioned way, you can now buy them. For somewhere between $4,000 and $7,000, a new surgical procedure known as ‘abdominal etching’ will do the trick. The technique is a form of liposuction that sucks out the layer of fat that stands between you and your infomercial-grade abdominal muscles. (It also removes that lump off your hip … your wallet.)
– “Wall Street Journal”

Chocolate has been a treat for 3,000 years, according to archaeologists who’ve just found evidence of cacao at a dig in Honduras. Previously dated to 1150 BC, the new finding of residue of a chemical called theobromine in pots from the dig proves that people were enjoying chocolate for over 500 years before that. Researchers believe cacao may have been served during ceremonies such as marriage or birth. (Or PMS.)
– “Science Daily”

A team of researchers at Scotland’s University of Aberdeen has discovered that the first exchange of glances between couples is not so much about romance as … ego. The university’s Face Research Lab notes that initial attraction is based on several factors, most importantly someone looking directly at you. But a direct stare is attractive only if the person giving it looks as if they like you. Bottom line: researchers think we’re most attracted to people who are attracted to us. (“You like me … you really like me!”)
– “Guardian Unlimited“

Ever wonder why men find curvaceous women more attractive? Well, that’s because women with a curvy figure are brighter and give birth to brainier kids, according to a new study by the University of Pittsburgh and UC Santa Barbara. Stats show that curvaceous women give birth to more intelligent children because hip fat contains polyunsaturated fatty acids critical for the development of the fetal brain. The researchers believe the results explain why many men find curvy women more alluring … it’s natural genetic selection. (Here we just thought it was hot.).
– “New Scientist”

Everyone needs at least one hug a day to cope with the stress of modern life, British researchers have found. But a survey by scientists at Manchester Metropolitan University has established that the hectic pace of 21st-century living has basically killed off the hug, leaving us starved for daily physical contact. (Hey, who needs another lawsuit?)
– “The Telegraph”

A Japanese company has created the world’s first portable toilet that’s small enough to use … inside your car. The ‘Kurumarukum’ consists of a cardboard toilet bowl, a water-absorbent sheet, and a draw-around curtain to conceal you from others. The company claims the compact commode will come in handy during major disasters such as earthquakes or when you are caught in a traffic jam. (And you thought talking on the phone while driving was dangerous.)
– “Japan Today”

Teenagers who are ‘madly in love’ require about an hour’s less sleep a night than those who aren’t in a romantic relationship. They’re also more likely to spend money compulsively.
– “Toronto Star”


1948 [59] Prince Charles (Philip Arthur George of Wales), London UK, heir to the British throne/married Camilla Parker Bowles in 2005/married to Lady Diana Spencer (1981-96)/father of princes William & Harry

1954 [53] Condoleezza Rice, Birmingham AL, US Secretary of State since 2005/National Security Advisor (2001-05)/Director of Chevron Oil (1991-2001)/concert-level pianist

1964 [43] Reverend Run (Joseph Simmons), Queens NY, rap pioneer (Run-DMC–“Walk This Way”)/TV personality (“Run’s House” on MTV since 2005)

1964 [43] Patrick Warburton, Paterson NJ, movie actor (“Bee Movie”)/TV actor (‘Jeff’ on “Rules of Engagement”, ‘Joe Swanson’ on “Family Guy” since 1999, “Seinfeld” 1995-98)

1968 [39] Brian Yale, Woodbridge CT, rock bassist (matchbox twenty–“How Far We’ve Come”, “Unwell”)  FACTOID: The band’s 33-city “Exile In America” tour kicks off JANUARY 25th in Hollywood FL. Support acts are Alanis Morissette and Mutemath.

1972 [35] Josh Duhamel [‘due-uh-MEL’], Minot ND, TV actor (‘Danny McCoy’ on “Las Vegas” since 2003)/Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie’s boyfriend

1975 [32] Travis Barker, Fontana CA, rock drummer (Plus Forty Four-“When Your Heart Stops Beating”, Blink 182-“What’s My Age Again?”)

• “Educational Support Personnel Day”, honoring those who contribute in schools besides full-time teachers, including educational assistants, substitute teachers, clerical & technical employees, school nurses, custodians, and food service workers.

• “Leftovers Trading Day”, a day to swap all the leftovers lurking in the back of your refrigerator with a friend … for the leftovers in theirs.

• “Operating Room Nurse Day”, the highlight of “Operating Room Nurse Week”. Forceps! Sutcher! Bucket!

• “Pickle Appreciation Day”, a day to gear up for some tangy, spicy and yummy fun.

• “World Diabetes Day”, recognizing what’s becoming a worldwide epidemic. According to the Canadian Diabetes Association, every 10 seconds 2 people somewhere in the world develop the disease and 1 person dies of a diabetes-related condition. Since 2000, the number of people worldwide with diabetes has more than doubled. In Canada, there are more than 2 million people with diabetes.

1922 [85] BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) radio service goes on-air from Marconi House in London

1896 [111] 1st ‘Hydro-Electric Power Plant’ at Niagara Falls begins operation

1982 [25] 1st ‘Domed Stadium’ in Canada opens (BC Place in Vancouver)

1666 [341] 1st recorded ‘Blood Transfusion’ (dog-to-dog)

1994 [13] The Channel Tunnel (‘Chunnel’) opens, linking Britain & France under the English Channel

1993 [14] Miami’s Don Shula becomes ‘Winningest Coach in NFL History’ by beating the Philadelphia Eagles for his 325th victory (finishes career in 1995 with 347 wins and is elected to Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1997)

[Thurs] Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day
[Thurs] Pack Your Mom’s Lunch Day
[Thurs] America Recycles Day
[Thurs] 31st Great American Smokeout
[Fri] International Day for Tolerance
[Fri] Transgender Day of Remembrance
[Fri] World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims
This Week Is … Adoption Week
This Month Is … Lung Cancer Awareness Month


• Earl-Grey-T
• Snuff Daddy
• Haughty by Nature
• Notorious WIG
• Tuppence
– Mike Richardson-Bryan

Are the following sportscasters stiff or still living play-by-play?
• Pat Marsden (Died 2006.)
• Howard Cosell (Died 1995.)
• Marv Albert (Alive at 66.)
• Johnny Esaw (Alive @ 82.)
• Jack Buck (Sportscaster Joe Buck’s dad died in 2002.)
• John Madden (Alive and doing “Sunday Night Football” at 71.)
• Danny Gallivan (Died 1993.)
• Jim McKay (Alive and 86.)
• Pat Summerall (Alive, but well pickled at 77.)
• Ernie Afaganis (Alive and 75.)
• Curt Gowdy (Died 2006)
• Vin Scully (Alive at 79.)
• Mel Allen (Died 1996.)
• Joe Garagiola (Alive and 81.)

What’s the most annoying commercial on TV … the one that makes you hit the mute button?

If we learn by our mistakes then I am getting a fantastic education.

Today’s Question: Almost half of us re-use THIS after just one use.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Aluminum foil.

Experience is that marvellous thing that enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again.

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