November 11 2021

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Thursday, November 11, 2021 – Edition: #7105

Deja Moo!


★ What was Paul Rudd’s reaction to being named “Sexiest man alive” by People magazine? The 52-year-old, known for his humility, seemed taken aback at the honor. He told People: “I do have an awareness, enough to know that when people hear that I’d be picked for this, they would say, ‘What?’” Describing the reaction of his wife Julie, he said: “She was stupefied. After some giggling and shock, she said, ‘Oh, they got it right.’ And that was very sweet.” The affable actor best known for playing “Ant-Man,” was named People magazine’s sexiest man alive on Wednesday, joining the likes of Idris Elba, George Clooney and Bradley Cooper.
★ The question is no longer if there will be another season of “Squid Game”, but when. Series creator Hwang Dong-hyuk revealed during an event celebrating the Netflix smash hit that the show will return for a second season. The South Korean thriller has proved spectacularly popular over the past month, hitting 111 million views in 28 days – and after all those jaw-dropping twists and turns, things were left very much set up for more. In an interview, Dong-hyuk said he is currently in the planning process for a second season, and promises “Gi-hun will come back, he’ll do something for the world.”
★ Brian Williams, the veteran anchor who became an integral part of MSNBC after an on-air gaffe in 2015 while behind the anchor desk at “NBC Nightly News” led to his removal from that landmark program, is parting ways with the cable-news outlet and striking out on his own. His next steps in the news business, or whether he expects to continue in it, remain unknown. In a note to NBC News and MSNBC staffers, Williams said “This is the end of a chapter and the beginning of another.”
★ Buddy the Elf’s favorite color might as well be green … because someone snatched up the famous costume from the Will Ferrell movie for 10 times the expected price. Prop Store is holding an auction for some of the most iconic film and TV props ever made — and the winning bid on the “Elf” costume came in at a whopping $296,702.66. The outfit Ferrell wore in the movie was expected to fetch between $27,000 and $41,000. (Elf quote: “It’s nice to meet another human who shares my affinity for elf culture.”)


• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/Global): Benedict Cumberbatch, Kevin Garnett, the War on Drugs
• “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/CTV): Taylor Swift, Colin Quinn, Sam Fender
• “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” (CBS/Global): Kenneth Branagh, Ellie Kemper
• “Late Night with Seth Meyers” (NBC/CTV): Taylor Swift, Aisling Bea, Elmo Lovano
• “The Late Late Show with James Corden” (CBS/CTV): Andrew Garfield, Jamie Dornan, Laurie Kilmartin
• “Watch What Happens Live” (Bravo): Emily Ratajkowski
• “The View” (ABC/CTV): Michael C. Hall
• “The Talk” (CBS): Drew Carey
• “Live with Kelly and Ryan” (ABC/CTV): Uzo Aduba, Dr. Melina Jampolis
• “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (NBC/CTV): Kathryn Hahn, Candace Parker
• “The Kelly Clarkson Show” (Check local listings): Dr. Phil, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Zac Brown Band
• “The Drew Barrymore Show” (Check local listings): Andy Cohen, Zazie Beetz, Saniyya Sydney, Demi Singleton
• “Christmas Cookie Challenge” (FOOD): Season 5 premiere. Five former champs return for another round of competition; creating a Christmas village puzzle out of 6 perfectly interlocking cookies and crafting massive Christmas mantels with realistic fireplaces.
• “Voices Magnified: Variety’s Salute to Service” (HISTORY): Incredible stories of veterans who sacrificed to serve their country, how veterans make the transition from military to civilian life and use their skills and experiences to chart a new path when they are no longer in uniform.

• Kanye West – is asking Drake to set aside their years-long feud. Monday, Ye appeared in a video asking that Drake work with him on a campaign for the release of imprisoned gang leader Larry Hoover, including an appearance together at an LA concert on December 7.
• Adele — With just days to go before she drops her hugely-anticipated “30” album, one song from the collection, ‘Hold On’, has debuted in a new holiday ad from Amazon. LINK:
• Greta Van Fleet — have announced their 2022 “Dreams And Gold” world tour. It will kick off March 10 in Kalamazoo MI and end June 29 in Manchester UK. Rival Sons and Velveteers will open the US dates.
• Alanis Morissette – ABC is developing a comedy inspired by her life. “Relatable” follows a 40-something who spent her young adult life as a “voice of her generation” rock star, but can’t quite get her kids to listen to her. All characters will be fictional. Morissette will exec-produce and write music for the show.
• Tina Turner — is suing a Germany-based tribute act for being too similar to her. Turner has filed suit against Dorothea ‘Coco’ Fletcher, claiming that she looks too much like her in promotional posters, and fans may mistakenly think Turner is actually involved in the production. Fletcher performs in a show called “Simply The Best”. (Isn’t this more of a ringing endorsement than anything?)
• Walker Hayes — It’s been a long road, but this week, he finally scored his first #1 hit at country radio with his viral ‘Fancy Like’. Released in the summer, it became a grassroots hit on TikTok after Hayes and his teenage daughter, Lela, choreographed a dance to go along with the song. His response:
• Sam Hunt – isn’t saying when his next album will arrive, but he will say that chances are, his current hit ‘23’ will be on it. As for what his 3rd album will sound like, He had this to say: “Party, with an undercurrent of heartbreak”, which, as he points out, isn’t a lot different from his first 2 albums.
• Vince Gill – presented the flood-damaged Waverly Central High School in Tennessee with over $100,000 worth of musical instruments. The gift replaced instruments lost to the August floodwaters caused by over 15 inches of rain. They were supplied by Gill, KHS Music and the CMA Foundation.


Enjoy your guacamole while you can. Some chefs are moving away from using avocados in their restaurants because of concerns over the fruits’ large carbon footprint, unsustainable harvesting methods, and its role in organized crime(!). According to Sylvain Charlebois, senior director of the Agri-Food Analytics Lab at Dalhousie University in Halifax, avocado production is linked to a loss of biodiversity, water shortages and deforestation. That’s why some leaders in the culinary world are uncomfortable with the popularity with avocados, and why they’re trying to find ways to make their customers happy using other products. A single avocado requires nearly 230 litres of water to grow, compared to an orange that needs about 50 litres, or a tomato that requires 13. And if you’re wondering about that ‘crime’ angle, the lucrative nature of avocados has also attracted drug cartels, and gangs have been known to demand protection money, buy farms outright and even threaten USDA inspectors.
(I, for one, am still not ready to “guac away”…)
(I’d be VERY interested in hearing what kind of substitutes for an avocado a chef could come up with. I mean, sure, I suppose there are other things you could put on toast…)
(It’s entirely possible that the real reason chefs don’t want to deal with avocado any longer is because they’re sick and tired of hacking a finger off every time they cut one open! What? Just me?)

➢ Many studies have found that quarantines, lockdowns, and stay-at-home orders have had a huge impact on the mental and even physical health of people. But a new study is saying the exact opposite. Researchers from the University of Reading claim that all the “solitude” people enjoyed in the early part of the pandemic actually improved well-being among those of all ages. Although respondents noted both positive and negative aspects of being alone during COVID, researchers recorded more positive aspects than bad ones, including competence, and autonomy — or a person’s reliance on their own abilities. (I know I learned how to put on a “spare tire”!)
➢ Vaccine hesitancy is turning into a complete stalemate for many. According to a new survey, half of adults who are still unwilling to get the coronavirus vaccine say there is nothing anyone could do to change their minds. The poll of more than 6,000 people in the US found that the main reason revolves around fears that the vaccine is unsafe. 18% think COVID vaccinations are more dangerous than the virus itself, and 15% believe the vaccine won’t prevent them from getting sick. (I was going to add a joke here, but they wouldn’t get that either…)

Six things you probably didn’t know about poppies:
✓ There are more than 70 kinds:  The one in Flanders Fields is a “common poppy”, also known as “corn poppy” or even “Flanders poppy.” It is different from the kind that produces opioids, called the “opium poppy”.
✓ Poppy seeds lie dormant until the ground is tilled:  When the soil is tilled to plant, say, corn, poppies often come up too. Presumably, the digging of graves in Flanders Fields did the same.
✓ The poppy seeds in your bagel are mostly cultivated from the opium poppy. That’s why poppy seeds are banned in several countries, including China — the worry is that they’ll be used to grow drugs.
✓ The 25-cent coin with the red poppy released by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2004 was the first circulated coin in the world to have color.
✓ About half of all legally grown poppies (for medicine) are grown in Tasmania.
✓ Poppies have been used by humans for thousands of years as traditional medicine. The remains of Neolithic humans in the Alps have been found with a pouch containing wheat, barley, and poppy. The Flanders poppy makes a compound called rhoeadine that has effects on people, but it’s very mild compared to opium.
-CTV, first published in BS in 2020

⇒ My partner and I have been working from home since March 2020, and he has finally politely informed me that my typing sounds like “50 hungry woodpeckers trying to eat a keyboard” — Pia Lentini
⇒ My husband heard me raise my voice and say “Per my last email” on a zoom meeting and working from home means him learning I’m a “per my last email” person. – Venessa Guerrero
⇒ So apparently everyone on my husband’s Zoom work call finds my singing distracting. – Ursula
⇒ the great thing about working from home is you get to absorb your partner’s job and stresses in addition to your own. it’s like a whole other job that i don’t get paid for. – David Mack
⇒ My wife just said “stay in your lane, girl” on a Zoom call so I’m just gonna go work in the bedroom for the next several hours – Coach Rusty
⇒ Does anyone else’s phone contain thousands of photos of their dog sleeping in exactly the same position? – Matt Nedostup
⇒ The fact that cats made their meows sound more like human baby cries to manipulate us into taking care of them is one of the things I respect most about cats. Good job you literal demons – Erin Ryan
⇒ Impressing a girl who owns cats on our date by eating so fast I throw up – Diego Lopez

A Canadian woman is believed to be the first person to be diagnosed as suffering from “climate change” after doctors said heatwaves and poor air quality brought on acute breathing problems. Kyle Merritt, the ER doctor in Nelson BC, who is responsible for the diagnosis, said that as a result of the record-breaking heat and wildfires in Canada over the summer, “All of her health problems have all been worsened.”


1948 [73] Robert “Mutt” Lange, Mufulira Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia), songwriter and music producer (AC/DC; Def Leppard; Bryan Adams; Foreigner, The Cars, Nickelback, Shania Twain)/married to Shania Twain 1993-2010

1960 [61] Stanley Tucci, Peekskill NY, movie actor (“The Hunger Games” films, “The Devil Wears Prada”) COMING UP . . . “The King’s Man” 2021

1962 [59] Demi [Demetria] Moore, Roswell NM, movie actress (“G.I. Jane”, “Ghost”)/married to Ashton Kutcher 2005-12/married to Bruce Willis 1987-2000. COMING UP…”Please Baby Please”

1964 [57] Calista Flockhart, Freeport IL, TV actress (“Brothers & Sisters” 2006-11, “Ally McBeal” 1997-2002)/married to Harrison Ford since 2010

1974 [47] Leonardo DiCaprio, Hollywood CA, movie actor (“Titanic”, Oscar-“The Revenant)/environmentalist (established the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in 1998, a non-profit devoted to promoting environmental awareness) COMING UP…”Killers of the Flower Moon”, 2022

1996 [25] Tye Sheridan, Elkhart TX, movie actor (“Ready Player One”, “X-Men: Apocalypse”)


• “Remembrance Day”, commemorating the end of WWI at 11 am on the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. It’s observed in Canada, the UK, and Australia…and in Belgium & France as “Armistice Day”. The original tradition is to observe 2 minutes silence at 11 am.
• “Veterans’ Day” in the USA, the annual observance originally called “Armistice Day”, renamed in 1954. The day now honors all American military veterans.
• “Martinmas”, the date of the annual “Martinmas Goose Celebration” at the town hall in Sursee, Switzerland. Blindfolded participants try to cut down a suspended goose with a single sword stroke. The warm weather that (sometimes) occurs around this time is called ‘St Martin’s Summer’ in Europe, ‘Indian Summer’ in North America (uh, maybe ‘Indigenous Summer’?).
• “Origami Day”, celebrating the ancient Japanese art of paper-folding. (Scrunch, scrunch, scrunch, hey look what I made … it’s a flu virus!)
• “Singles Day” in China, begun by college students in the 1990s as a version of Valentine’s Day honoring those who’ve yet to wed. It has developed into a major shopping day for gifts to woo that special someone. It’s scheduled on 11-11 because it’s the date with the most ‘singles’. (***See “Today’s Record”, below***) LINK:
• “Metal Day”, in honor of the classic 1984 metal mockumentary “This is Spinal Tap”, which, among others, gave us the classic line: “These go to 11” in describing how the band’s amps go up to “one louder” than 10. The day was first celebrated in 2011 (so yes, 11-11-11) by VH1 Classic. (So, flash the Devil horns, crank it to 11 and have . . . a good time . . . all the time!)
• “Sundae Day”, there are hundreds of different variations of the original ice cream sundae. Did you know that the most expensive sundae ever sold for $60,000? California ice cream brand Three Twins offered it, featuring ice cream hand-churned with glacial ice from the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. And the purchaser actually got to eat it on the summit. And got to fly there first-class, and stay in a 5-star hotel. Plus a souvenir T-shirt. And $10,000 went to charity. (So, the sundae was basically worth…$6.99, same as at Dairy Queen?)

[Fri] Chicken Soup for the Soul Day
[Fri] National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day
[Sat] Actor’s Day
[Sat] Sadie Hawkins Day

2004 [17] M’hammed Soumayah, bodyguard for Liza Minelli, sues the aging singer for $100 million for allegedly forcing him to have sex with her or be fired

1994 [27] Christie’s auction house in New York City holds their first-ever auction of rock memorabilia, including The Beach Boys’ guitars, a stage outfit worn by Jimi Hendrix, and John Lennon’s famous Army fatigues

2009 [12] 19-year-old country music sensation Taylor Swift becomes the youngest to win ‘Entertainer of the Year’ at the CMA Awards

2011 [10] The clock registers 11:11 on 11-11-11 (a hot date for many couples to wed)

2018 [03] Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba sets new records for their Singles Day sale, $1 billion in 85 seconds, $30.8 billion in 24 hours


✓ In 1952, Einstein called income taxes “the most difficult thing to understand.”
✓ An espresso has less caffeine than a cup of coffee (115 to 80mg).
✓ It takes twice as long to lose new muscle if you stop working out than it did to gain it.
✓ The 3 things pregnant women dream of most during the first trimester are: 1) frogs 2) worms and 3) potted plants.
✓ On average, people can hold their breath for about one minute. The world record is 24 minutes 37 seconds.
✓ Baskin-Robbins once made a ketchup-flavored ice cream.
-DidYouKnow, BathroomReadersInstitute

Best of BS . . .
• Both ‘city limits’ signs were on the same post
• The jail was called ‘Amoeba’, because it only had one cell
• The 7-11 was a 3 ½ – 5 ½
• The Main Street had dead ends in both directions
• The phone book only had one page
• There was nothing doing every minute
• The ZIP code was a fraction
• Third Street was in the next town over
• There was no place to go that you shouldn’t
• A “Night on the Town” only took 11 minutes
• The New Year’s baby was born in October
• No one used turn signals because everybody knew where you were going anyway
• At the town beauty contest, nobody won second or third.
-Emmitsburg, first published in BS in 2017

➠ The 55th Annual CMAs were held last night in Nashville. It’s country music’s biggest night. (Not counting “The Academy of Country Music Awards”, “The Country Music Television Awards”, and “The Country Awards for Music of Country Awards that Feature Country Music” Award Show…)
➠ The 55th CMA Awards were last night at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. Luke Bryan was the host, and Katy Perry was a special presenter. (I could watch that wide-eyed honey in anything!  . . . I like Katy Perry, too.)
➠ Walmart has revealed its Black Friday deals. (And if history is any indication, I’m sure no matter how good the deals are, Walmart customers will line up in an orderly fashion and patiently wait their turn.)
➠ This year’s Black Friday deals have been revealed at Walmart. (My wife and I differ on gifts this year.  She wants a diamond necklace. I want to get her something sensible like a bathrobe. So, we compromised, and I’m getting her a diamond necklace.)
➠ Fact of the Day: Clinomania is the excessive desire to lay in bed all day. (Or, as my step kids call it: tomorrow morning.)

REALLY stupid human tricks: 

Personally, I don’t believe the world owes me a living, although considering how much I make, an apology would be nice.

What was the last really great live event (of any kind) that you attended?

Question:  Someone figured out that that in your lifetime, you’ll hurt yourself about 190 times doing THIS. What is it?
Answer:  Shaving

In war, there are no unwounded soldiers.


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