October 17, 2006

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006        Edition: #3388
Eat, Breath Sheet!

Latest rumor has the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes wedding happening NOVEMBER 23rd at George Clooney’s Lake Como villa in Italy, and word has it the soon-to-be newlyweds have already bought the villa next door from Clooney for $6.5 million (as you might remember, the last wedding that was supposed to happen there – Nicole Kidman-Keith Urban – didn’t) . . . Movie star and recently anointed ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ Scarlett Johansson has signed a deal to make her first record, “Scarlett Sings Tom Waits,” which will be released NEXT SPRING (not sure if she can sing but she’s certainly got the lungs for it) . . . Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is rarely seen driving anything but hybrid cars but that’s apparently where his environmental consciousness ends – his main way of getting around is a fuel-chugging private jet . . . One reason Jennifer Aniston just shelled out a whopping $15 million for a 6-bedroom home in Beverly Hills is that it was costing her over 25-grand a month for her 2-bedroom beachfront home in Malibu – in rent . . . British networks Channel Five and Sky TV are battling for the rights to re-launch “Pop Idol”, the much-duplicated talent show that only lasted 2 seasons in its original carnation in the UK . . . And “Shrek: The Musical” is being developed for Broadway with a target date of 2008 (we can’t wait to hear the big finalé, “Donkey Farewell (You Can Kiss My A–- Goodbye”).

• Barbara Mandrell – TODAY the tribute album “She Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool” is out, saluting the former ‘CMA Entertainer of the Year’ who’s now retired. Among those doing cover versions of her hits are Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, Gretchen Wilson, and Terri Clark.
• Barry Manilow – TONIGHT he guests on the “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” (NBC), a good opportunity to see if he’s had his face re-tightened recently.
• Diddy – TODAY Sean Combs’ new (and perhaps last) album “Press Play” is released, which includes contributions from Christina Aguilera, OutKast’s Big Boi, Mary J Blige, Jamie Foxx, Nas, Fergie, Brandy and Keyshia Cole, among others.
• Hoobastank – TONIGHT they appear on “Last Call With Carson Daly” (NBC).
• Janet Jackson — Her producer-boyfriend Jermaine Dupri is upset that her new album “20 YO” has sold so dismally and he’s blaming Virgin Records, the label at which he himself is an executive. In fact, he’s threatening to quit.
• Madonna – Even though Malawian officials admit they cut some corners to expedite her adoption of a local boy, it seems there’s a heap of paperwork back in the UK to be completed before the lad will be admitted.
• Rascal Flatts – TODAY they’re on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show (syndicated/CityTV).
• Sara Evans – Her divorce petition alleges that her husband Craig Schelske [‘SHEL-skee’] had an affair with her children’s former nanny. Oh, so he pulled a Jude Law?
• Sarah McLachlan – TODAY her seasonal album “Wintersong” is out, featuring the newly-penned title track as well as holiday favorites, including a cover of John Lennon’s “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)”. The project was recorded in her home studio.
• Tim McGraw – TODAY he launches his new record label, Stylesonic Records, with the release of the soundtrack to the movie “Flicka”. It includes his new single, “My Little Girl”. McGraw stars in the film which opens in theaters FRIDAY.
• Vince Gill – TODAY his 4-disc box set “These Days” is released, featuring a whopping 43 new songs that run the gamut from bluegrass & traditional country to rock & jazz. Among those making guest appearances: his wife, Amy Grant, his daughter, Jenny Gill, Trisha Yearwood, Emmylou Harris, Lee Ann Womack, Gretchen Wilson, LeAnn Rimes, Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Raitt, and Diana Krall.
• Also in stores TODAY: Gipsy Kings’ “Pasajero”; JoJo’s “The High Road”; Patti LaBelle’s “The Gospel According to Patti LaBelle”; Ruben Studdard’s “The Return”; and Xzibit’s “Full Circle”.

• “American Dreamz” ( Comedy ): Intended as a satire, the story follows a hapless terrorist who’s ordered to blow up a clueless US President while he’s making an appearance on an immensely popular “American Idol”-type reality TV show. Stars who are likely still kicking themselves for participating in this turkey include Hugh Grant, Dennis Quaid, Mandy Moore, and Willem Dafoe.
• “The Break Up” ( Comedy ): Jennifer Aniston & Vince Vaughn star as a couple who’ve agreed to split up but can’t agree on who gets to keep the condo. The only solution is to continue living as hostile roommates until somebody caves. Eventually they discover that what they’re fighting for isn’t so much the place but the relationship. This was the film set on which the onscreen couple became a real-life couple.
• “The Omen” ( Horror Thriller ): A remake of the classic 1976 film, perhaps most notable for being released in theaters worldwide on 6/6/6. The story remains much the same: An American diplomat and his wife slowly begin to realize that their young son may literally be the devil incarnate, the long-prophesied ‘Anti-Christ’. They should have thought before naming him ‘Damien’ (don’t they rent movies?). Stars Liev Schreiber & Julia Stiles.
• “Over the Hedge” ( Animated Family ): Bruce Willis provides the voice for ‘RJ’, a scheming raccoon who convinces fellow forest creatures to venture out in the new suburban sprawl that popped up while they were hibernating. Based on the popular comic strip by Michael Fry & T Lewis. Other voices provided by Garry Shandling, Steve Carell, William Shatner, Nick Nolte, Allison Janney, and Avril Lavigne.
• Also on DVD TODAY: “Charmed – The Complete 6th Season”; “Reds (25th Anniversary Edition)”; and “That ’70s Show: Season 5”.

A Japanese man’s blog about his wife’s domineering behavior has now spawned a book, a TV series, a video game, and a movie. The creator of “Demon Wife Diaries”, Kazuma (a pseudonym), has experienced over 3 million hits on his Internet blog that tells tales about his forceful wife. That’s led to an unforseen consequence – Japanese women have bestowed cult status on the nag, considering it funny that a man is being bullied by a strong wife. Some women’s magazines even run ‘demon wife’ sections where women compete in their accounts of how badly they treat their husbands. Kazuma says his home life has much improved, thanks to nearly $325,000 in royalties the diaries generated. And he admits that he actually loves his wife. (He better or she’ll cold-cock him!)
– “The Independent”

• Recall the most minute details of previous dialogue during arguments.
• Find things.
• Keep growing lots of hair.
• Buy Christmas presents before Christmas Eve.
• Be physically aroused in public without detection.
– “Glamour Magazine”

Heavy traffic on the street where you live severely limits your ability to know your neighbors and enjoy the outdoors, according to a new study. The long-term study entitled “Traffic’s Human Toll” has found that 62% of people who live on heavy-traffic streets believe that reducing traffic would vastly improve their quality of life. By comparison, residents in neighborhoods with low traffic volume (1,000 or fewer cars per day) have more positive feelings about their block, more friends in the area, and less-often interrupted sleep, meals and conversation. (And they’re also more likely to have a cute little puppy … that’s still alive.)
– AP

A snapshot of who we are and what we do …
• 70% of women say they simply don’t have enough clothes.
• 67% of female movie-goers say that what a date orders at the snack bar provides an indication of their suitability as a bedroom partner.
• 26% of adults claims they clean the tub after every use.
• 23% of us have re-used a postage stamp that wasn’t cancelled by prying it off an envelope.
• 18% of trick-or-treating adults plan to dress up as a witch this Halloween.
• 5% of trick-or-treating children plan to dress up as a witch this Halloween.

Genetic Savings & Clone, the Sausalito CA-based biotechnology company that sold cloned pets, has sent out letters to its customers informing them it will close at the end of the year because of little demand. Even though it recently reduced the price for cloned cats from $50,000 to $32,000, it has only created 2 for paying customers since opening for business in 2000. The company was launched by billionaire and University of Phoenix founder John Sperling, who had hoped to have his hunting dog, ‘Missy’, cloned … a feat that was never accomplished. (Unfortunately, he’ll never experience a friendly hug on each leg.)
– Panetsave.com

• The Mexican version of the ‘Tooth Fairy’ is known as the ‘Tooth Mouse’.
• The Hawaiian alphabet consists of 12 letters and a symbol.
• Ketchup was sold in the 1830s as medicine.
• A dime has 118 ridges around the edge.
– AskMen.com


1958 [48] Alan Jackson, Newnan GA, country singer (“Like Red on a Rose”, “Don’t Rock the Jukebox”)

1963 [43] Norm Macdonald, Québec City QC, TV comic (“Saturday Night Live” 1993-98)/movie actor (“Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo”)

1971 [35] Chris Kirkpatrick, Clarion PA, washed-up pop singer (N*SYNC-“Bye Bye Bye”, “Pop”)

1972 [34] Eminem (Marshall Mathers III), St Joseph MO (raised Detroit MI), semi-retired rapper (“Stan”)/sometime movie actor (“8 Mile”)

1972 [34] Wyclef Jean, Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti, R&B/rap artist (w/Shakira-“Hips Don’t Lie”, The Fugees-“Killing Me Softly”)

1977 [29] Sergio Andrade, Guatemala City, Guatemala, rock bassist (Lifehouse-“You & Me”, “Hanging By a Moment”)

• “International Day for the Eradication of Poverty”, a UN observance since 1993.

• “Businesswomen’s Week”, as declared by the Business & Professional Women’s Foundation … ever since 1928! The purpose is to promote full participation and equity for women in the workplace; and to publicize the achievements of professional women.
NET: http://www.bpwusa.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=3606

• “Wear Something Gaudy Day”. Well, nice to see [co-host] is dressed for the occasion!

• “World Rainforest Week”, an annual observance by the Rainforest Action Network, which seeks to protect forests and the rights of their inhabitants by campaigning to break our addiction to oil, promoting sustainable logging, and bringing ‘green ethics’ to business.
NET: http://ran.org/what_we_do/world_rainforest_week/

1995 [11] 58 episodes of the classic TV show “The Monkees” are released on 21 videotapes in the ‘Largest Video Boxed Set’

1998 [08] Barenaked Ladies single, “One Week”, hits #1 … for one week

1968 [38] Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau introduces ‘Official Languages Act’, making English and French the country’s 2 official languages

1974 [32] 1st ‘Coast-to-Coast Run Across Canada’ (Mark Kent in 102 days)

1982 [24] 1st Russian player to score a goal in the NHL (Victor Nechaev, LA Kings)

1860 [146] 1st ‘Professional Golf Tournament’ held, in Scotland (Wee Willie Park wins)

1987 [19] 1st World Series game in a domed stadium (Minnesota Metrodome)

1989 [17] 1st World Series game cancelled by an earthquake (Game 3-Oakland in San Francisco)

[Wed] Persons Day (Canada)
[Wed] “Project Runway” season finalé
[Wed] 50th London Film Festival
[Wed] 2nd Black Movie Awards
[Wed] No Beard Day
[Thurs] Evaluate Your Life Day
[Sun] Mother-In-Laws Day
This Week Is … Getting The World to Beat a Path to Your Door Week
This Month Is … Long Term Care Planning Month


• Visit a dentist 152 times.
• Pay 672 phone bills.
• Eat 2,014 lbs of chicken.
• Talk to your mom on the phone 2,900 times.
• Use a charge card 7,000 times.
• Read newspapers and magazines 12,480 times.
• Go to work 147,000 times.
• Watch 200,000 hours of TV.

• What’s your favorite time of day? Why?
• What’s the biggest turn-off in a relationship? (According to an Opinion Research survey it’s ‘bad breath’, with respondents ranking it significantly worse even than ‘body odor’.)

• Which is the only bird in the world that can swim but can’t fly?
a. Swan.
b. Penguin. [CORRECT]
c. Chicken.

• When introduced in 1910, these were dubbed ‘immoral and unhealthy’.
a. Earrings.
b. V-neck sweaters. [CORRECT]
c. Jockey shorts.

• What has a standard width of 4 feet, 8-and-a-half inches?
a. Railway tracks. [CORRECT]
b. A cemetery plot.
c. The Chicago Bears.

For each category, your contestant gets 10 seconds to list 5 things …
• 5 things you might put in your coffee.
• 5 symbols associated with Halloween.
• 5 things you might pack in a school lunch.
• 5 of the worst possible winter vacation destinations.
• Make 5 sounds with your body without talking.

Sure sign it’s going to be a really cold winter – spiders trying to get into your house … using a battering ram.

Today’s Question: 1-in-5 women but only 1-in-20 men admit they take comfort with one of THESE on a regular basis.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: A stuffed animal to sleep with.

People with the gift of gab don’t know how to wrap it up.

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