October 12, 2007

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Friday, October 12, 2007        Edition: #3632
Ahhh, Some BS to Look Forward to in the Morning!

Former “Lost” actress Michelle Rodriguez has been sentenced to 6 months in the slammer for failing to complete community service & alcohol monitoring as part of her probation on a DUI charge (maybe she & Kiefer can hook up?) . . . “Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” is the upcoming film most moviegoers are looking forward to seeing, according to a new survey, followed by the new ‘Batman’ flick, “The Dark Knight”, and the Nicolas Cage sequel, “National Treasure: Book of Secrets” . . . eBay is attempting to regain its ‘folksy’ appeal by launching its own social networking site, ‘Neighborhoods’, which will encourage users to post tips, product reviews & photos (can people bid on your ‘Friend List’?) . . . After scrutinizing Al Gore’s climate change documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” to assess whether it should be shown in schools, a judge claims the film has at least 9 significant inaccuracies (including that one about hell & a handcart) . . . 45-year-old early ‘90s rapper MC Hammer is denying online rumors that he recently stiffed (shocking – we thought he died years ago) . . . 38-year-old ex-Mr Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, is denying a report that he’s suffered a mild heart attack, a story started by – his own lawyer . . . And buzz continues to circulate that 38-year-old Jennifer Lopez is pregnant with twins, “Us” magazine reporting she’s about 4 months along although there’s been no official announcement so far (fans who’ve witnessed her current tour with hubby Marc Anthony say her front is starting to match her back … if you know what we mean).

• Barry Manilow – Hallmark has signed him as this year’s Christmas CD artist and will market his Hallmark Gold Crown Christmas album “In the Swing of Christmas” exclusively.
• Good Charlotte – Bassist Paul Thomas continued to play through pain after falling off the stage at a Brisbane, Australia concert THIS WEEK. He was taken to hospital afterward and diagnosed with a sprained ankle.
• Justin Timberlake – His “Future Sex/Love Sounds” album has become the first since Shania Twain’s “Come on Over” (1997) to spawn 6 top-40 hits.
• Madonna – She’s close to leaving her longtime record label Warner Music and signing a 10-year, $120 million recording & touring deal with Live Nation Inc. Word is she’d receive a signing bonus near $18 million, and a $17 million advance for each of 3 albums.
• Paul McCartney – YESTERDAY he & Heather Mills appeared in a London court amid speculation they may finally be nearing a divorce settlement. It’s estimated she’ll get somewhere between $40 million-and-$100 million to close the deal.

• Alicia Keys – TONIGHT she performs on the “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” (NBC).
• “BET Hip Hop Awards” – SATURDAY at Atlanta’s Civic Center, TI leads nominations with a total of 9, ahead of Lil’ Wayne with 7 and Kanye West with 6. Scheduled performances include Kanye, Nelly, Common, and Lil’ Wayne (if he’s sprung from jail).
• “Big State Festival” – SATURDAY-SUNDAY this first-ever fest at the Texas World Speedway in College Station features some 50 acts on 5 stages, including Billy Currington, Dierks Bentley, Gary Allan, Jack Ingram, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Miranda Lambert, Tim McGraw, Trace Adkins, and the Wreckers among others. There’ll also be stockcar racing during the event.
• Deana Carter – SUNDAY she’s hosting the “Fashion For Every Body” fashion show at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. The event raises money for the Eating Disorders Coalition.
• Ellen Pompeo – SATURDAY the “Grey’s Anatomy” star  receives a ‘Special Achievement Award’ at the “National Italian American Foundation’s 32nd Anniversary Awards Gala” in Washington DC. Other honorees include film director Martin Scorsese (“The Departed”).
• Foo Fighters – They’re the musical guests on “Saturday Night Live” (NBC), hosted by singer Jon Bon Jovi.
• Gretchen Wilson – THIS AFTERNOON the “Redneck Woman” is on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” (syndicated/CityTV).
• Hank Williams Jr – SUNDAY he’s inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame.
• Janet Jackson – TODAY she promotes her new movie “Why Did I Get Married?” on both “Live With Regis & Kelly” (syndicated/CTV) and “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” (NBC).
• Julia Roberts – TONIGHT she receives the 22nd “American Cinematheque Award” for career achievement at LA’s Beverly Hilton. Actor Denzel Washington makes the presentation.
• Queensryche – SUNDAY frontman Geoff Tate sings the anthem before the News Orleans Saints/Seattle Seahawks NFL game. The band will release an album of cover tunes (“Take Cover”) NEXT MONTH.
• Sara Evans – TODAY she promotes her new “Greatest Hits” album on “The View” (ABC/CTV).
• Tom Petty – SUNDAY the Warner Bros Records film “Runnin’ Down A Dream: Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers” has its first public screening to close the 2007 “New York Film Festival”.

• “American Venus” ( 14A Limited-Release Drama ): Rebecca De Mornay stars in Canadian director Bruce Sweeney’s story about a mother who devotes her entire life to her daughter’s failed figure-skating career. Opens in Toronto & Vancouver (where the movie is set).
• “Control” ( R-Rated Biography ): A profile of Ian Curtis, the enigmatic lead singer of UK rock band Joy Division whose personal, professional, and romantic troubles led him to commit suicide at the age of 23. Stars Sam Riley.
NET: http://www.controlthemovie.com/
• “Elizabeth: The Golden Age” ( PG-13 Drama ): In this sequel to 1998’s “Elizabeth”, Cate Blanchett reprises her role as England’s 16th-century monarch as she struggles to maintain power in the face of conspiracies and a budding relationship with explorer Sir Walter Raleigh (Clive Owen). Director Shekhar Kapur is hoping to eventually make Elizabeth’s story a trilogy.
NET: http://www.elizabeththegoldenage.net/
• “The Final Season“ ( PG Drama ): Sean Astin (“Lord of the Rings”) & Rachael Leigh Cook (“She’s All That”) star in this true sports story about the last season of a championship high school baseball team in Norway, Iowa and its legendary coach, played by Powers Boothe (“24“).
NET: http://www.finalseason.com/indexFlash.php?page=index
• “Lars & the Real Girl” (PG-13 Comedy ): Ryan Gosling plays an awkwardly shy and lonely guy who finally meets the woman of his dreams. Only problem … she’s a life-size doll he bought online. But eventually his entire hometown goes along with his delusion in support of the sweet-natured boy they’ve always loved. Shot in Toronto & Uxbridge ON.
NET: http://www.larsandtherealgirl-themovie.com/
• “Michael Clayton” ( R-Rated Drama ): George Clooney stars as the ‘fixer’ who takes care of the dirty work for a major NYC law firm. He risks his career – and his life – on a class action suit that pits him against a rival litigator (Tilda Swinton). Premiered at the 2007 “Toronto International Film Festival”.
NET: http://michaelclayton.warnerbros.com/
• “We Own the Night” ( R-Rated Crime Drama ): Joaquin Phoenix & Mark Wahlberg play brothers, one a nightclub owner, the other a cop. A near-fatal incident causes them to unite in a deadly confrontation with the Russian mob. Co-stars Eva Mendes & Robert Duvall as the father.
NET: http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/weownthenight/
• “Why Did I Get Married?” ( PG-13 Comedy ): Tyler Perry wrote/directed & stars in this story of an adulterous incident that causes 4 couples to take a hard look at their respective marriages during a vacation in the Rockies. Co-stars singers Janet Jackson & Jill Scott. Partially shot in Vancouver & Whistler BC.
NET: http://www.whydidigetmarriedthemovie.com/

A new study finds that the average woman’s waistline has grown by 2 inches to 33.5 inches over the past 10 years, thanks mostly to a sedentary lifestyle. And men’s middle’s are also up, an average of 1.4 inches to 38 inches. The trend is most dominant in the under-45 age group, where the proportion of women with a Body Mass Index over 40 and men with a BMI over 35 has doubled. Thanks to snacking, fast-food, and oodles of ‘screen time’ (computers, TV, etc), lead researcher Jane Wardle of  University College says today’s young people may be following an even less healthy lifestyle than their parents.
– “Daily Mail”

As a follow-up to YESTERDAY’s bit on “Pet Peeves Week”, here are the results of a brand new poll by the ‘Civility Initiative’ at Johns Hopkins University about stuff that sticks in our craw …
10. Using cellphones or text messaging in mid-conversation or during a meeting.
9. Smoking in non-smoking places or smoking in front of non-smokers without asking.
8. Misuse of handicapped privileges, ie: parking in a spot reserved for the disabled.
7. Littering (including trash, spitting, pet waste, etc).
6. Children behaving aggressively or bullying others.
5. Jokes that mock another’s race, gender, age, disability, sexual preference, or religion.
4. Treating service providers as inferiors.
3. Taking credit for someone else’s work.
2. Erratic or aggressive driving that endangers others.
1. Discrimination in an employment situation.
– Reuters

The son of a retired astronaut is about to follow his father into orbit, after buying a $30-million ticket for a seat on a Russian rocket. Richard Garriott, son of Owen Garriott, who spent 59 days aboard Skylab, made his fortune in computer games. In OCTOBER 2008, Richard will make a 1-week trip to the International Space Station. It will be the first time a child of a US astronaut rockets into space. In Russia, sons have followed fathers into the cosmonaut corps 3 times; in fact, one is slated to go to the International Space Station NEXT SPRING.
– AP

• Guys benefit healthwise from marriage more than women. Researchers believe it’s because women may remind their mates about good health practices, such as seeing the doctor and exercising. Women stay healthier even when single because they tend to have more supportive social networks.
– “Cosmopolitan”
• According to a new global study, Google is now home to more than half of all online search requests worldwide. Stats show users perform more than 37 billion searches via Google in a month, more than all the other search engines combined.
– BBC News


1935 [72] Sam Moore, Miami FL, oldies singer (Sam & Dave-“Soul Man”, “Hold On, I’m Comin’”)

1947 [60] Chris Wallace, Chicago IL, TV news correspondent (“Fox News Sunday”)/son of legendary TV journalist Mike Wallace

1968 [39] Hugh Jackman, Sydney, Australia, movie actor (“The Prestige”, “X-Men”)  NEXT: Stars with Nicole Kidman in the epic “Australia”, then the “X-Men” spinoff “Wolverine” (2009).

1969 [38] Martie Maguire (Martha Erwin), York PA, country singer/fiddle player (Dixie Chicks-“Travelin’ Soldier”, “Landslide”)/sister of Dixie Chick Emily Robison

R&R Hall of Fame singer/songwriter Paul Simon (“Graceland”) is 66; Actress Kate Walsh (“Private Practice”) is 40; Pop singer Carlos Marin (Il Divo) is 39; Country singer Rhett Akins (“Don’t Get Me Started”) is 38; Actor Sacha Baron Cohen (“Borat”) is 36 ; Pop singer Ashanti (“Foolish”) is 27.

Movie actor Roger Moore (‘James Bond’) is 80; Fashion designer Ralph Lauren is 68; Country singer Natalie Maines (Dixie Chicks) is 33; R&B singer Usher (“Yeah!”) is 29; Madonna’s daughter Lourdes is 11.

• “Dia de la Raza” (‘Day of the Race’), observed in Mexico and throughout Latin America to celebrate Hispanics everywhere.
• “Farmers Day”, to honor all farmers and recognize all that they do.
• “International Moment of Frustration Scream Day” when we’re encouraged to go outside at 12 noon and bellow for 30 seconds to vent our frustrations. That way when they’ve locked you up, you’ll feel completely cleansed.
• “Nobel Peace Prize”, the 2007 winner is announced at the Norwegian Nobel Institute in Oslo. Former US VP Al Gore & Canadian activist Sheila Watt-Cloutier are among the favorites to win for campaigning about the threat of climate change.
NET: http://nobelprize.org/prize_announcements/peace/
• “School Librarian Day” … but don’t say anything about it too loud or you’ll get a detention.
• “World Egg Day”, observed annually on the 2nd FRIDAY of OCTOBER to celebrate the many uses of chicken embryos.

• “Ramadan” ends, the annual month-long Muslim fast. In an Islamic ritual more than 1,400-years-old, observers will scan the sky for the crescent of a new moon to usher in “Eid-al-Fitr” [‘EED al-FIT-ur’], the 3-day feast that signals the end of fasting.
NET: http://www.holidays.net/ramadan/story.htm
• “Turkey Testicle Festival” in Byron IL. The 29th annual celebration includes a motorcycle poker run called the ‘Run For the Nuts’, plus lotsa beer and deep-fried … well, er turkey ‘nads. The big bash’s slogan is ‘Let’s All Get Nuts!’. The official theme song is here …
NET: http://www.turkey-testicle-festival.com
• “VQA Wine Day” (Vintners Quality Alliance), honoring Canadian wines that meet quality standards and verification of product origin. Although the regulations vary between BC- and Ontario-made wines, in general the VQA designation requires …
– 100% of the grapes used to produce the wine be grown in Canada.
– The wine must contain at least 85% of the grape variety named on the label.
– Wines bearing the name of a specific region must be 85-95% made from grapes from that specific area.
– Wines of a particular vintage date must be 95% from that particular year of harvest.
(And an unofficial requirement: the price must be jacked up by at least triple.)
• “World Rock-Paper-Scissors Championships” in Toronto, as RPS pros from around-the-world vie for a $10,000 grand prize. The official website includes “Is There Strategy in Rock Paper Scissors?: The Definitive Guide”. (In a recent experiment, 2 monkeys playing a computerized version of RPS picked ‘paper’ and ‘scissors’ with about equal frequency. Both, however, showed a marked aversion to ‘rocks’.)
NET: http://www.worldrps.com/

• “Be Bald & Be Free Day”, a day to hang up the old wig or toupée and be shiny and proud. Which celebrities wear the worst and most-obvious toupées? What are the advantages of being bald? (Money saved on haircuts, shampoo, conditioner, combs, etc.)
NET: http://www.wellcat.com/october/be_bald_and_be_free_day.htm
• “Quarrel Festival” (or “Rough House Festival”) in Japan when people jostle one another to demonstrate their skill and balance in handling burdens. Impress your mate by giving him/her a cross-body block today.
• “Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Day”. Hey, no spit-balls today, okay?
• “Train Your Brain Day,” a day to ‘clean out the cobwebs, blast through the barriers and click on the light bulbs’ because humans use only a small percentage of their brain power.

1997 [10] 53-year-old singer John Denver is killed when his home-built plane crashes into California’s Monterey Bay

1872 [135] 1st game for the ‘Montréal Foot Ball Club’ (an exciting 0-0 tie vs Québec City)

1901 [106] US ‘Executive Mansion’ renamed ‘The White House’

1957 [50] Lester B Pearson becomes 1st ( and only) Canadian to win the “Nobel Peace Prize”

1991 [16] BC Lions QB Doug Flutie breaks Warren Moon’s CFL record for yards passing in a season after 582-yard performance vs Edmonton

[Mon] Grouch Day
[Mon] Poetry Day
[Mon] Hurricane Thanksgiving Day (Virgin Islands)
[Tues] Dictionary Day
[Tues] World Food Day
This Week Is … American Beer Week (aka ‘Pony Piss Week’)
This Month Is … Seafood Month


• Before your appendix operation, you ask the doctor to put a stud through your spleen.
• No matter how you go to sleep, you wake up pointing north.
• When the wind picks up, you sound like the Edmonton Symphony woodwind section.
• Though it looks cool, the diamond stud in your cornea seriously impairs your ability to drive at night.
• Every time you sneeze it sounds like someone dropped a box of salad forks.
• Getting through the airport metal detector now requires stripping down to your skeleton.
• Despite your Nicole Richie frame, you’re still 37 lbs overweight.
• You can’t walk through an average doorway because of the javelin in your tongue.
• “With this nipple ring, I thee wed …”

The week’s most requested music files online …
5. Fabolous f/Ne Yo – “Make Me Better”
4. J Holiday – “Bed”
3. Kanye West – “Stronger”
2. Sean Kingston – “Beautiful Girls”
1. Fergie – “Big Girls Don’t Cry                .
– Big Champagne online music measurement.

If you could be invisible for 1 hour, where would you go and what would you do?

I believe you should live each day as if it is your last, which is why I don’t have any clean laundry because, come on, who wants to wash clothes on the last day of their life?

Today’s Question: 1 in 5 cellphone owners also own THIS.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Another cellphone.

Success is a result, not a goal.

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