November 3 2022

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Thursday, November 3, 2022 — Edition: #7351

Sheet Happens!


★ Sharon Stone has revealed that her doctors found a “large fibroid tumor” after she was misdiagnosed and given the wrong treatment. Now, she’s urging women to always seek a second medical opinion. The “Basic Instinct” star wrote on Instagram that she was treated with a “double epidural” but was still in considerable pain, so she sought out another medical professional. She says the second set of doctors found “a large fibroid tumor that must come out.” The 64-year-old wrote on Instagram: “Ladies in particular: Don’t get blown off GET A SECOND OPINION, It can save your life.” She ended her post saying: “I’ll be down 4-6 weeks for a full recovery.”
★ Jimmy Fallon says he’s in. On “The Tonight Show”, he accepted the invitation of Cameron Crowe’s to reprise his role from the “Almost Famous” movie for the new Broadway stage musical adaptation. More than 3 years ago, when writer-director Crowe appeared on the show, Crowe made a casual pledge to his old Almost Famous actor Fallon that when the then-developing musical adaptation of the film makes it to Broadway, Fallon has an open invitation to reprise his role as harried (and hairy) band manager ‘Dennie Hope’. When the invitation was extended again during Crowe’s appearance on Tuesday’s show, Fallon exclaimed: “I’m in!”
★ “Jackass” star Johnny Knoxville has found a new job that does not involve getting concussions every week. He’ll join comedian Eric Andre and “American Horror Story” star Gabourey Sidibe to co-host ABC’s “The Prank Panel”. The trio will take viewers behind the scenes of their elaborate pranks. The Prank Panel will feature people making pitches for ways to prank their family, friends, and co-workers. The “pranxperts” will then bring these elaborate pranks to life as mentors and saboteurs. Celebrity guests will also join in. The series will debut in 2023.
★ HBO Max has dropped the first full-length trailer of Peter Billingsley in his return as ‘Ralphie’ in the upcoming “A Christmas Story Christmas”, the sequel to the classic holiday pic “A Christmas Story”. The film begins streaming on HBO Max November 17. It follows an adult Ralphie (Billingsley) in the 1970s, who returns to the house on Cleveland Street to deliver his kids a magical Christmas like the one he had growing up. Ralphie reconnects with childhood friends like ‘Flick’ and ‘Schwartz’, encounters childhood bullies like ‘Scut’ and reconciles the passing of his Old Man. LINK:

• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/Global): Rob McElhenney, Emayatzy Corinealdi, the Heavy Heavy
• “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/CTV): Bashir Salahuddin, Diallo Riddle, Paramore
• “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” (CBS/Global): Bono
• “Late Night with Seth Meyers” (NBC/CTV): Cecily Strong, Evan Rachel Wood, Dena Tauriello
• “The Late Late Show with James Corden” (CBS/CTV): Kal Penn, Melissa Fumero
• “Watch What Happens Live” (Bravo): Kyle Cooke, Luke Gulbranson
• The View” (ABC/CTV): Angela Bassett, Cheech Marin
• “The Talk” (CBS): Randall Park
• “Live with Kelly and Ryan” (ABC/CTV): Danai Gurira, Jake Lacy
• “The Kelly Clarkson Show” (Check local listings):  JB Smoove, Aimee Garcia, Duff Goldman, Courtney Marie Andrews
• “The Drew Barrymore Show” (Check local listings): Elizabeth Banks, Law Roach
• “Jennifer Hudson Show” (Check local listings): Alfonso Ribeiro
• “Sherri” (Check local listings): Gina Yashere, Justine Bateman
• “World Series Baseball” (Fox, SN): Game #5: Houston Astros @ Philadelphia Phillies
• “Young Sheldon” (CBS): George Sr. is asked to help with the football team; Mandy discovers Georgie and Meemaw’s secret business.
• “The First 48” (A&E): Season 24 premiere. Two murders occuring within hours of each other at the same apartment complex leave Mobile Homicide scrambling to find the culprits.
• “Station 19” (ABC): The crew works against the clock to rescue a group of employees trapped inside a malfunctioning battery recycling plant; Carina plans a surprise to reconnect with Maya; Travis gets caught in the crosshairs of dirty politics.

• Taylor Swift – has hinted at a collab with U2’s Bono. When the 2 appeared as guests on “The Graham Norton Show”, the host asked if they had ever worked together. Her reply: “Not yet. We’re gonna talk about it later.” Bono added: “I’m a Swiftie!”
• Pink, Imagine Dragons and Carrie Underwood – are among the artists set to perform at the 2022 American Music Awards, which will air live from the Microsoft Theater in L.A. on Nov. 20. Also taking the stage: JID, Tems, Wizkid and Yola, with additional performers to be announced. Wayne Brady will host.
• Mariah Carey — declared it Christmas season in the most iconic way possible. In an elaborate video, fit for the holiday queen, posted at precisely 12:01 am on November 1, she rocks a sparkly red dress as she circles a set of pumpkins carved to read, “It’s not time.” But with a candy cane-striped bat, she gleefully smashes the pumpkins as an alarm goes off and her holiday classic ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ starts playing. LINK:
• Bruce Springsteen — His decision to sell his back catalogue was a “timing thing”. He says he has no plans to hang up his microphone after offloading his music rights to Sony for $500 million last December. But he “just got to a point in my life where, you know, I’m 73 years old and it was going to Columbia (owned by Sony) who I knew was going to take really good care of it.”
• Metallica — frontman James Hetfield turned the tables on epic appearance of the group’s ‘Master Of Puppets’ in season 4 of “Stranger Things”, by dressing up as the show’s resident metalhead ‘Eddie Munson’ for Halloween. Metallica posted a pic of Hetfield sporting a mullet wig, leather jacket and battle vest as he throws the horns, with the caption: “Eddie Munson says Happy Halloween!” LINK:
• Teenage Head – Founding guitarist Gord Lewis is set to be remembered by close friends and former bandmates following his Aug. death. On Nov. 5 at FirstOntario Concert Hall in Lewis’s hometown of Hamilton, ON, surviving bandmembers will perform their greatest hits with Headstones guitarist Trent Carr taking Lewis’ spot. There will also be a number of special guests, TBA.
• Dierks Bentley and Jimmie Allen – will participate in the comedy special “Pickled’ on CBS Nov. 17. The highly anticipated pickleball competition will be hosted by Stephen Colbert and include appearances from other celebs, including Will Ferrell, Max Greenfield, Luis Guzman, Daniel Dae Kim, Sugar Ray Leonard, Tig Notaro, and Emma Watson. LINK:
• Carly Pearce –The day after completing her sold-out debut run at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, she traveled back to her home state for her induction into the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame on Sat. She shared pics, and wrote: “Kentucky will forever be home & the place that I found my love of music.” Fellow Kentucky native Ricky Skaggs was on hand to induct her. LINK:
• CMAs — Luke Combs, Brothers Osborne, Ashley McBryde, Thomas Rhett, Reba McEntire and Chris Stapleton will perform at The 56th Annual CMA Awards. Also set to grace the stage are Brandy Clark, Caylee Hammack, Cody Johnson, Elle King, Patty Loveless, Katy Perry, Pillbox Patti, Cole Swindell, The Black Keys and The War and Treaty. The CMAs will be held at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville on Nov. 9.


Up until now, saying “I just don’t have time” has been a pretty good way to justify the fact that you never work out. But a new study might have just put an end that excuse. Scientists at the University of Sydney in Australia say that 2-minute “bursts” of vigorous physical activity totaling just 15 minutes per week are associated with a lower risk of death. That’s right, a quick, 2-minute workout each day may help you live longer! The study author said: “Given that lack of time is the most commonly reported barrier to regular physical activity, accruing small amounts sporadically during the day may be a particularly attractive option for busy people.”
(Except now I’ll have to spend that 2 minutes each day coming up with another excuse…)
(Plus, you’ll save even MORE time by making very short workout playlists!)

You’ve probably heard that, just as every human has unique fingerprints, so do dogs have unique “noseprints”. And now, finally, someone is using that info for good. A South Korean company has developed a biometric recognition tool allowing dogs to be identified by their nose prints. Once pet owners register the nose pattern and general info of their dog into an app called “Anipuppy”, the information can be easily recalled by scanning the dog’s nose print. With the new technology, which the company says is 99.9% accurate, people who find lost dogs can quickly and directly communicate with their owners through the app. The company says its system is based on a 3D biometric algorithm, and it is less intrusive and faster than current microchip pet-identification systems.
(When my dog’s missing, I usually just have to check the cat box!)
(Expect a popular dog name in the next few years to be “Prints”!)

If you still have a lonely-looking slightly-used jack-o-lantern or pumpkin sitting on your front porch, hold off on throwing it in the trash. They don’t have to end up in the landfill. Here are a few suggestions:
• Consider composting pumpkins in the garden. Slice it up, add materials such as leaves, sawdust, wood chips or cardboard, and occasionally add water to the compost pile. Turning it over with a rake or pitchfork ensures that oxygen is mixed in.
• Donate them to a community garden, farm or even a zoo, or just leave them as a snack for backyard wildlife. Pumpkin is a meal for many farm, zoo and ‘critter’-type animals. And pumpkin seeds are a tasty treat for a wide variety of birds.
(Or you could wear it as a helmet, just like in all those redneck ‘fail’ videos you’ve seen…!)
(Any other uses for pumpkins that you’re aware of? Aside from pie, of course!)

According to a survey of UK motorists, nearly 95% have been pronouncing the name of car manufacturer BMW wrong. (And so, apparently, have I.) Even though it’s just 3 letters, most people assume they should use the English versions of those letters, which – being as it’s a German car – is not correct. It’s actually pronounced (no, not ‘Beemer’), “bee em vee” rather than “bee em double yoo”. Here are some other correct pronunciations of commonly mispronounced auto manufacturers…
⇒ Renault – Reh-noh (44% got it wrong)
⇒ Porsche – Porsh-ah (76% wrong)
⇒ Peugeot – Pe-zhoh (86% wrong)
⇒ Volkswagen – Fokes-vah-gun (91% wrong)
⇒ Hyundai – Hun-day (94% wrong)
(The study also shows that 99% of BMW drivers don’t know how to use a turn signal!)
(I’m just glad that Yves Saint Laurent doesn’t make cars!)

The best time to weigh yourself is first thing in the morning. That’s when you’ll get your most accurate weight because your body has had the overnight hours to digest and process whatever you ate and drank the day before. And you should try to turn that into a regular part of your routine. That way, you’re less likely to forget, and it is the easiest way to see trends over time. Weight fluctuates, so a pound or 2 isn’t the issue; it’s the extra 2 or more that stick around for several days that you want to pay attention to. (Two? That’s cute…)


• “Cliché Day”. It’s amazing how they infiltrate our daily conversations. (***Try to make it through an entire show without anyone uttering a cliché. Hit the buzzer every time one pops up!***)
✗ “To be honest …”
✗ “Threw me under the bus.”
✗ “It is what it is.”
✗ “I’m not joking.”
✗ “With all due respect …”
✗ “Bite the bullet.”
✗ “Par for the course.”
✗ “Run it up the flagpole.”
✗ “You know what I mean?”
✗ “At the end of the day …”
• “Sandwich Day”, celebrating the 1718 birth of John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich. A compulsive gambler, he wanted something that could be eaten at gaming tables, and earned immortality when he began eating beef between slices of toast in 1792. (Some say he stole the idea from a guest, the Earl of Shrewsbury. So, it should be a peanut butter shrewsbury, a grilled cheese shrewsbury, a knuckle shrewsbury, etc…) [***Here are some truly odd sandwiches …***] LINK:
• “Men Make Dinner Day”, Sure, millions of guys make dinner for their families on a regular basis, but this day is for the last remaining Neanderthals who never do…and for guys who are just too scared to cook. (Maybe it’s a good thing that it’s also “Sandwich Day”?)
• “Housewife Day”, recognizing the importance of stay-at-home wives and moms. Also referred to as “Retro” Housewife Day. These wonderful, caring creatures build and enrich strong family environments and they help to instill family values and good character. (Probably best not to call them ‘housewives’, though…)
• “Give Someone a Dollar Today Day”, nowadays it seems like a dollar is almost worthless, but there still are some things that a dollar can get you. Today, give a dollar to someone you know, or to someone you’ve never met. Perhaps to someone who looks to be in need.

[Fri] King Tut Day
[Fri] Fountain Pen Day
[Sat] Book Lovers Day
[Sun] Basketball Day
This Week is… Intimate Apparel Market Week
This Month is…Gluten-Free Diet Awareness Month

1949 [73] Anna Wintour, London England, journalist (fashion icon who became famous as the editor-in-chief of Vogue Magazine in 1988)

1952 [70] Roseanne Barr, Salt Lake City UT, TV actress (“Roseanne” 1988-1997, 2018)

1953 [69] Dennis Miller, Pittsburgh PA, comedian (“Saturday Night Live” 1985-91, “Dennis Miller Live” 1994-2002)

1953 [69] Kate Capshaw (Kathleen Spielberg), Fort Worth TX, movie actress (“Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”)/married to Steven Spielberg since 1991

1954 [68] Phil Simms, Lebanon KY, NFL analyst (“NFL Today” since 2017)/former NFL quarterback (2 Super Bowls with NY Giants 1979-93)

1957 [65] Dolph Lundgren, Stockholm Sweden, movie actor (“The Expendables” films, “Rocky IV”, Creed II”)/martial artist. COMING UP…“Wanted Man”, 2023

1987 [35] Colin Kaepernick, Milwaukee WI, former NFL QB (San Francisco 49ers 2011-16)/civil activist (known for protesting what he viewed as oppression of people of color in the US by “taking a knee” during pre-game national anthems)

1987 [35] Elizabeth Smart, Salt Lake City UT, activist (made international news after being kidnapped at age 14, and rescued 9 months later. She became a child safety activist and a contributor for ABC News)

1995 [27] Kendall Jenner, LA CA, fashion model/TV personality (“Keeping Up With the Kardashians”)/fashion designer (Kendall & Kylie)/daughter of Caitlyn and Kris Jenner

1956 [66] The 1939 film “The Wizard of Oz” is televised for the first time, hosted by Bert Lahr and 10-year-old Liza Minnelli, on CBS

2019 [03] Olivia Newton-John’s black leather outfit from the film “Grease” sells for $405,700 at auction in Beverly Hills

1990 [32] ‘Ice Ice Baby’ by Vanilla Ice becomes the first rap tune to hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100

2004 [18] Eric Clapton is made a CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) by Princess Anne at Buckingham Palace

1995 [27] The NBA’s Toronto Raptors play their first regular-season game (a win over NJ Nets)

2014 [08] NYC’s One World Trade Center officially opens, 13 years after terrorists destroyed the twin towers of the original World Trade Center

2004 [18] “Jeopardy!” contestant Ken Jennings shatters the record for game show earnings by accumulating $2,197,000 (he finished with $4,370,700, later exceeded by Brad Rutter – $4,938,436 – including tournaments)


✓ Writing down your worries before taking an exam can help combat test anxiety, improve performance, and boost your test scores.
✓ The most-used expression in the world is “OK”.
✓ What is called a “French kiss” in the English-speaking world is known as an “English kiss” in France.
✓ 30 of the first 31 popes were murdered.
✓ The name for the shape of Pringles is called “Hyperbolic Paraboloid.”
✓ The nursery rhyme never says that Humpty Dumpty was an egg.
-BestLife, BathroomReadersInstitute

• Your friend who barely graduated high school is now an infectious diseases and political expert.
• It is rolling out a new educational program called “Zuck U”.
• It’s totally a coincidence that you were just talking about renovations, then a bunch of reno ads popped up in your feed.
• Every night at 11:59, Mark Zuckerberg’s wife shuts him down for software updates.
• Your Facebook friends really, really want to know exactly what you had for dinner.
• Everyone’s opinion is respected there.
• Mark Zuckerberg feels really sympathetic toward Elon Musk because of the negative way he’s being portrayed lately.
-Twitter, first published in BS in 2021

➠ The US Powerball jackpot soared to $1.2 billion after nobody won on Monday. (With that type of money, you could afford a house in California and still have cash for a latte at Starbucks…)
➠ Costco is selling a mega jigsaw puzzle that’s 29 feet wide and has 60,000 pieces. (And you thought it was hard to fit that toilet paper bundle into your cart?)
➠ Feds say 484 pounds of bologna and 285 pounds of cheese were seized at the Texas border. According to officials it’s the first time they’ve taken a lunch break before, during…and after a raid!)
➠ A survey says that over 90% of women get turned on when a guy cries at a wedding. (Sweet, I always cry at weddings . . . mostly because I know I’m losing a friend…)
➠ The Internet imploded over the weekend after Madonna posed nude on Instagram to pay tribute to her “Sex” book era. (…go ahead and file this one under, “Things that would have been WAY cooler in 1988.”)

Been there (sound up):

Wouldn’t a self-addressed envelope be addressed “To envelope”?

Who was the first band or musical artist you were really into? Do you still like them?

Question:  45% of people agree you should wait until age 25 to do THIS. What is it?
Answer:  Get a credit card

To be united is a great thing. But to respect the right to be different is even greater.

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