June 20 2023

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Tuesday, June 20, 2023 – Edition: #7499

Here’s Sheet in Your Eye!


★ Sarah Jessica Parker has made her first public comments about Kim Cattrall’s surprise “And Just Like That…” cameo, amid the ongoing feud between the “Sex and the City” stars. Speaking with The Daily Mail, Jessica Parker, who plays ‘Carrie Bradshaw’, said Cattrall reprising her role as ‘Samantha Jones’, as well as other returning characters, has been “really fun and exciting and certainly nostalgic, but I think more than that, it’s been a lot of joy.” But don’t count on a cast feud closure. Kristin Davis, who plays ‘Charlotte’, extinguished hope of a more meaningful reunion, saying they thought it would “be fun for the fans”, and while perhaps hopes have been lifted (for a full-fledged reunion), “that was not our intention”.
★ Michael Cera and Aubrey Plaza almost got married — just so they could get divorced. In a Rolling Stone interview, Cera revealed that while driving through Las Vegas, he and his “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” co-star “almost just spontaneously took a detour and got married.” Why? He said: “The idea was to then get a divorce right away, so we could call each other ‘my ex-husband’ and ‘my ex-wife’ at like (age) 20”. The “White Lotus” actress once revealed on a podcast that the pair did actually date one another for about “a year and a half”.
★ Do the “Goo Goo Muck” dance: “Wednesday” is adding a new Addams family member in season 2. Stars including Jenna Ortega appeared at Netflix’s global fan event Tudum over the weekend, confirming that a new character will be introduced — “but we don’t know who,” according to Tyler Galpin. Ortega has an idea as to which missing Addams she would like to see join the mix, though.: ‘Cousin Itt’. Other absent characters mentioned included ‘Grandmama’ and baby brother ‘Pubert’.
★ Meghan Markle may be on the outs with Spotify, but she’s about to be in with Dior – according to a British columnist. The Daily Mail reports that the Duchess of Sussex might be on the verge of signing a massive deal with the famed French couture house. A source is quoted as saying: “There have been rumors for weeks that she’s about to sign a deal with Dior, which has put the gossip mill into overdrive. If she pulls that off, then no one will remember that her silly little podcast got canceled after one season.” Her management team has supposedly been working overtime toward a major rebrand for their Royal client.
★ Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first TV series is getting a second season. Netflix has announced that it has renewed “FUBAR” for season two. FUBAR stars Schwarzenegger as a CIA operative who discovers that his daughter also works for the agency, and they are forced into a reluctant partnership. The series premiered on May 25 and became Netflix’s most watched show for that week. Since its release, it has amassed 219 million hours of viewing worldwide, according to the streamer.
★ The home Pete Davidson smashed into with a Mercedes-Benz is no more. The 2-story Beverly Hills house, which was at the intersection of famed Rodeo Drive and a smaller street ,was recently razed, and now, just the outline of its foundation remains. At the time of the accident, damage to the house seemed very minimal, with most observers believing Davidson – or the homeowner’s insurance — would cover the repairs. But now, it’s clear that a new house will be going up on the lot. Davidson was charged last Friday with reckless driving for crashing into the home in March.

• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/Global): Nicolas Cage, Vanessa Bayer, Noah Cyrus (R)
• “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/CTV): Will Ferrell, Lindsay Lohan (R)
• “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” (CBS/Global): Steven Spielberg, John Williams (R)
• “Late Night with Seth Meyers” (NBC/CTV): Will Forte, David Baddiel
• “Watch What Happens Live” (Bravo): Bryan Cranston, Maya Hawke
• “The View” (ABC/CTV): Cynthia Nixon
• “The Talk” (CBS): Alfonso Ribeiro, Ja’Dayia Kursh, Victor Cruz
• “Live with Kelly and Mark” (ABC/CTV): Chris Hemsworth, Tyra Banks, Fitz and the Tantrums
• “The Kelly Clarkson Show” (Check local listings): Rachel McAdams, Abby Ryder Fortson, Judy Blume, the Heavy (R)
• “The Drew Barrymore Show” (Check local listings): RuPaul, Anne Burrell (R)
• “Jennifer Hudson Show” (Check local listings): Toni Braxton, Anika Noni Rose, Mallory Weggemann (R)
• “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” (ABC): Kate Flannery, Steve Agee and Austin Creed
• “Celebrity Jeopardy!” (ABC): Semifinal #1: Ike Barinholtz, Iliza Shlesinger and Simu Liu
• “America’s Got Talent” (NBC): Auditions 4

• Shaun Mendes – made a surprise return to the stage on Saturday at Ed Sheeran’s Toronto show. Nearly a year after canceling his world tour to focus on his mental health, he joined Sheeran for a performance of ‘Lego House’, followed by his own ‘There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back’, alongside Sheeran. LINK: https://tinyurl.com/y9ycw3uy
• Taylor Swift — will release ‘Cruel Summer’ as her next single. She initially planned to drop the 2019 song from “Lover” 3 summers ago, but plans changed due to the pandemic. Now, after being left “truly perplexed” by the song’s sudden surge in popularity, she confirmed to her Pittsburgh audience that it will finally get an official release.
• Duran Duran – We’ve got more details on their docu-concert film “A Hollywood High”, coming to Paramount + tomorrow. The movie features new interviews with the band and a legendary rooftop set captured in March 2022, with the Capitol Records building as the backdrop. It comes out on DVD Aug. 4.
• Blink-182 — Kourtney Kardashian’s sign at the group’s Friday concert announcing she’s expecting with Travis Barker was more than just a surprise pregnancy reveal — it was also a nod to one of the band’s iconic music videos. In the vid for 1999s ‘All the Small Things’, a woman, who earlier had a beach romp with the drummer, can be seen holding up a sign that reads, “Travis I’m pregnant.”
• Bruce Springsteen – His keyboardist says The Boss has recorded a follow-up to his 2022 soul covers album “Only the Strong Survive”, “containing 18 more covers of Motown and classic R&B”, and is set for release next year. A tour is also being planned.
• Iron Maiden – has teamed up with Hasbro on “Monopoly: Iron Maiden Somewhere On Tour.” Played by traditional Monopoly rules, players will buy, sell, and trade properties named after classic albums, including “The Number Of The Beast” and “Brave New World”. Their notorious mascot Eddie adorns the traditional Chance and Community Chest cards, renamed “Feeling Lucky?” and “Open the Box”. LINK: https://tinyurl.com/bddft5yw
• Carly Pearce – Friday, she released ‘We Don’t Fight Anymore’, featuring Chris Stapleton. She says the single explores the “uncomfortable moments in all of our lives”, when in a relationship, “the distance …feels heartbreaking, yet you’re also indifferent.” LINK: https://tinyurl.com/5n787sme
• Luke Combs – Billboard estimates that Tracy Chapman, who wrote and recorded the original version of his hit ‘Fast Car’, has earned about $500,000 so far from his cover of the song. Most of that comes from publishing royalties, although purchases and streams of the 1988 Chapman version have also increased  44% since Combs released his take on the tune.
• Lauren Alaina and Lainey Wilson — have a new viral TikTok dance to go along with their ‘Thicc as Thieves’ duet, and Alaina managed to enlist both Blake Shelton and Kane Brown to try their hands at the dance – to underwhelming, but good-natured results. LINKS: https://tinyurl.com/4burz5v3 https://tinyurl.com/5n7nwd2h


Get set for a new form of communication with your car. Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft have agreed to add ChatGPT to Mercedes-Benz cars in the US. ChatGPT is Microsoft’s “generative artificial intelligence” software that can engage in very human-like dialog. Many vehicles already have voice-command capabilities, allowing drivers to ask the computer to adjust the temperature, find a navigation destination or place a phone call. But ChatGPT will make these voice commands more fluid and natural — and will be able to remember the context of what is being discussed and engage in back-and-forth dialog with the driver or passengers, according to Microsoft. With ChatGPT, the system will be able to respond to a wider range of requests, including ones that might not be related to the car or driver. Like what? Drivers could ask for a quick recipe, for instance, or ask what’s the best time of the year for a trip to a certain destination. The ChatGPT system can also interact with other apps, to do things like making restaurant reservations or purchasing movie tickets.
(And why would you ask your car for a recipe? Oh – did I fail to mention the new Mercedes-Benz on-board Insta-Pot?)
(And we’ll just hope that when Windows inevitably crashes, the car doesn’t!)

It’s a job that can’t be topped – or maybe it can, and it’s open now at the Center for Dairy Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Some lucky weird-dough is going to be hired to fill the official job title of “descriptive sensory panelist.” And what does a descriptive sensory panelist do? The selected candidate will be required to sample 24 cheese chunks and 12 pizzas per week. The pay? $15 an hour. Brandon Prochaska, sensory coordinator at the Center for Dairy Research, points out that the position is “crucial” to “ensure the cheese produced in Wisconsin and across the country is as fresh, delicious, and consistent as it can possibly be.” According to the official job posting, “Once hired, we will train you to become part of a group of expert tasters capable of verbally describing their sensory experience on the basis of appearance, texture, taste and aroma attributes for research and product development purposes.” The winning candidate only has to be available for up to 3 sessions per week, totaling about 9 hours. Prochaska said the response to the job ad has been “very exciting as well as humbling.”
(Finally! A position that college properly prepared me for!)
(15 bucks an hour? I’d do that for FREE! 30 minutes or free, that is!)

How much money would you need to have for you to consider yourself “rich”? Well, apparently being a millionaire doesn’t cut it anymore. Charles Schwab’s 2023 Modern Wealth survey polled 1,000 Americans aged 21-75 about how they think about saving, spending, investing and wealth. It found that Americans now consider themselves wealthy if they have an average of $2.2 million in assets. Interestingly, many people, particularly those of younger generations, said that money alone doesn’t always equal wealth. Experiences, relationships, and career carry just as much currency to them. And nearly half of those polled said they already feel wealthy, despite having an average net worth of around $560,000.
(This story really resonated with me – because when I was young, I was very poor. Now, after many years of hard work, I’m proud to say that…I’m no longer young…)
(It’s just like my grandad used to say: “It doesn’t matter if you’re tall, short, fat, thin, rich or poor. At the end of the day….It’s night.)


☞ Every place you’ve ever been:  Androids and iPhones have internal tracking devices that can see your location at any time. In the settings, you’ll find “Location Services.” If you want, you can turn it off, but many apps will be rendered useless. (I don’t even know where I’ve been half the time!)
☞ Everything you’ve told Siri:  Apple collects data from Siri to “understand you better and recognize what you say,” it claims. This can include trending searches and even the way you pronounce words. The good news: the info is connected to your phone with a random ID to ensure anonymity. (Supposedly…)
☞ Every message you send: If you’re the type who deletes texting/iMessage conversations, here’s a surprise: Apple keeps messages in an encrypted form “for a limited period of time” before deleting them, to “ensure that they get delivered and read properly”. No one seems to know for how long they are kept on Apple servers. (By now, they must have quite a collection of me sending “laughing” emojis and the letter “K” to my wife…)
☞ All the info you’ve given to Google: Androids are powered by Google apps. So, as soon as you sign into your Android with your Google login, your phone is linked to all your other Google accounts. That means your phone has access to everything Google does, including the length and type of your phone calls, your device, where you are, and more.
☞ How fast you drive: Your iPhone not only tracks your location, it also records the times you arrive and leave. Next, it does the math on how long it takes you to get places, and sends you notifications when it notices a trend, which reads something like “It will take you XX minutes to get to [frequently-visited location].” (And of course, then I feel the need to try and beat it!)
(I’m pretty sure my phone knows a few of my passwords, too…)

People are breathing in enough microplastics to fill a credit card every week, says a study by the University of Technology Sydney. Millions of tons of microplastic particles have been found in water, air, and soil, and the density of microplastics in the air is increasing significantly,” says study author Mohammad S. Islam. He says: “For the first time, in 2022, studies found microplastics deep in human airways, which raises the concern of serious respiratory health hazards.” (Fortunately for me, my credit card has no additional room!)


• “World Productivity Day” Today, start looking at your processes and seeing where waste can be cut, set a list of things to accomplish and where you think productivity is lacking, identify problem areas and begin an action plan to solve it. (Then when you see all the time you’ve wasted, get back to work and do things the way you always do, only faster!)
• “World Refugee Day”, first declared by the UN in 2001 as an expression of solidarity with Africa, which hosts the most refugees.
• “American Eagle Day”, commemorating America’s national symbol, the Bald Eagle. In a 1784 letter, Benjamin Franklin complained about the choice of the Bald Eagle as America’s symbol, saying he preferred … the turkey. (If they went with that, would I be wearing jeans with “American Turkey” written on the label?)
• “New Identity Day”, have fun thinking about who you might want to be for a day. (***See Today’s Phone Starter, below***)
• “National Hike With a Geek Day”, summoning the techies, geeks, IT gurus, and gamers to push away the keyboard and strike out across the inviting landscapes of nature. But if you’ve ever texted your significant other from another room, today also serves as a reminder that you should consider unplugging for a bit and re-engaging with the people around you.
• “Ice Cream Soda Day”, you should invest some time in slurping this frothy wonderment up a stripy straw. The drink is simply comprised of a couple of scoops of ice-cream in any carbonated beverage.
• And for those who don’t like to rock the boat, today is also “Plain Yogurt Day” and “Vanilla Milkshake Day”.

[Wed] Summer arrives in the Northern Hemisphere
[Wed] International Surfing Day
[Thurs] Stupid Guy Thing Day
[Fri] Let it Go Day
This Week is…Forgiveness Week
This Month is…Accordion Awareness Month

1942 [81] Brian Wilson, Inglewood CA, rock singer-songwriter (The Beach Boys -‘Good Vibrations’, ‘Surfin’ USA’)/writer or co-writer of over 25 Top 40 hits/Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 1988

1945 [78] Anne Murray, Springhill NS, pop-country singer (‘Snowbird’, ‘Could I Have This Dance’, ‘You Needed Me’)

1949 [74] Lionel Richie, Tuskegee AL, pop singer (‘All Night Long’, Commodores-‘Easy’)/reality TV judge (“American Idol” 2018-present)

1952 [71] John Goodman, Afton MO, movie actor (“10 Cloverfield Lane”, “The Babe”)/TV actor (“Roseanne” 1988-97, 2018, “The Conners” since 2018)

1954 [69] Michael Anthony (Sobolewski), Chicago IL, rock bassist (Van Halen-‘Jump’, ‘Runnin’ With the Devil’/currently plays in “Sammy Hagar and the Circle” with his former Van Halen bandmate/Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2007

1960 [63] John Taylor, Solihull England, pop rock bassist (Duran Duran- ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’, ‘Rio’)

1967 [56] Nicole Kidman, Honolulu HI, movie actress (“The Others”, “Moulin Rouge!”)/married to Keith Urban since 2006/married to Tom Cruise 1990-2001. COMING UP… “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”, 2023

1968 [55] Robert Rodriguez, San Antonio TX, movie director-producer-screenwriter (“Machete” movies, “Sin City” films)

1989 [34] Christopher Mintz-Plasse, LA CA, movie actor (“Kick-Ass” films, “How to Train Your Dragon” films) COMING UP…”Trolls Band Together”, 2023

1975 [48] “Jaws”, based on the book by Peter Benchley, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Roy Scheider, is released. It is considered the first-ever summer “blockbuster” film

2006 [17] BBC cancels its landmark weekly pop music show “Top of the Pops” after a record 42 years on-air

2008 [15] Jimmy Buffett announces his Margaritaville Holdings is buying Trump Marina Hotel Casino for $316 million, adding to Buffet’s business empire, which already includes tequila, beer, frozen food, footwear, restaurants, a resort, a record label, and recording studio

2008 [15] Surrey University in England awards Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page an honorary Doctorate in Music

2013 [10] Instagram first gives users the ability to upload videos

2020 [03] The highest-ever recorded temperature in the Arctic Circle: 38°C (100F) in Verkhoyansk, Siberia, Russia


✓ NASA accidentally taped over the moon landing. There are no known original recordings of the event.
✓ A “gut feeling” is a chemical signal that your stomach creates to warn the brain of danger.
✓ A study found that just the sight of meat had the ability to relax men.
✓ The eye makes movements 50 times every second.
✓ On average, football (soccer) players run as far as 9.5 miles (15.2km) in a single match.
✓ In Italy, Darth Vader’s name was changed to ‘Lord Fener’ because ‘Vader’ sounds too similar to the word ‘toilet’ in Italian.
-UberFacts, Parade

• When neither of you talks because you’re too busy live-tweeting your date.
• When you discover she has arranged for the two of you to be guests on Dr. Phil.
• When he’s WAAAY prettier than you.
• When your date will only eat dates.
• When she looks nothing like her profile pic…and he looks just like his.
• When the two of you have divergent stances on Santa Claus.
• When, at the end of the night, she asks for money.
• When conversation turns to awkward silence after a disagreement over whose grandma would win in a fight.
• When your wife wants to tag along.
• When she gets mad because you ate the biggest McNugget.
-Twitter, first published in BS in 2018

• You forget to unwrap candy bars before eating them.
• You’re offended when people use the word “brew” to mean beer.
• Charles Manson once told you that you need to calm down.
• Instant coffee takes too long.
• You have a picture of your coffee mug on your coffee mug.
• You short out motion detectors.
• You don’t even wait for the water to boil anymore.
• Your nervous twitch registers on the Richter scale.
• You think being called a “drip” is a compliment.
• You don’t tan, you roast.
• You want to be cremated just so you can spend the rest of eternity in a coffee can.
-Reddit, first published in BS in 2022

Caption says it all:  https://tinyurl.com/5faxm24n

Frankenstein is more famous than all the other monsters ‘put together’.

If you could be anyone else for a day (famous or not), who would it be?

Question:  Nearly half of women agree: A man should never wear THIS to work. What is it?
Answer:  Shorts

When you have a bad day, a really bad day, try and treat the world better than it treated you.


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