October 19, 2007

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Friday, October 19, 2007        Edition: #3637
Don’t Take Any Sheet, Unless It’s Pure Bull!

Movie actor Ryan Gosling (“Lars & the Real Girl”) has confirmed he’s split with actress gf Rachel McAdams (“Wedding Crashers”) and admits some fans are so upset they’ve been berating him in the street for letting her go (they were both born in St Joseph’s Hospital in London ON, 4 years apart) . . . Actress Lindsay Lohan has sparked rumors things are getting serious with her snowboarder bf Riley Giles by wearing what appears to be an engagement ring while stepping out on the Hollywood party scene (oh oh, sounds like ‘Rehab 4′ is on the horizon) . . . Giles’ ex-fiancé says she dumped him after he admitted he & Lohan Lindsay had sex in a stairwell at the Cirque Lodge rehab center in Utah (classy!) . . . Meantime, Lohan has hired an ex-Israeli Army specialist to front her security detail and keep the paparazzi away whenever she’s in public (or a stairwell) . . . Pregnant movie star Halle Berry is determined to be a green mom by planning an environmentally-friendly baby nursery, complete with organic diapers (they’re even more organic after they’re used) . . . Actor John Goodman (“Evan Almighty”) has just checked out of Promises rehab center in Malibu CA after being treated for an undisclosed reason (either a drinking problem or the need to get his name in the news to land a gig) . . . FOX-TV has just ordered up a 2nd season of “Kitchen Nightmares”, meaning celeb chef Gordon Ramsay will be hitting the road to yell at underperforming restaurants again (riches from rage) . . . And the new “Canine Walk of Fame” in London UK will select its first famous & furry inductees NOVEMBER 5th from a shortlist that includes ‘Lassie’, ‘Toto’ from “The Wizard of Oz”, and cartoon superdog ‘Gromit’ of “Wallace & Gromit” fame (apparently Courtney Love didn’t make the cut).

• Amy Winehouse – She won’t be singing the theme song for the next ‘James Bond’ movie as rumored. Finnish rocker Ville Valo, lead singer of metal band HIM, has been chosen instead. Likely because he might actually show up to record.
• Black Crowes – Guitarist Rich Robinson has broken an ankle & torn up ligaments in his leg in some unknown accident, forcing him to play on-stage while sitting.
• Death Cab for Cutie – Chris Walla still expects to release his solo album “Field Manual” in JANUARY even though US border agents seized a computer hard-drive containing the master tracks when a courier attempted to deliver them to Seattle from the recording studio in Vancouver. Fortunately, Walla had a backup copy. He figures the seizure was random.
• Linkin Park – Frontman Chester Bennington has broken an arm after falling off the stage just 4 songs into the band’s set at a concert in Melbourne, Australia.
• *NSYNC – Lance Bass says he once suspected bandmate Justin Timberlake was also gay after he expressed interest in playing a gay role in a movie. Then he thought Chris Kirkpatrick was gay because he used to hang out with a choreographer. You mean those two aren’t?
• Paul McCartney – Estranged wife Heather Mills is said to be facing the necessity of having a major hip operation. Now she’ll be wanting even more of his moolah!
• Prince – He’s being sued for $1 million in LA Superior Court for allegedly not paying for several computer hard-drives used for video production. The estimated value of the goods: just $12,000. The balance of the lawsuit is due to the fact … well, he’s rich.
• U2 – They’ve been given planning approval to build the tallest apartment complex in their native Dublin, Ireland. A state-of-the-art recording studio will sit atop the building, which is slated for completion in 2011.

• Carrie Underwood – SATURDAY she sings her single “So Small” at the Grand Ole Opry.
• Dwight Yoakam – TONIGHT he guests on the “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” (NBC).
• Garth Brooks – TODAY $10-tickets go on sale for a simulcast of his NOVEMBER 14th KC concert to be shown in some 300 movie theaters. The 9-show stand at the Sprint Center is SRO. An encore presentation will be rebroadcast in theaters NOVEMBER 15th.
• Kanye West – He’s the musical guest in a rerun of the season-opening episode of “Saturday Night Live” (NBC), hosted by NBA star Lebron James.
• Keith Urban – TONIGHT he sings on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC).
• Kellie Pickler – SUNDAY she performs the anthem before the Minnesota @ Dallas NFL game (FOX).
• “The Next Great American Band” (FOX) – TONIGHT is the 2-hour premiere of this new talent search from the makers of “American Idol”. Wow, imagine a whole band-full of Clay Aikens!
• “Western Canadian Music Awards” – SUNDAY the 5th annual regional music awards are handed out at the Snowbirds Hangar 6 in Moose Jaw SK, hosted by Tara Spencer-Nairn (“Corner Gas”) & Jian Ghomeshi (CBC).
NET: http://www.westerncanadianmusicawards.ca/

• “The Comebacks” ( PG-13 Sports Comedy ): In this spoof of inspirational sports movies, a football coach with one of the worst records ever is lured out of retirement to helm a team of degenerates. Stars David Koechner (“Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”).
NET: http://www.foxatomic.com/comebacks/
• “Gone Baby Gone” ( R-Rated Crime Drama ): Ben Affleck directs brother Casey Affleck in the role of a private detective investigating the case of a kidnapped 4-year-old girl in Boston. Michelle Monaghan, Ed Harris & Morgan Freeman co-star.
NET: http://gonebabygone-themovie.com/
• “The Nightmare Before Christmas” (Animated Fantasy 3-D version re-release): Tim Burton’s 1993 tale about ‘Jack Skellington’, the pumpkin king of ‘Halloween Town’ gets an annual Halloween re-release, this time in 3-D and with a revamped soundtrack featuring Fall Out Boy.
NET: http://adisney.go.com/disneypictures/nightmare/index.html
• “Rendition” ( R-Rated Thriller ): Jake Gyllenhaal & Reese Witherspoon star in this story about a CIA Middle East analyst who begins to have doubts about his latest assignment after witnessing the interrogation of a suspect by the Egyptian secret police. Co-stars Alan Arkin & Meryl Streep.
NET: http://www.renditionmovie.com/
• “Sarah Landon & the Paranormal Hour” ( PG Family Mystery ): Newcomer Rissa Walters plays a teenage sleuth who attempts to figure out why people in her village are being haunted by ghosts. Intended as the first film in a series.
NET: http://www.sarahlandon.com/
• “The Ten Commandments” ( PG Animated Family ): This retelling of the biblical epic features the voices of Christian Slater, Elliott Gould, Alfred Molina & Ben Kingsley.
NET: http://www.epicstoriesofthebible.com/
• “Things We Lost in the Fire” ( R-Rated Drama ): Halle Berry & Benicio Del Toro play a grieving widow & a heroin-addicted friend who discover that her husband’s sudden death may actually be a blessing in disguise. Co-stars David Duchovny. Shot entirely in Vancouver.
NET: http://www.thingswelostinthefire.com/
• “30 Days of Night” ( R-Rated Horror ): Josh Hartnett plays the sheriff in the far-northern town of Barrow, Alaska where the Sun never rises for an entire month in the dead of winter. What better place for vampires to show up and go on a feeding frenzy? Shot in New Zealand.
NET: http://www.30daysofnight.com/

Forget Bungee Jumping and Hang-Gliding, the next adrenaline pumping sport will be hurtling back to Earth by ‘Space Diving’. Several extreme sports enthusiasts are preparing sky-dives from the edge of space in an attempt to beat a record set by Captain Joe Kittinger of the US Air Force in 1960, who jumped from an altitude of 20 miles, reaching a speed of around 700 mph during his 13 minute descent. If things go as planned, paying customers will be able to experience a descent from space as early as 2009. (Unfortunately, it’ll be on West Jet.)
– “Daily Telegraph”

A new study by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy NY suggests one of the best ways to get employees to show increased commitment to their company is to … let them stay home. Why? Stay-at-home workers connected to the office via Internet or phone feel more trusted by their employers and less stressed. Surveys show they also plan to stay with their company longer than commuting peers. (Yeah, staying at home’s great … oh, you mean you gotta work?)
– “Psychology Today”

New stats show silver is again the most popular car color, reflecting money, success, and prestige. It’s been the #1 color globally ever since 2001. However, observers say its starting to decline as other hues such as blue and black take some of its market share. Here’s what other car colors supposedly symbolize …
• Black – The color of authority and power. It is also the color of evil.
• White – Implies innocence and purity. White also shows dirt and is difficult to keep clean.
• Red – Emotionally intense. It stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing. Red cars are popular targets for thieves.
• Blue – Tranquility as it causes the body to produce calming chemicals. But blue can also be cold and depressing. It’s also the color of loyalty.
• Green – Symbolizes nature. It is calming and refreshing. Green is the easiest color on the eye. Dark green is masculine, conservative and implies wealth.
• Brown – Solid and reliable. Men are more apt to say brown is their favorite color.
NET: http://corporateportal.ppg.com/PPG/Newsroom/News/20071017.htm
– “Toronto Star”/– “Color Psychology”

Austria is set to host the world’s first-ever “Divorce Fair” later THIS MONTH, aimed at helping couples untie the knot as painlessly as possible. The Vienna event takes place on OCTOBER 27-28th, with the SATURDAY reserved for men and the SUNDAY for women, so couples can avoid awkward encounters. It’s certainly being staged in the right place – the divorce rate in Austria hit an all-time high of 50% in 2006, with Vienna leading the way at 66%. (Wouldn’t it be coincidental if the city is hosting the World Lawyers Congress the same weekend?)
– BBC News

Predictions of the paperless office, first made by “Business Week” magazine in a 1975 article on the “Office of the Future”, have proven greatly exaggerated. Although an estimated 9 trillion pages of info a year are now confined to computer screens, the number of printed pages is now over 2.5 trillion worldwide and predicted to grow over the next 10 years. Part of that is because office workers throw away 48% of everything they print within 24 hours, the equivalent to more than 1 trillion pages a year. (It’s all those football picks for the office pool.)
– “Social Studies”

• Most of us feel our best at 72F (22C), or about normal room temperature, according to a University of Michigan study of the effects of weather on mood. Lower humidity helps, too.
• OCTOBER is the most likely month for managers to be fired, according to employment stats. Well, we can keep our fingers crossed!


1931 [76] John Le Carré (David Cornwell), Poole UK, best-selling novelist whose books get made into movies (“The Constant Gardener”, “The Tailor of Panama”)

1945 [62] John Lithgow, Rochester NY, TV actor (“Twenty Good Years” 2006, “3rd Rock From the Sun” 1996-2001)/movie actor (“Kinsey”)

1965 [42] Ty Pennington, Atlanta GA, TV home improvement guru (“Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” since 2003, “Trading Spaces” 2000-04)

1969 [38] Trey Parker, Conifer CO, TV producer/writer (“South Park”)/movie producer/director (“Team America: World Police”)

1972 [35] Pras (Prakazrel Michel), Brooklyn NY, rapper/musician (Fugees-“Killing Me Softly”, “Ready or Not”)

1976 [31] Cyndi Thomson, Tifton GA, country singer (“What I Really Meant to Say”, “I Always Liked That Best”)

Classic rocker Tom Petty (& The Heartbreakers) is 57; Movie actor Viggo Mortensen (“Eastern Promises”) is 49; Rapper Snoop Dogg (“Drop It Like It’s Hot”) is 36.

TV judge Judy Sheindlin (“Judge Judy”) is 65; Movie actress Carrie Fisher (“Star Wars”) is 51.

• “Evaluate Your Life Day”, a time to ‘sit back and reflect on your contribution to humanity and see if you’re really heading toward where you want to be’. Hey, it shouldn’t take long.

• “Sweetest Day”, celebrated annually on the 3rd SATURDAY in OCTOBER. It began in 1922 when Herbert Birch Kingston, a philanthropist and candy company employee, began giving candy & small gifts to the under-privileged. He often used movie stars to distribute the gifts.

• “Babbling Day”, a day of tolerance for those who run off at the mouth … unless they’re on-air.
• “Brandied Fruit Day”. Yee-haw, let’s hear it for booze with a pit!
• “A Concert for Peace”, a Muslim “Live 8”-style concert at London’s Wembley Arena to highlight the humanitarian crisis in the Darfur region of Sudan. It coincides with the “Eid” celebration following the “Ramadan” fast. Artists participating include Sami Yusuf (UK), Kareem Salama (USA), and The Sound of Reason (Canada).
NET: http://www.samiyusuf.com/live/index.htm

• “Reptile Day”, a day of cold-blooded appreciation.

1919 [88] 1st team to ‘throw’ a World Series (Chicago’s loss to Reds becomes known as the ‘Black Sox Scandal’)

1957 [50] 1st NHLer to score 500 career goals (Maurice ‘Rocket’ Richard-Montréal Canadiens)

1872 [135] ‘World’s Largest Gold Nugget’ found in New South Wales, Australia (215 kg/473 lbs)

1980 [27] Steve McPeak rides ‘World’s Largest Unicycle’ (101-ft, 9-inches tall)

[Tues] Canned Food Day
[Tues] TV Talk Show Host Day
[Tues] Carrie Underwood releases “Carnival Ride” album
[Tues] Make a Difference Day
[Wed] United Nations Day
[Wed] Bologna Day
[Thurs] Punk For A Day Day
[Thurs] Cartoonists Against Crime Day
[Thurs] International Greasy Foods Day
This Week Is . . . Canadian Citizenship Week/World Rainforest Week
This Month Is . . . Campaign For Healthier Babies Month


Ideas for hot do-it-yourself costumes, suggested by show biz website The Rundown …
• Drunk David Hasselhoff (fast food burger, no shirt required).
• Paris Hilton (orange prison jumpsuit and Bible).
• Anna Nicole Smith (zombie makeup and toe tag).
• Phil Spector (gun and just about any wig you can find).
• Any character from “Flight of the Conchords”, “Superbad”, “Heroes”, “Grey’s Anatomy” or “Transformers”.
• The Geico Cavemen (tennis sweater).
• Michael Vick (Falcons jersey & stuffed dog).
• Billy Walsh from “Entourage” (“Suits Suck” T-shirt).
• Stephen Colbert (suit, glasses, flag).
• Dick-in-a-Box from “SNL” (box).

The other night during dinner my brother told a joke and I laughed so hard that milk shot out my nose. The creepy part is that I wasn’t drinking milk.

If you could suddenly find out that one work of fiction was actually true, what book would you select?

Today’s Question: Before 1962, THESE came afterward instead of before. That’s how they got their name.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Movie ‘trailers’.

A sure sign of bureaucracy is when the first person who answers the phone can’t help you.

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