October 25, 2005

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005        Edition: #3144
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TODAY late author Truman Capote’s recently-discovered first novel, “Summer Crossing”, will be published by Random House (taking advantage of the new “Capote” bio-film starring Philip Seymour Hoffman that’s now out in limited release) . . . Victor Willis, best known as the cop in ‘70s kitsch band The Village People, is currently wanted by the real police after failing to appear in a San Mateo CA county court for sentencing on a charge of possession of narcotics (have they checked the local YMCA?) . . . TV producer Mark Burnett tells “TV Guide” that “Survivor” is probably worth about ‘a billion dollars’ in marketing value to its host country (yeah, bet you can’t wait to go sweat and swat ‘skitters in Guatemala!) . . . “Elizabethtown” actress Kirsten Dunst says she maintains a slim physique even though she eats whatever she wants whenever she wants & doing little exercise – thanks to her naturally fast metabolism (doesn’t that make you hate her … even more?) . . . CBC-TV’s “Da Vinci’s Inquest” has morphed into the new series “Da Vinci’s City Hall” as the crusading coroner (played by Nicholas Campbell) runs for mayor & succeeds (based on former coroner/current Vancouver mayor Larry Campbell, who’s just been named a Senator … fodder for a future series?) . . . Stupormodel Kate Moss is said to be writing poetry while in rehab at The Meadows in Arizona in order to help her overcome cocaine use (she keeps bugging her therapy group, “What’s a word to rhyme with ‘crack’?”) . . . And Janet Jackson’s former brother-in-law claims she had a secret child with ex-husband James DeBarge, a daughter named Renée (now 18) who was sent away to live with Janet’s older sister Rebbie Jackson (so far, there’s ‘no comment’ from the JJ camp).

• Celine Dion – She’s told a French magazine she’s planning to have a 2nd child via in-vitro fertilization once her contract with Caesar’s Palace is up in 2007. The 37-year-old is already mom to Rene-Charles, born in 2001.
• Dave Matthews Band – TONIGHT they’ll be presented the ‘Humanitarian Award’ at the  “Billboard Touring Conference & Awards” in NYC in recognition of their various charitable works.
• Liz Phair – TONIGHT she’s a guest on NBC-TV’s “Last Call With Carson Day”.
• NSYNC – It seems they may never regroup for another studio album but TODAY their 13-track “Greatest Hits” collection is released, featuring all their pop hits and no new material.
• Pink – According to Vegas buzz she married her boyfriend, motocross star Carey Hart, on SATURDAY. Word is she died her hair blue for the nuptials.
• Rihanna – TONIGHT the “Pon De Replay” singer is on “Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson”.
• Stevie Wonder – TODAY he’s on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show”.
• Trace Adkins – TONIGHT he does “Late Night With Conan O’Brien”.
• Van Halen – Alex & Eddie Van Halen and Michael Anthony have outright denied reports they will be the follow-up band to INXS on the next season of TV reality show “Rock Star”.
• Also in stores TODAY … “At This Time”, a strange new album by 77-year-old legendary songwriter Burt Bacharach, which includes oddball collaborations with Dr Dre, Elvis Costello & Rufus Wainwright – several of them political protest songs.

• “Bewitched” (Comedy – DVD): Nicole Kidman & Will Ferrell star in the movie version of the classic TV sit-com (1964-72) about a good-natured witch who’s determined to disavow her supernatural powers and lead a normal life. Shirley MacLaine & Michael Caine co-star.
• “Herbie: Fully Loaded” (Family Comedy – DVD): Lindsay Lohan stars in this latest incarnation of ‘Herbie the Love Bug’, the little white VW Beetle with a mind and feelings all his own, who was first introduced in a 1969 Disney film. Co-stars Michael Keaton & Matt Dillon.
• “Melinda & Melinda” (Dramedy – DVD): In Woody Allen’s latest, 4 sophisticated New Yorkers share stories over dinner about an enigmatic woman named ‘Melinda’ (Radha Mitchell). Stars Will Ferrell, Jonny Lee Miller, Amanda Peet & Chloe Sevigny.
• “House of Wax” (Horror Thriller – DVD): In this re-do of the 1953 Vincent Price horror classic, a group of friends fall prey to a sinister plot while passing through a small town on their way to a college football game. Most notable for its cast of teen idols, including Elisha Cuthbert, Chad Michael Murray & the ever-untalented Paris Hilton.

Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete.

• Embrace your insignificance. Quit thinking everybody & everything depends on you.
• Let go of what you were told were the right things to do and decide for yourself.
• Take time to do nothing, either alone or with your family. Nothing planned or scheduled – whatever happens … happens! So you aren’t ‘productive’. Ask the kids if they care.
• Follow the money trail. Much of what takes up your time is making enough moolah to cover what you spend. You can often trade less money for more time.
• Eat the feast in your fridge. Instead of thinking about what you want to eat, think of what you’ve got and work with it. That way, you don’t have to run to the store every day.
• Practice gratitude. When you’re grateful, you’re less impatient and not constantly thinking you should be doing or getting something else.
• Prune your social circle. How many of the relationships in your life are fulfilling? How many are just habits?
• Sort through all your ‘stuff’. When you find things you haven’t used in a year or two, either sell ‘em, give ‘em away or toss ‘em!
– Condensed & extrapolated from “Redbook” magazine.

A Japanese inventor claims to have created a contraption which ages wine in seconds instead of years. According to Hiroshi Tanaka, his machine can turn cheap young wines into full-bodied well-aged wines in about 15 seconds. The machine puts wine through a type of electrolysis which causes the rearrangement of hydrogen and oxygen atoms around the alcohol molecules, a process which takes several years in naturally aging wine. Several wineries worldwide are expressing interest in obtaining the rights to use his patented device just in case it actually works. The next step for Tanaka is to build a version for small-scale use.
– “The Australian News”

Now that poker is all the rage, you can buy poker chips with various levels of personalization, including a new series of ‘Faith Chips’ emblazoned with messages about Jesus which, according to the Website that sells them, you can use to help spread the gospel to those gambling sinners you hang out with. Among the helpful poker-related messages from Jesus are these: ‘Jesus Went All-In For You’,‘Call in the Name of the Lord’, and ‘Don’t Gamble With Eternity’. (And the less popular ‘Raise on a Pair of Nines & You’ll Get Crucified’.)
NET: http://www.kerusso.com/detail.taf?listing_id=1524&r=790383225

German architects have devised an ingenious way to combat car crime in Berlin and maximize the city’s parking potential – upmarket apartments where residents park on their own balconies. Real estate development company Topos has designed the ‘car lofts’ with ‘car lifts’ at either end of each block to enable residents to drive right up to their front doors. (Didn’t they have this on “The Jetsons”?)
– Reuters

3rd-year Mount Allison University student Ben Phillips has found the world’s oldest-known Red Spruce tree while hiking along the Bay of Fundy coast in New Brunswick. Using a core sample, he’s counted the tree’s rings under a high-powered microscope to reveal it’s at least 445 years-old! Want to see it? Tough. In order to protect it, Phillips won’t say exactly where it is. (Canadian forestry giant MacMillan Bloedel is considering torture.)
– CBC News

The National Weather Service says there is a 60% chance of warmer than normal weather this winter in the Dakotas, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, north Texas, northern New Mexico and southern & eastern Colorado. States adjoining that area, plus Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Hawaii also have a chance of being warmer than usual. (And it sure looks like Florida has a chance of being wetter than usual.)
– AP

Scientists at the VTT Technical Research Center in Finland have invented a new gadget to prevent cellphone and laptop theft. The device enables hi-tech equipment to detect changes in their owner’s walking style, and to freeze if they detect unauthorized use. The first time it’s used, the gadget’s sensors measure characteristics of the owner’s gait and store them in their memory. (Great … until someone asks to borrow your phone.)
– “Irish Independent”

Tahiti-based property tycoon Richard Bailey says his resort on Marlon Brando’s Tetiaroa Island in the South Pacific will open in 2008. The $1,500-a-night paradise, to be called ‘The Brando’, will be built so as not to infringe on the island’s eco-system, in accordance to the late actor’s wishes. Bailey says the concept is very much in keeping with what Marlon wanted – environmentally sensitive, visually sensitive, architecturally sensitive. (And a really, really big buffet.)
– “GQ”

Illinois psychotherapist Cynthia Power has found there are links between our moods and our food choices. In a poll of 500 people, she found that those feeling specific emotions had cravings for similar foods. For instance …
• Anger – meat.
• Sadness – sugary foods & caffeine.
• In need of comfort – custard & ice cream.
• Lonely – rice & pasta.
• Stressed or feeling ambitious – french fries & onions.
• Sexual frustration – high-carb foods such as crackers & bread.
– “Times of London”

Humans are sensitive to halitosis in others but unable to assess the halitosis in their own breath. It’s a problem that is all too familiar to anyone who has ever exhaled into their cupped hands in a vain attempt to gauge their own oral hygiene. That’s why a group of scientists  at Tokyo Medical & Dental University have developed a sensor that can deliver precise readings of the sulphurous chemical methyl mercaptan, a major cause of bad breath. (It measures breath on a scale from ‘Ahhhh’ to ‘Ohmygawwwdddd!’.)
– The journal “Nature”.


1958 [47] Mark Miller, Dayton OH, country singer (frontman/founder of Sawyer Brown-“They Don’t Understand”)

1962 [43] Chad Smith, St Paul MN, rock drummer (Red Hot Chili Peppers-“Under The Bridge”)

1970 [35] Ed Robertson, Toronto ON, pop singer/guitarist (Barenaked Ladies-“One Week”)

1970 [35] Chely Wright, Kansas City MO, country singer (“Single White Female”)

1985 [20] Ciara (Harris), Austin TX, pop singer (w/Bow Wow-“Like You”, “1, 2 Step”)

TODAY is “Cartoonists Against Crime Day”. Huh? (OK varmint, on the count of 3 … draw!)

TODAY is “International Greasy Foods Day”, a celebration of our love of fatty foods, foods cooked in oil, foods smothered in butter, etc. One of the grossest we’ve heard of is the Dutch tradition of saving bacon grease or ‘spek’, then spreading it cold on toast. Then there’s the increasingly popular county fair treat of deep-fried Mars bars … urgh!

TODAY is “St Crispin’s Day”, the patron saint of shoemakers and leather workers. (Wouldn’t that be ‘St Nike’?)

1955 [50] 1st home ‘Microwave Oven’ is introduced by the Tappan Co, which slaps a $1,200 price tag on the new appliance that ‘cooks eggs in 22 seconds, bacon in 90 seconds’ (engineer Percy Spencer discovered microwave cooking 10 years earlier when he came too close to a magnetron tube and a chocolate bar in his pocket began to melt)

1960 [45] 1st ‘Electronic Wristwatch’ introduced by Bulova (before that, everyone had to wind their watch each day!)

1982 [23] Canada’s July 1st national holiday is officially changed from ‘Dominion Day’ to ‘Canada Day’

1998 [07] Denver Bronco kicker Jason Elam boots 63-yard field goal in the thin air of Mile High Stadium, tying Tom Dempsey’s 28-year-old NFL record

[Thurs] Cranky Co-Workers Day
[Fri] Chocolate Day
[Fri] Plush Animal Lovers Day
[Fri] Frankenstein Friday
[Sat] International Internet Day
[Sun] Daylight Saving Time ends (2 am)
[Mon] Halloween
This Week Is . . . International Infection Control Week
This Month Is . . . Depression Education & Awareness Month


The 2005 ranking of best eateries compiled by “Restaurant” magazine with the help of more than 500 chefs & experts …
1. The Fat Duck, Bray UK
2. El Bulli, Montjoi, Spain
3. The French Laundry, Yountville CA
4. Tetsuya’s, Sydney, Australia
5. Gordon Ramsay, London UK
6. Pierre Gagnaire, Paris, France
7. Per Se, NYC NY
8. Tom Aikens, London UK
9. Jean Georges, NYC NY
10. St John, London UK
(Interesting that 4 of them are in the country whose food gets made the most fun of … England.)
– Agence France-Presse

1. “Goodfellas”
2. “Vertigo”
3. “Jaws”
4. “Fight Club”
5. “The Godfather: Part II”
6. “Citizen Kane”
7. “Tokyo Story”
8. “The Empire Strikes Back”
9. “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy
10. “His Girl Friday”
– New ranking by “Total Film” magazine.

What do you call a group of jellyfish?
a. A smack. [CORRECT]
b. A smock.
c. A smuck.

The 4-track EP “Do They Know It’s Halloween?” is credited to the North American Halloween Prevention Initiative (a collaboration of a couple dozen recording artists, including Beck, Sum 41 and the Arcade Fire). It features 3 remixes along with the original tune which you can get here …
NET: http://www.vice-recordings.com/halloween

Today’s Question: We all like to receive them, but 90% of THESE are given by women.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Hallmark greeting cards.

Sex is like air. It’s not important unless you aren’t getting any.

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